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Royal Government of Cambodia’s Seila Program MIS-Seila Databases.

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1 Royal Government of Cambodia’s Seila Program MIS-Seila Databases

2 Introduction To The Seila Databases

3 Seila Databases There are 5 types of the databases developed by the Seila program. Only the last database has been Institutionalized in the Ministry of Planning. The others are on the process of experimentation. Seila Contract Database (SCD) Commune Development Plans Database (CDPD) Project Information Databases (PID) Seila Inventory Management Database (SID) Commune Database (CDB)

4 Seila Databases 1. Seila Contract Database (SCD): is a database system for managing Seila-related contracts. It can be used to: Provide provincial and national level Seila Program management with information on program workplans, budgets, progress and outputs; Prepare summary and analysis of program outputs and unit costs for program management, stakeholders and donors; Serve as a tool for monitoring and evaluation of the Seila Program, but with limited use.

5 Seila Databases 2. Commune Development Plans Database (CDPD): is a source of information on proposed and planned investments and delivery of services activities at the village and commune level. The Use of the CDPD: It provides data on stated temporary agreement (TAs) committed at district integration workshop (DIW) by line departments, NGOs and IOs; It is a tool to produce District Priority Activities Matrices (DPAMs), and to document the outcome of the DIWs.

6 Seila Databases 3. Project Information Database (PID): is a database of information on Commune/Sangkat Fund projects and outputs. The Use of the PID: It provides data on different types of development projects and service delivery using the CS Fund geographically that have been implemented every year; It tracks outputs of both development projects and service delivery at the commune level.

7 Seila Databases 4. Seila Inventory Management Database (SID): is a database of information all equipments purchased under the core and non-core projects of the Seila program. The Use of the SID: It provides data different types of equipments purchased every year, and status; It used as a tool to generate inventory information for submittion to the Ministry of Economic and Finance for clearance

8 Seila Databases 5. Commune Database (CDB): is a database containing information related to village, commune, district, provincial and national situation on assets, families, women/men by age group, school enrolling and drop, education, sanitation, means of agriculture, etc. The Use of the CDB: It provides overview situation of every level of administration in term of the above mentioned points ; It is also used as a tool to assess the poverty level, for budget allocation from national level; It is a tool to produce commune profile as a basic tool for commune development planning.

9 What triggered the development of this MIS?

10 -More fund allocation -More complexities of contracts and projects -Different level of contracting -As requirement for project management What was the original purpose of this MIS? -For the smooth management and preparation of all different contracts and projects at different levels -For Monitoring and Evaluation purpose On basis of what was the MIS designed? -Information needs of different boundary stakeholders.

11 Who designed the system? -Project staff at both national and provincial level with technical support by IT staff who were employed as permanent information technology (IT) advisor. (3 staff) Does the MIS provide management with the information they need? -Activity implementation, Outputs, but less on outcomes and impacts -Financial status -Types of different projects and location

12 Who else are served by the MIS? -Project partners and donors, and even other related development organizations. Does the MIS include M&E information? -Very few, just on activity implementation and outputs, and financial status of each contract or project Is the MIS actively used for management decision making? -Yes, for budget allocation and improvement of contract/projects preparation.

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