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1 Presentation on [ EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC WELL-BEING IN CREATING PEACE AND KHMER ISLAM UMMAH IN CAMBODIA In the 14 th Malay and Islamic World Convention On 28 th – 29 th October 2013 Theme: “Peace and Prosperity Malay Muslim Nation” Melaka, Malaysia By HE Datuk Ouknha Othsman Hassan DMDI Cambodia Chairman Minister attached to the Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training President of Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation (CMDF) 1

2 PART 1: OVERVIEW OF MALAYU CHAM MUSLIM IN CAMBODIA Malayu Cham was descendants of the Kingdom of Champa (Central of Vietnam) in 15 th century and fled to live in Cambodia and other countries Highly granted by all Cambodian kings to live in land of Cambodia, to have equal rights without any discrimination. 1975-1979, Pol Pot regime is 2 nd massacre of Cham. Even Khmer, they are all forced to live in miserable life, mass executions, starvation, working hard, diseases, etc. More than 2 millions people died included 500,000 Muslim lives After 1 st legislative election 1993, Khmer Islam leaders involved in politic leading to promote peace and harmony in community 2

3 Part 2: 5 main factors leading Khmer Islam to live in peace in a Buddhist country Cambodia. Cambodia bordered in the West by Thailand, Vietnam in the East and South, and Lao PDR in the North. Area of 181,035 km 2. Population is 14.7 million, around 1.7 million in Phnom Penh city. Khmer Buddhists 95%. Muslim about 4% living in 23 provinces Since last migration to Cambodia in early 19 th century, Malay Cham was allowed by all Cambodian kings to live on land of Cambodia legally and to have equal freedom to Non Muslim. During 1950s, His Majesty King Father Norodom Sihanouk coined a new terminology for Malay Cham as Khmer Islam. In year 2000, Highest Council of Islamic of Cambodia was reestablished 3 1- Highest mercy from Cambodian Majesty to Cham people:

4 2- Highest paying attention from Cambodian Government Khmer Republic period of Lon Nol in year 1970-1975, Cham leader had a high rank in army named Leh Kosem and Supreme Chief of the Islamic Religion of the Khmer Republic named Haji Res Loih. Math Ly, a Cham youth joined fighting with top of PRK, it was the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK) who liberated the country from the killing field. Kingdom of Cambodia:(2013-2018): 2 Ministers attached to Prime Minister, 6 Deputy Minister (Secretary of State), 8 Under Secretary of State, 1 Vice Governor of province, few General army, a number provincial, district and commune council members, etc. Allow for establishment of Halal institute, radio broadcasting on Islam teaching and other institution Allow Malay Muslim prayer room at airport at Prime Minister’s office Allow Malay Muslim female students to use scarf in all schools Allow for receiving international donation for community development 4

5 3- Good communication with Khmer people No any obstacles, problems to non-Muslim brothers and to Royal Government of Cambodia even Azan sound never disturb them. Presence of Malay Muslim and Buddhist in various local programs Despite being the minority, Malay Cham people strictly observe their own culture, tradition, costume, language, way of life, hobbies and foods etc. Freedom of practices Islam by following the Quran (Holy Book of Islam), Sunnah (Tradition of Prophet) with obeying the Law of Kingdom of Cambodia. Donation from Muslim oversea such as Hajj performance, Food in Ramadan, Beef of Qurban, school building, Masjid building, training courses, scholarship, etc. Malay Muslim have good oversea connection come with some program as such Hajj performance, Ramadan program, Qurbani, school building, Masjid building, training courses, scholarship, etc. 5 4- Adaptation of Malay Cham people into Khmer society 5- Malay Cham live with strong solidarity 6- Malay Cham and the international community

6 Part 3: Education and Economic well being in promoting peace for the Malay Muslim community in Cambodia General Education: – Admission rate: Primary level 97%, Junior HS 53%, H School 27% – Muslim students at all levels can wear Hijab in the school. – Cambodia keep giving high priority to capacity building and human resource development – Children have been sent to the schools where is free of charge for all with a high admission rate at Primary school level Islamic education: – Islamic schools were built by contribution of local and international donors – There are 2 kinds of Islamic school: 1 st school taught with curriculum(5 Schools) such as CIC, Orphan Islamic Center, An Nikmah school and 2 nd kind is taught without specific curriculum, traditional method of teaching. – Scholarship provided by other countries: such as Malaysia, SA, etc., 6 3.1 Education

7 3.2 Economic well-being Brief view of Cambodian Economy: – Three decades of civil war and isolation – The Paris Peace Agreement, signed 23 October 1991 – fully restored peace since 1998 – the improvement of economic performance started from 1997 Standard of living of Cambodian Muslim – Economic level is not much different from Non Muslim – They are primarily engaged in fishing and farming and less of them are in the city as businessmen. – CMDF and Mufti tried their best to facilitate in conducting many training courses and workshops for the Muslim students, businessman, teachers, entrepreneur, related to making business and growing economic by following the Islamic teaching with the assisting of Islamic teacher from Malaysia, Thailand, etc. 7

8 3.3 Challenges Lack of lives skill Lack of skilled labor Lack of School management system Lack of Educational management system Lack of HR and Youth management Lack of Sustainable supporting system 8

9 3.4 Resolution The donations should come with good management Set up systems and mechanisms for Educational Management Set up a sustainable supporting systems More lives skill training Provide technical support on some necessary works 9

10 Providing scholarship to study in local and oversea for Muslim students. Provide the pedagogical method of teaching and suitable salary for Islamic teachers Feasibility on establishment of Islamic University in Cambodia Provide capacity building through training courses, workshop related to economic and business management for the Muslim youths in Cambodia both in country and abroad. Provide free loan for the small business opportunity to the poor Muslim teachers in remote areas. 10

11 Part 4: Conclusion Muslim Cham living in Cambodia has a golden chance to live in peace and harmony given by His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, King of Kingdom of Cambodia, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia and Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) who always provide the justice and fairness to Cambodian Muslim and the Muslim around the world regardless the discrimination, colors and races. Cambodian Muslim hopes that his Muslim brothers from oversea will continue support as much as possible to strengthen the development and peace condition of Muslim in Cambodia through educational and economic assisting. 11

12 Annex: 12 Cambodian Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen and Madame in Mosque Inauguration June 2008, Phnom Penh Malaysian Donation to build Mosque in Cambodia, year 2012

13 Thank you so much for your kind attention. Contact: Cambodian Muslim Development Foundation #116D, Russian Federation Blvd, Srah Chak Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia H/P: (+855-12) 802 359 Tel: (+855-23) 880 616 Fax: (+855-23) 882 908 Email: / Web: 13

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