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Patricia Gorin, FAO Rome Vientiane, 29 Aug 2011. OpportunitiesChallenges Strengthening governments' role  countries should be the drivers for the use.

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1 Patricia Gorin, FAO Rome Vientiane, 29 Aug 2011

2 OpportunitiesChallenges Strengthening governments' role  countries should be the drivers for the use of funding No alignment with national adaptation, development plans or investments aiming at enhancing national capacity poorly coordinated channels CC adaptation finance  significant window of opportunity Substantial volumes of financing have been involved in CC adaptation and mitigation efforts in the region

3 Catalyzing the private sector investments: Strong & coherent national policies, transparent & trustworthy legal systems, appropriate tax-regime Standardization that would give investors greater confidence. Develop long-term national policies and link it to international legal frameworks Carbon markets will bring additional financial flows but not enough to meet all the needs.  explore other sources of finance Carbon markets (CDM and voluntary) Private sector


5 Plans and Strategies: Climate change Two National Communications and a National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) Development of a National Green Growth Roadmap (2009) Assist with national policy development, awareness raising and project identification Climate strategies & programmes to mainstream low- carbon and environmental practices National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) for 2010–2013. Unclear procedure, timeline, and resources Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy for Flood and Drought (2007 – 2012) Cambodian Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)

6 Despite SLM and SFM being a priority for the Cambodian government, it has been managed in a fragmented way, with limited coordination and collaboration Diverse financing: Strategic Programme for Climate Resilience (SPCR) (2010-2012) World Bank (WB) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) S upport: sustainable livelihoods climate adaptation & mitigation strategies biodiversity conservation Global Environment Facility (GEF) and UNDP Trust Fund

7 Cambodia is among the most forested countries in Southeast Asia. Approximately 59% of its land is covered with forests (10.7 million ha) 2008: one of the first countries in the region to address REDD+ with pilot activities National target: maintaining 60% forest cover, one of the main objectives of the Royal Government of Cambodia‘s Rectangular Strategy Cambodia’s final REDD+ Readiness Preparation Proposal (R-PP) was submitted to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) in March 2011. Total commitments (June 2011 – May 2014): US$ 10,905,000

8 Risks Limited capacity to monitor forest management and distribute revenues The issue of land tenure Lack of ecological indicators Land alienation among indigenous communities REDD mechanism is an answer to strengthen institutional capacity, sustainable financing and engagement with local communities

9 Innovative financing mechanism which is increasing, but still new and long methodology development, lack of knowledge, etc. Need to strengthen country ownership by government of local organizations Two REDD projects on the ground: involvement of private sector developers as well as NGOs, government and the community Voluntary Market January 2006: 1 st CDM project approved May 2011: 4 other CDM projects registered Clean Development Mechanism


11 LAO PDR Plans and Strategies: Climate change May 2009: National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) submission 2009-2020: National Strategy and its Action Plan on Climate Change (NSCC) Capacity implementation of adaptation and mitigation actions National Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) to be developed Nov 2008 - Oct 2011: Second National Communication on Climate Change CC awareness, mainstreaming & capacity building, strengthening policies & institutions

12 LAO PDR 3 major National State Funds related to NRM: The Poverty Reduction Fund (PRF) (2006): financially autonomous organization ( WB, SDC). Finance small- scale infrastructure and services to strengthen local capacity The Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) (GoL 2005): autonomous organization (WB, ADB) strengthen environmental protection, sustainable NRM, biodiversity conservation and community development The Forestry and Forest Resource Development Fund (FRDF) (MAF 2005): management of Protected Forest Areas and National Biodiversity Conservation Forests

13 LAO PDR Diverse financing: Programme-based approach projects in agriculture, conservation and poverty reduction The Agro-Biodiversity Initiative (TABI) (GoL, SDC 2009-2011) projects to improve agricultural productivity (sustainable use of NR) and build the capacity of Government The Asian Development Fund (ADF) (2010-2017) Capacity Enhancement for Coping with Climate Change The Asian Development Bank (ADB) (2010-2013) Improving the Resilience of the Agriculture Sector in Lao PDR to Climate Change Impacts (2010-2014) Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies USAID, GIZ, UNEP

14 UN REDD in LAO PDR Forestry Strategy 2020 and the National Action Plan and Strategy on GHG Emission Mitigation: long-term target of increasing national forest cover from currently ca. 40 to 70%. 3 REDD+ projects are currently active in the country

15 Carbon Markets Voluntary Market One project registered, 4 projects approved, 3 projects at validation stage, 7 projects at preparation stage Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Information sharing increase between the GoL and the private sector to develop forest carbon projects Government supports the creation of comprehensive legal framework Low funding in CC issues Need to strengthen institutional capacity, coordination and cooperation within the different sectors


17 Climate change Strategic Plan on Climate Change (2008 to 2012) Support international cooperation to achieve sustainable development Nov 2000: 1 st National Communication Feb 2011: 2 nd National Communication 11 th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2012-2016): low carbon economy Master Plan on Climate Change (2010-2019) participation of all sectors (public and private) Adapt to CC impacts and promote GHG mitigation activities Plans and Strategies:

18 Direct and indirect investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Investment Plan (Jun 2011- Dec 2016) Diverse financing: To analyze and design GHG trading programs World Bank grant locally-based climate risk reduction activities, embedded in the national disaster management The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF ) Natural Resources Management, GHG reductions The UNEP / GEF’s Special Grant Programme (SGP)

19 for Operations to Promote Tropical Forests: small-scale community forest management Small Grants Programme (SGP) Diverse financing: is financing Climate Risk Management Assessment for Agriculture in Thailand The Asian Development Bank (ADB), SGP for adaptation Strengthen national and local capacity for mainstreaming biodiversity The GEF Trust Fund (Jun 2011-Jun 2015)

20 Proposal of a voluntary fund for payments towards supporting REDD. Thailand is willing to develop a REDD national strategy and adopt a comprehensive REDD Readiness Plan (R-PP) by August 2012 Estimated costs of REDD interventions: US$ 13.74 million

21 Voluntary Market The TGO promote also the CDM 46 registered CDM projects and 131 projects approved Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO, 2008) is actively working to develop a voluntary carbon market


23 Climate change National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change (2009-2013) Action Plan Framework for Adaptation to CC in the Agriculture & Rural Development Sector (2008-2020 ) National Strategy for Disaster Prevention, Response and Mitigation 2020 (adopted in 2008) assess CC impacts, low-carbon economy Plans and Strategies:

24 Diverse financing: US$ 3.195 billion (government, MDB, carbon finance and private sector) The Clean Technology Fund (CTF) Investment Plan (2010- 2013) 6-years project conservation of biodiversity The governments of Vietnam, Finland and the Netherlands (grants), the WB (credit) sustainable forest management; and ADB Small Grant for Adaptation Project ADB’s Trust Fund for Forests (2006-2014) enhance rural livelihood opportunities, strengthening capacity of water-related service providers ADB, and the “Agence Française de Développement”

25 Diverse financing: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies (biodiversity conservation). 2010-2014. US$ 34,000,000 United States Agency for International Development (USAID) climate-resilient development planning and biodiversity GEF’s SCCF (2010- 2014) and GEF Trust Fund

26 3 major National Trust Funds The Vietnam Environmental Protection Fund (VEPF) The Vietnam Conservation Fund (VCF) funded by GEF, EC The Trust Fund for Forests, and Forest Protection and Development Fund (FPDF)

27 REDD+ activities outlined in the Readiness Preparation Plan. 2010-2013. US$ 3,619,000 Potential revenues from REDD+: about US$ 80-100 million per year JICA, EU and the Finland-FAO Forest Partnership are assisting Vietnam to fully utilize its REDD+ potential Challenges -inconsistency in forest definition, - land use classification, - insufficient capacity for MRV, - lack of coordination for data discrepancy and sharing, and insufficient financing support

28 Voluntary Market Increasing number of CDM projects: 34 CDM projects registered Vietnam ranks 11 th globally in registered CDM project quantity and 8 th in issued CERs amount Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Private sector increasing interest in developing forest carbon projects Numerous CC financing in Vietnam Need to address the legal issues related to land tenure, speed up the REDD+ implementation process, and take full ownership of the multiple CC related initiatives in the country.

29 Patricia Gorin Climate Change and Environment Officer FAO Rome, Investment Centre (TCID)

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