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The official newsletter of Yellowwood Park A. C. Go To In this edition……. Captain’s Corner Ama Shovashova Getting To Know…… Running Matters with Megz.

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2 The official newsletter of Yellowwood Park A. C. Go To In this edition……. Captain’s Corner Ama Shovashova Getting To Know…… Running Matters with Megz Time Trials with Kalman Hill Training Merewent 10 Running Stamina Happy Birthdays The Last Word….with Gary (and Barry) The Yellowwood Warbler ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ September 2010 Visit our website E-mail the editor View 2010 time trial and race results E-mail Kalman E-mail Takkie Talk ☻ E-mail for Social News

3 Captain’s Corner I’d like to start by thanking Dave Bassett for his wonderful initiative in putting together the Ama Shova “Ride For Kristi” that we are all so looking forward to. Although Dave is pretty much out of the mix “North of the Umgeni” he still maintains a keen interest in the club and he and Brenda support all the club functions. We count ourselves privileged to still have you both on board. Rob Edouard-Betsy has once again excelled at the highest level by claiming third place in the 60 – 65 category at the recent SA Marathon Champs in a highly commendable 3.25. This on top of a very late call-up and then muddling the dates (he ran 16km the day before, thinking the race was the next weekend!). Well done Robbie, YWP is extremely proud of you! Congratulations to Tim Dubery on a very creditable showing at the SA Cross Country Champs a while back. Ridiculously undertrained he still claimed seventh place in his age group and was the first KZN man home. Commiserations go to Martin Birtwhistle who struck down with severe gastro-enteritis on the eve of their departure and had to withdraw.

4 Ama Shovashova 2010: Riding for Kristi Well no one can ever accuse Dave of being short of ideas. Realising that even Rob was tiring of his company at the local cycle races he came up with a cunning plan to get a few more people to join him at the old National Classic, and so the Ride for Kristi was born! Seriously though, your support has been amazing, and on 17 October around 50 YWP connections will be joining him to raise awareness for Kristi and other survivors of violent crime (double-click on the workbook top right to see who’s riding). And what a day it promises to be: ceded in the celebrity batch with Kristi there to see us off for a jolly roll down to Durban! Then in the afternoon the bring ‘n braai picnic in the glorious gardens of Stainbank Castle. Please feel free to bring your friends and family along to hear all the war stories and to meet Kristi. Little Dominic is also coming up to meet all who offered him such whole-hearted support through his operation. As a special treat Dave and BMG has booked up-and-coming local duo The Hinds Brothers to play for us later in the day. Sound equipment kindly supplied by Michele’s Mobile music. For all your function’s music visit:

5 Dominic is doing so well. He pulled a big loose scab off the other day and underneath is all beautiful new skin. The swelling has gone down and as usual he is nothing short of amazing. He is going in on the 19th October to have the frame removed and will then be in a normal cast. Love, Michele Message to the riders: I will be on the sidelines cheering for you guys and giving you all the prayers and support you have shown me! I hope that as you continue with your training, and on the day, my support is as tangible to you as yours it to me every single day!!! God bless, Lots of love, Kris xxx Dominic with his amazing surgeon, Mr Fraser Pirate Dominic! Don’t forget we’ll have the richly talented Hinds Brothers entertaining us with their original folk/rock/alternative sound, plus a few choice covers. Michele, Chris and Dom leave hospital after the op.

6 ON RUNNING by Derek Jarman I joined YWP running club in 1980 and was talked into running Comrades by Eddie Horne and George Podmore in 1982. That year was a downrun and it rained at the start and was freezing. My time was 10.44.45. My best Comrades was 9.23. I ended up running 16 Comrades, finishing 12 of those. The other four I just ran out of time. I also ran 16 Bergville races, my best time being 4.40. I have finished Comrades with both Martin and Charmaine at different times. Martin and I won the Father and Son trophy and when I ran with Charmaine the same trophy included daughter. I have also finished Comrades with my niece Dorothy and lots of our own runners from YWP. In July 1997 I participated in the World Vets Marathon in a time of 3hr.55min. My best times for running were: 10k 44 mins 15k 67.30mins 21k 1hr.37mins 42k 3hr.34mins 8k 36.10mins 4k 16.35mins I was roped into working on the YWP race by the late Robbie De Leur. And now over 20 years later I am still there. During this time I served on the Committee under the Chairmanship of the late Des Masefield. I was also Chairman for 2 years during which time YWP won the best organized race and the Polly Shorts Race, thanks to the hard work of Dennis Finney, who was in charge of organizing the races at the time. I recruited everyone and anyone I saw running, family; 8 members, work mates 20 members; even the current handyman who calls himself Peg Leg, A B Burton ran Comrades after I roped him in. Piet Botha, who worked at Ijuba, was too proud to ask anyone for a lift home after Comrades down run so he walked all the way home from Kingsmead to Bellair. I was working for Ijuba Breweries and succeeded in getting them to sponsor our annual race. They also sponsored Mandene race and Hillcrest 42k, as well as cross country. Added to this Ijuba ended up sponsoring a table on the Comrades Race day for about three to four years. That was great fun with family, workmates, and any willing worker getting up at the crack of dawn to do their bit in the name of running. I have always enjoyed running, bringing in and helping many a novice to enjoy their first of many runs. Our 5.30pm YWP bus “picked” up and “dropped” off many eager runners. Some are still running to this day with quite a few races behind them. When Peter Kemp and George Podmore passed onto the “Great Big Race” in the sky I really felt it as they always supported me. Peter started his running career with me and George always egged me on. Last but not least, there is my son Martin, who always had something to say to make me run harder and pushed me to do my best times. At Bergville one day, my niece Fran came upon Martin and I as we were having a “heated discussion” and she told us afterwards that it was a good thing we hadn’t taken up paddling; enough said!! And now, I am pleased to say, my Grandson Aidan has also joined YWP Athletics Club, thereby keeping up the Jarman name in running. This month we’re privileged to hear from one of our elder statesmen, a true stalwart of the club and much-loved honorary life member……..

7 BERNADETTE: I have to add my bit: One year when Derek and Martin ran a Comrades up run I had to drive up to PMB to fetch them. Arriving in the early morning I had left the car lights on, and on returning at the end of the race found that, not only was the battery flat, but so was one of the tyres. Martin, poor tired man, climbed into the back seat and collapsed, Derek, on the other hand, had to change the wheel then push start the car to get it going. Many a time, after finishing Comrades he had to go and take down the club tent. He always a tough one, I must say. That is why at the wonderful age of 72 he continues to run almost every day, does a 45 min spinning class twice a week and cycles every Saturday,(weather permitting). And behind every successful man……… From left to right: Peter Roux, Craig “Oros” Kruger, Gary Schwegmann, Barry Stevens, Derek Jarman and Paddy Gronbeck


9 Fartlek Training Fartlek comes from the Swedish term meaning “Speed Play” and is interval or speed training that can be effective in improving speed or endurance. Fartlek involves varying your pace throughoout a run, alternating between fast segments and slow jogs. Unlike traditional interval training that involves specific time or measured segments, fartleks are more unstructured. Work-rest intervals can be based on how the body feels. With fartlek you can experiment with pace and edurance, and to experience change of pace. Fartlek training allows you to increase your speed over sustained periods of running, by increasing your lactic threshold (the point where you feel the burn). This is because of the combined factors of your body learning to run more effeciently at a certain heart rate. There is also an element of your body coping better with lactic acid in it’s system and processing it better. Scientifically, fartlek training also has the benefit that, as a by-product, lactic acid produces lactate. This is an engery source and is used by the body in slower periods of running, thus allowing the body to re-use the energy it has stored. This is called the lactate shuffle. Try this simple fartlek workout: After a 5 –10 minute warm up, speed up to faster than your comfortable pace Run at this pace to a nearby landmark, like a street sign or parked car or telephone pole Once you’ve reached your landmark slow down to your slower than your normal pace until you’ve fully recovered and your breathing is back to normal. Then return to your normal running pace and repeat the same pattern of fast segment, short recovery, normal pace, until you’ve completed 6 fast segments. Farlek can be done during any training run and not only on the track. Incorporate it into your trail runs, general training runs or even hills to spice things up a bit.

10 PBs set in September 2010 : Timetrial Duty Roster : 29 Sep 2010 Heather Conway 27 Oct 2010 Sandra Conway 6 Oct 2010 6 Oct 2010 Mike Sutton 3 Nov 2010 3 Nov 2010 The Lesters 13 Oct 2010 Kalman Porritt 10 Nov 2010 Steve Conway 20 Oct 2010 Garth Hancock 17 Nov 2010 Megan Anticevich DistanceRunnerDateTime2.5km Heather Conway 22 Sep 2010 13:01 Aiden Pellow-Jarman 8 Sep 2010 8 Sep 201013:15 Dave Pittaway 1 Sep 2010 1 Sep 201014:30 4km Aiden Pellow-Jarman 1 Sep 2010 1 Sep 201021:35 8km Glenn Le Roux 1 Sep 2010 1 Sep 201034:30 Kalman Porritt 22 Sep 2010 35:25 Well Done to Sarah Roodt who scored highest in the Timetrial League for July-September.

11 How to Tackle Hill Training Author: Coach Jenny Hadfield (16 Aug 2010) You built your base. Now it’s time to incorporate hills into your training. If you live near hills, that’s perfect. Start to do your shorter runs in the hillier parts of town. During the next two months, transition your longer runs to the hills as well. If you live in the flatlands like me, dedicate one of your shorter runs mid-week to hill repeats on a treadmill. You can select a hill program on the treadmill or do it manually and control the hills yourself. Start with one minute at 3 to 5 percent and follow with at least two to three minutes running at 0 percent to catch your breath. Alternate one minute on a hill with 0 percent grade for the rest of the run. Every two weeks add 30 seconds to the interval until you reach three minutes (e.g. 1:00, 1:30, 2:00…). If you have one hill outside (or a parking ramp), you can run it repeatedly as well, making sure you have adequate recovery time in between each hill repeat. If the hill is short (under one minute to climb), start with six hill repeats and add one each week. If it is longer (more than a minute to climb), start with four repeats and add one each week. There are two ways to tackle hills. One is to use the hill to make you stronger. This strategy is great for training. That is, you run up the hill hard, focusing on taking short, quick steps and pumping your arms. The second is to make friends with the hills. This is a great strategy for race day, but should be practiced in training too. Marathoning is all about energy management. If you race hard up the hills on marathon day, you're going to race through your energy stores and fatigue quickly. It's better to take the hills efficiently and use the hill to make you run faster. Think like a cyclist and change gears going up the hill. In other words, shorten your stride, and maintain the same effort level (breathing, heart rate) as you have going into the hill. This means slowing down. Let the other runners pass you, it's all part of the plan. When you reach the top, you'll have the energy to excel, use gravity and let the hill pull you down. Open your stride at the top, relax, lean gently forward and let it pull you down. Trust me--hills are a lot more fun when you have a good strategy. And this one not only conserves energy, but it can improve your performance too. Good luck!

12 POSNAMEAGESEXCAT TIME 15Zakhele Mthembu23M20-34 31.48 23Phiwayinkosi Mthembu24M20-34 33.02 62Mike Sutton49M40-49 37.34 73Martin Birtwhistle48M40-49 38.17 82Glenn Le Roux53M50-59 39.10 95Jenny Sutton43F40-49 40.30 105Kalman Porritt46M40-49 41.15 106Gary Lester52M50-59 41.33 114Mike Thackray44M40-49 42.11 119Mike Smith49M40-49 42.35 134Dennis Houston-McMillan39M35-39 44.03 211Megan Anticevich23F20-34 52.08 242Heather Conway22F20-34 53.45 269Aidan Pellow-Jarman13J<20 56.14 272Janine Schmidt24F20-34 56.54 273David Pittaway53M50-59 56.54 327Sylvia Gow50F50-59 1.01.49 385Derek Jarman71M60+ 1.10.39 A great turnout at the Merewent 10 and some excellent times. Not the usual flat course, but quite a toughie, so the fact that it was a tad short made the times fairly indicative of some outstanding performances. Well done to all!!! Jen was 5 th overall and first 40 – 49! Zakhele was first YWP and 15 th overall!




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