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Company logo & name Enhancing Situational Awareness and Public Safety via the use of Stand-alone Remotely Controllable Cameras.

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1 company logo & name Enhancing Situational Awareness and Public Safety via the use of Stand-alone Remotely Controllable Cameras

2 01 Overview Prospect Flood Cams The Prospect Remote Camera System is a complete monitoring solution that is available in fixed or mobile configurations. The systems require no wires, is solar powered and communicates via secure IP communications over the Telstra Data Network. The camera features 36X optical zoom plus pan and tilt functionality. More than just a camera the system has the ability to collect water and atmospheric data, sense the presence of vehicles and trigger local or remote devices based on measured values or events. The power supply is designed for continuous operation. If ambient light is sufficient images can be captured during the night. Lighting can be included as an option. The system is robust and extremely reliable. The system components have been designed to operate in extreme and harsh conditions. Prospect “Flood Cams” are now providing valuable information to 10 QLD Councils and the TMR, enhancing situational awareness and helping to protect lives.

3 Monitoring roads and bridges subject to flooding Verification of automatically recorded water levels (via staff gauge images) Surveillance of weirs, dams and surrounding areas Monitoring of wetlands – water levels, fauna Establishment of a photographic history of the works at construction sites Applications of the Technology: (Technical Note: The cameras have 32X Optical zoom and when coupled with the pan tilt and zoom controls enables clear low resolution images to be captured and near real time viewing to be possible at distances exceeding 2km).

4 Posted images can provide the Public with up to date pictorial information re hotspots The captured images provide an historical record of events for analysis, verification purposes, evidence in the event of an inquiry The systems are supplied and supported by a team of experts dedicated to the use of technology to better inform and protect the public Benefit of the FLOOD CAMS Instant situational awareness via secure Gallery and Real Time viewing of disaster prone hotspots Better utilisation of disaster management personnel through the reduction in site visits and importantly reduced travel risks

5 Benefits: Enhanced situational awareness – Stakeholder View One camera – multiple images: -Staff gauges -Bridge and roads -Public places -Creek and banks

6 This causeway on Woodlands Road near Gatton can become quickly inundated. The camera system combined with automatic water level sensor and water over road warning signs provides both the Council and the Public with important information and warnings. Benefits: Enhanced situational awareness – Stakeholder View

7 North Burnett Regional Council has recently installed 2 cameras on vital transport links. Images from the cameras provide proof of water over the road, the behavior of the public, the condition of barricades and an historical record of the event. Camera images and live views also enable resources previously assigned to checking the crossings to be better utilised during emergency events! Benefits: Enhanced situational awareness – Stakeholder View

8 Benefits: Enhanced situational awareness – Public View Somerset Regional Council’s Flood Camera service provides up to date images of 8 of the regions flood prone bridges. Public opinion has been reported to be extremely positive with Facebook comments praising the Council for implementing the service. The required image from each cameras is automatically forwarded to Council’s nominated ftp site.

9 Benefits: Enhanced situational awareness – Public View – Cairns RC Cairns Regional Council is now publishing three images from its newly installed camera system on its website. Images are updated every 15 minutes. The camera system incorporates automatic water level recording and automatic activation of road closure signs based on trigger points.

10 Benefits: Enhanced situational awareness – Stakeholder Live View Kempsey Shire Council’s new Flood Cam is being used to monitoring the Sherwood Bridge over the Macleay River. Preset Locations provide a convenient means of positioning the live view to the next required location. Images can be captured to file using the camera icon. Even with minimal light and rain traffic can be seen crossing the bridge

11 Enhancements The Camera Systems incorporate an Industrial Controller which enables the system to be enhanced to include: -Sensors for water, rainfall and atmospheric monitoring, vehicle detection, other -Transmission of data to the ALERT system -Triggering of external devices (Lighting, Emergency Warning Sign Beacons and Variable Message Signs) -Initiation of SMS/Email alerts based on a trigger point being met The Flood Cams can be trailer mounted to enable rapid deployment to hotspots..

12 Other -Access to the User Interface is via secure Login -Only those invited/approved can view images and operate the cameras -Access to the User Interface is via any SMART device -Based on discussions with Chris Misson of Aquatic Informatics it is possible for camera images to be displayed on the Floodwise UI. -With approval, images from cameras owned by nearby Councils may be able to be added into the BCC Console View and the Floodwise UI.

13 Current Users of the Flood Camera Systems Bundaberg Regional Council Cairns Regional Council Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD Fraser Coast Regional Council Gladstone Regional Council Gold Coast City Council Kempsey Shire Council (NSW) Lockyer Valley Regional Council Logan City Council North Burnett Regional Council Somerset Regional Council Through co-operative arrangements Whitsunday Regional Council is benefiting from images from TMR cameras.

14 Referees: Prospect Contact Details Mark Wolf – Principal Consultant 0425 937 535 Adam Staunton – DMO – Somerset Regional Council 0438 804 080 Dave Mazzaferri – DMO – Lockyer Valley Regional Council 0417 335 060 Mal Churchill – DMO – Fraser Coast Regional Council 0428 185 444 Cameras can be retrofitted to ALERT stations, attached to poles and used also to check the integrity of the monitoring station (rain gauge is clean)!

15 Next Steps 1.Prospect will provide access to BCC to the Prospect User Interface Demonstration Site ( we will provide a selection of Flood Cams in the Brisbane Valley – courtesy of Somerset Regional Council, Lockyer Valley Regional Council for viewing only plus a number of other cameras which can be controlled). 2.Prospect hereby provide access to the Android Flood Cam App – Somerset Cameras (go to Play Store – search for “Somerset Flood Cameras” and install)! 3. BCC to identify a site suitable for the installation of a trial system 4. Prospect to install, operate and maintain for an agreed time frame

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