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Heritage Middle School Lady Broncos Athletics

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1 Heritage Middle School Lady Broncos Athletics

2 Coaching Staff Nichole Cruson (Coordinator)
Leeta Batlle James Fraser Caitlin Kender Mollie Sheridan

3 Agenda Introduction Goals What we expect of our Athletes
What you can expect of your Coaching Staff Frequently Asked Questions Seasons Step by Step Paperwork / Physicals Clothing Booster Club Summer Camps Open Gym

4 Goals of lady broncos athletics
To develop overall as well as sport specific skills for the young ladies to move on and be successful at the next level To build winning teams and programs Most importantly, to develop strong character traits in self- discipline, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, and citizenship to name just a few

5 What we expect of our athletes
On time Dressed Out Give 120% at all times Represent our program on and off the court at all times positively Be an upstanding member of the community

6 What to expect of your coaches
120% of our best effort day in and day out We will push you to do your best and we will test your limits We will make you stronger and improve your skills We will prepare you to move on to the next level We will be involved in your overall day, not just Athletics Academics Behavior Etc. Communication Don’t be afraid to ask

7 Frequently Asked Questions
1. When do they begin Athletics? Athletics does not begin until the 7th grade school year by UIL guidelines.   Practices will begin the first or second day of school. There will not be an early start during the summer.

8 Frequently asked questions
2. Is it required? No.  Students in 7th grade are required to take a fitness course of some sort and may choose between Physical Education or Athletics.   For 8th grade students, it is strictly an elective course.

9 Frequently asked Questions
3. What sports are there to participate in? Volleyball (girls only) Football Basketball Cross Country Track Tennis Soccer

10 Frequently asked questions
5. When are the different seasons? Football / Volleyball         August – October Basketball / Cross Country     November - December Track / Tennis             January – April Soccer April - May

11 Frequently asked questions
5. When are the tryouts? Tryouts for each sport happen at the very beginning of each season. For example, football and volleyball tryouts will begin the first week of school.  Basketball tryouts will begin after the conclusion of the previous seasons.

12 Frequently asked questions
6. How many people make each team? This varies based upon each sport. Volleyball – maximum Basketball maximum Cross Country – No limits Track – 3 people per event each meet Tennis – maximum (combined grades) Soccer – No limits

13 Frequently asked Questions
7. What do they do if they are not in a certain sport? Students must participate in one of the sports that is in season at all times. If she does not make a travel team for volleyball or basketball, they will participate in cross country and conditioning. (Volleyball is the exception in that there will be a PDL option).

14 Frequently asked questions
8. Are there before/after school practices? Yes.  If the student makes a travel squad, they will be required to practice outside of the normal class times.  7th grade teams begin practice at 7:00 a.m. and run through first period.   8th grade teams begin practice during the last period and may stay as late at 5:00 p.m.

15 Frequently asked questions
9. What nights are the games? Schedules vary by sport and are determined by the Athletic Directors of the three school districts in which we compete.   We will not have these schedules until sometime in May/ June.   Please check the website after that time for more information.

16 Frequently asked questions
10. How many sports do they have to participate in? Every student must participate  in one sport per season.   They must compete in a minimum of two sports in order to receive credit for Athletics.   Volleyball and Cross Country are both non-cut sports.   Students may choose to participate in these two sports and will be given the opportunity to do so for credit.

17 Frequently asked questions
11. Can they just take one semester of Athletics? No. Athletics is a two-semester course.  Students may not drop out of Athletics at any time throughout the school year.

18 Frequently asked questions
12. What if they are in band/choir/dance/cheer? Other school related activities will not be affected by participation in Athletics and your role in Athletics will not be affected by them.   As coaches, we work closely with the sponsors of these other groups in order to make sure students can participate in all activities that they would like to experience and to be able to benefit from each one.  

19 Frequently asked questions
13. Do they run every day? Yes.   7th grade trains at miles per day. 8th grade trains at a minimum of 2 miles per day

20 Frequently asked questions
14. Do they have to be a good athlete? No.   They simply must be willing to participate and work hard every day.  As middle school coaches, we are here to teach the athletes the skills and sports to prepare them for high school and future athletic endeavors. It is a learning and developing process.

21 Frequently asked questions
15. When do they get a physical? Every student in Athletics must have a physical on file before being allowed to participate in any practices or tryouts.  They are good for the following school year only.   The window for next school year begins April 16th, and they are valid until July 31st,

22 There is a specific physical form that must be signed by the physician and may be found on the HMS website under “Athletics” and “Forms.” These may be submitted before the end of this school year or you may bring them with you to Registration Day in August. DO NOT MAIL THEM over the summer.

23 Frequently asked questions
16. Do I have to be in Athletics to play ___________? Only students who make a volleyball, football, or basketball travel team MUST be in the Athletic period to participate. However, missing out on the Athletic period also means missing out on key conditioning and strength training to improve your abilities in other sports.

24 The year / seasons – step by step
August 25th – Volleyball Tryouts Begin days of tryouts - There will be small cuts along the way - 1st game is typically the second week of school, so we don’t have much time Anyone not trying out or who does not make the cut, will report to the “off-season” immediately after Labor Day.

25 The year / seasons – step by step
August – November - Volleyball season - “Off-season” will have the option to continue to improve volleyball skills 2-3 days per week OR they will begin an overall conditioning program 5 days a week and begin preparing for Cross Country season.

26 The year / seasons – step by step
~ November 1st (approx.) - Basketball tryouts - Cross Country begins - Anyone who does not make basketball will automatically participate in Cross Country.

27 The year / seasons – step by step
January - Basketball Continues - Cross Country begins overall conditioning as the season has concluded.

28 The year / seasons – step by step
Mid- February - Track season begins - Athletes will be timed in all running events and placed into workout groups - Running workouts are during the class period - Field events take place after school only (optional) - Tennis season begins after school only

29 The year / seasons – step by step
Mid- April - Off season workouts begin - Reviews of Volleyball and Basketball - Strength and Conditioning trainging - 8th grade begins CHHS crossover - Soccer begins after school (7th and 8th grade combined team)

30 Paperwork & Physicals Required forms will be on RankOne Sport for you to fill out. They must all be completed before students may participate. - HMS Girls Athletics Policies - Extra / Co-Curriculur Activity Pledge - UIL Acknowledgement of Rules - Steroid Agreement - Concussion Acknowledgement - Sudden Cardiac Arrest / Heat Illness Acknowledgement - Physical Exam (cannot be dated before April 16, 2015)

31 Physicals - Must be the mandated UIL form only - May be completed by any licensed physician - Earliest date to complete is April 16, Valid until July 31, CHHS Physical Day is April 16, Call to schedule an appointment - Cost is $25 (cash or check)

32 Clothing Girls Athletics and PE clothing are the same: - White or Gray Athletics shirt (or may be plain) - Team t-shirts that are sold are acceptable - Shirts from previous years are also acceptable - Shorts must be navy blue or black - No prints - School appropriate length - Running shorts OK in Athletics ONLY - Spandex for volleyball (must have cover-ups outside of the gym)

33 clothing - Proper Athletic Shoes - Socks
- Navy Blue sweats ONLY - Proper Athletic Shoes - Socks - Sport specific equipment will either be issued or you may purchase your own - Colors need to be neutral (ex: kneepads need to be white or black)

34 Clothing store The HMS Girls Athletics Store will be open online during the month of MAY. Please check the website for the links. An will also be sent out notifying you that it is open.

35 Booster Club Please join our amazing Booster Club! Cost $25 annually per household Money goes towards providing HMS student-athletes with the best resources available. This comes in the form of equipment and uniforms as well as tournament entry fees to name a few things.

36 Summer camps Any camps are a good idea! Play in a league or on a team!! CHHS camp information will be made available online as it comes to us and fliers will be in the locker room by the white board. CHHS Lady Panther Basketball Camp June 22-25

37 Open gym There will be several Open Gym days the week prior to school in August. These will be posted online as soon as dates can be solidified. (This maybe August before they are posted) It is for any girl who would like to practice volleyball some prior to tryouts. Coaches will be present for safety supervision, but we are not allowed to give any instruction at this time.


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