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Sharing Law Enforcement Services 1 ICJIA Shared Services.

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1 Sharing Law Enforcement Services 1 ICJIA Shared Services

2 The Law Enforcement Landscape 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in US Much different from other countries: – Canada 80, England 40, Japan 50 765,000 sworn personnel 49% employ less than 10 full-time officers 2/3 of officers work for agencies with 100 or more sworn officers 2 ICJIA Shared Services

3 Police Expenditure 1982-2007 ICJIA Shared Services 3

4 Fragmentation is Good… Local control Career choices Bigger is not necessarily better 4 ICJIA Shared Services

5 … and Bad Offenders do not recognize jurisdictional boundaries Crime control strategy should be more regional Duplication of facilities, communications, equipment, etc. Peer emulation Duplication of administration Requires more police officers 5 ICJIA Shared Services

6 Consider Minimum Staffing 6 3 officers, 1 sgt. WPDEPD ICJIA Shared Services

7 Forms of Sharing Functional Consolidation Regionalization Metropolitan / City-County Consolidation Contracting Local Merger Public Safety 7 ICJIA Shared Services

8 Functional Consolidation Combined Dispatch Regional Drug and Vehicle Theft Groups Major Crime Task Forces Major Crash Assistance Team (MCAT) Regional SWAT Team 8 ICJIA Shared Services

9 Regional Policing Northern York County Regional Police Department – Formed in 1972 – 2 Boroughs, 6 Townships – 50 sworn officers – Each municipality selects a commissioner About 30 regional agencies in PA 9 ICJIA Shared Services

10 10

11 Metro / City-County Consolidation Nashville Las Vegas Savannah – Chatham Indianapolis Jacksonville - Duval County Louisville – Jefferson County ICJIA Shared Services 11

12 Contracting ICJIA Shared Services 12 Generally offered by sheriff King County Washington

13 ICJIA Shared Services 13 LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT DEPUTY SHERIFF SERVICE UNIT CONTRACT CITIES FISCAL YEAR 2010-2011 CATEGORYDEPUTY NO-RELIEF40 HOUR56 HOUR 70 HOUR Salaries (Station Personnel) Sworn personnel: Deputy, relief deputy84,12392,535129,549161,937 Watch Deputy2,9213,2134,4985,623 Investigator7,4868,23511,52814,411 Sergeants10,82311,90516,66720,834 Lieutenants4,9685,4657,6519,563 Captain1,0821,1901,6662,083 Civilian: Clerical, Desk Operations, & L.E.T.s9,77110,74815,04718,809 Employee Benefits Sworn Personnel60,30066,33092,862116,078 Civilian Personnel3,9454,3406,0757,594 Overtime Sworn Personnel3,0013,3014,6225,777 Services and Supplies Auto (Maintenance & Replacement)2,8013,0814,3145,392 Other1,9202,1132,9573,696 General County Overhead Department Indirect Support Contract Law Enforcement Bureau SERVICE UNIT COST$193,141$212,456$297,437$371,796 CLEB:MKS:04/06/2010

14 Local Merger Winter Park/Fraser Police Colorado – 2005 – Winter Park serves as the managing partner – Winter Park is responsible for managing all employment matters, insurance, and other related matters – All personnel are employees of Winter Park – The Police Chief reports directly to the Fraser Town Manager and Winter Park Town Manager – All Police Officers are sworn to serve and protect both municipalities 14 ICJIA Shared Services

15 Public Safety Change in Fire Industry About 130 fully integrated departments Very efficient – Traverse City Michigan employs 43% more sworn officers (police and fire) than the similar cities with public safety COPS Study ICJIA Shared Services 15

16 Why Consolidations Fail Citizens value local control Most public safety executives and staff are content with their organizations and see no particular benefit to change-personal stake Organizations, even small ones, tend to place great emphasis on their unique identity Strong opposition from employee groups Expected cost savings are often not realized 16 ICJIA Shared Services

17 Willowbrook-Burr Ridge 2007 Shared a border Each had about 26 sworn officers 2006 hours on calls for service – Willowbrook4335 Hours – Burr Ridge4346 Hours. Main motivation was a new building and concern about sustainability 17 ICJIA Shared Services

18 Process Internal Committee Outside consultant – Two-stage – No job loss Conducted separate analysis of each agency and then described what the new one would look like. 18 ICJIA Shared Services

19 Major Issues Workload analysis indicated that a combined department could be one half of the size of the two agencies Chiefs were supportive but cautious Significant resistance from employee groups Uneven support from village boards “No job loss” made savings seem very remote 19 ICJIA Shared Services

20 Ideas can Re-emerge 20 “Burr Ridge, Willowbrook, Clarendon Hills and Hinsdale officials are weighing whether to combine the villages’ police departments in an effort to save money and operate more efficiently”. Chicago Tribune 2-1- 2010. ICJIA Shared Services

21 Holland, Michigan 2008 Study commissioned when both the police and fire chiefs announced their retirement Separate studies of police and fire High quality organizations with some inefficiencies Study moved very slowly No agenda! 21 ICJIA Shared Services

22 22 ICJIA Shared Services

23 Traverse City Workload Analysis 2010 Citizen committee made sweeping recommendations for reducing costs of government Consultant engaged to look at police Unlike Holland, study moved very quickly 23 ICJIA Shared Services

24 Key Issues How many officers were required Opportunities for sharing services What about public safety Costs for sheriff’s road patrol 24 ICJIA Shared Services

25 Sharing Services TCPD had excess capacity in patrol GTSD provided both general fund road patrol and under contract. – Garfield Township TCPD and GTSD are highly integrated 25 ICJIA Shared Services

26 What is Traverse City? 26 ICJIA Shared Services

27 Concluding Thoughts Shared services must maintain or improve perceived quality Sharing services can be more effective and efficient-but implementation can be difficult Very often sharing of services emerges as a result of intransigence. “There is only one way to do this!” 27 ICJIA Shared Services

28 Focus on the Positive “Far too much energy is wasted on considering what the police cannot do and what commanders do not have; valuable time and momentum are lost by focusing on these negatives.” Ron Serpas, Chief NOPD 28 ICJIA Shared Services

29 Questions 29 Alex Weiss 847-332-1160 847-644-3930 (mobile) ICJIA Shared Services

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