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Presentation Agenda Awareness of Project Issues Calvin Project Approach Kent Proposed Project Staffing Gary Communication, Public Awareness, Commitment.

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2 Presentation Agenda Awareness of Project Issues Calvin Project Approach Kent Proposed Project Staffing Gary Communication, Public Awareness, Commitment Calvin

3 Project Description 850 day construction contract Estimated start is December 2012 3.35 miles Widen from 4 to 6 lanes Drainage structures and pipe 20 ponds Signalization, Overhead Lighting Reconstruction of bridge over the Banana Creek UWHCA with City of Lakeland Water main Force main

4 Maintenance of Traffic Phase I – widening, new construction, ponds, drainage, and signalization Highland City - Construct Northbound lanes Shift traffic to the inside to construct outer lanes

5 Maintenance of Traffic Phase II – widening, milling and resurfacing, drainage, signalization, lighting Highland City - M&R, Construct inside lane and median M&R existing lanes and construct median

6 Maintenance of Traffic Phase I bridge approaches Phase II bridge approaches

7 Maintenance of Traffic Phase III Complete connections Place friction course Final striping Signing

8 Understanding of Scope of Services Contract Review CPM Scheduling Utility Coordination Environmental Protection Issue Resolution and Claims Avoidance Construction Contract Modifications Material Certifications Project Records Estimates Safety of travelling public

9 Issue Resolution and Claims Avoidance Resolve issues quickly Experienced team members Outstanding Items List (OIL) Tracks issues as they evolve Identify who is responsible for next action

10 Construction Contract Modifications Negotiate issues early while facts and data are current Entitlement analysis based on Contract Time analysis based on approved schedule

11 Project Records Detailed records and logs kept daily Daily Work Reports will contain all the information required by Bartow Operations Center 1 DWR per Inspector Exact time an activity is observed Pictures referenced in the DWR Provide comments for all items Site Manager

12 Project Records Accidents Weather Claim Issues Conformance w/ Contract Documents Contractor Operations Controlling Items EEO Issues Environmental General Conditions Maintenance of Traffic Pursuit of Work QC Plan Compliance Safety Violations Stockpiled Materials Subcontractor Operations Traffic Utilities

13 Estimates Final Estimate – begins before construction Review Quantities for accuracy Track quantities in Excel Document pay items daily

14 Unique Project Issues

15 Fort Fraser Trail There will be several impacts to the trail both temporary and permanent

16 Fort Fraser Trail Pond 11-1 Edge of Pond 7 feet from Fort Fraser Trail Separate the work from the trail with orange safety fence

17 Fort Fraser Trail 18 inch water main directional drill Station 1424+50 to Station 1433+00 (850 feet) Verify that the trail is not damaged during this installation

18 Fort Fraser Trail Reconstructed trail at First Street and Clubhouse Rd Construct temporary sidewalk per Std Index 660 0.02 cross slope Stable and firm

19 48 inch Storm Drain in Phase I Pipe is located in travel lane Plan Sheet 44 Close lane and construct at night or on weekend Excavate, Install Pipe, Backfill, Construct Pavement Open lane to traffic by 5:30 am

20 Bald Eagle’s nests 3 Bald Eagle’s nests along the project corridor Station 1249+00 – M&R inside the Secondary Buffer Zone (shown in plans) Station 1324+00 – Outside the Secondary Buffer Zone Station 1392+00 (650 feet north of bridge ) – Roadway widening is inside the Primary Buffer Zone National Bald Eagle Management Guidelines Work is not permitted during nesting season within the Primary Buffer Zone Nesting Season from October through May

21 Utility Relocation Existing and Proposed Utilities at Station 1324+00 3 BT’s to be removed BT to remain 4 – 4 inch BT to be installed 16 inch Water Main to be installed 12 inch Water Main to be removed O/H power and fiber optic to remain Lighting conduit to be installed

22 Utility Relocation Over 3 miles of 4” Gas Main by others TECO – over 200 days Existing pipe is under proposed roadway Gas main installation must start early Existing 4” gas Proposed 24” SD Proposed 4” gas

23 Temporary Drainage Plan Note 102-1 on Plan Sheet 23 21 temporary inlets 2 temporary manholes 9 temporary plugs 1,489 linear feet of temporary pipe

24 Temporary Drainage  Jack and Bores and Temporary Inlets S-604 33’ of 24” casing Steel (jack &bore) 72’ of 24” casing Steel (jack & bore)

25 Subsoil Excavation Muck removal (800 linear feet) depth – 12 feet Station 1389+00 on Plan Sheet 242 “120-4 Temporary sheet pile may be necessary during subsoil excavation in order to protect the existing roadway and considered incidental to the cost of subsoil excavation.”

26 Common Goals & Vision APPROACH We embrace the policy of providing Consistent, Predictable & Repeatable (CPR) services to District One Our approach is based upon: Preparation Execution Documentation Evaluation Our Goal is to exceed your expectations!

27 Preparation Equipment All testing equipment calibrated & certified Laptops, Smart phones, Cameras Project Guides Policies/standards for City of Lakeland Utilities Asbestos Concrete Pipe HAZMAT Guidance USFWC & FWC environmental guidelines Permits (USACE, SWFWMD, DOH, DEP)

28 Preparation Field Visits Ground Truthing Identify & Track Adjacent Projects Colbert Rd. (Developer) Clubhouse Rd. (Polk County) Stakeholders Sanlan RV Park Polk State College Polk Board of Education (Schools) Business Centers Sheriff, Fire & Rescue 40,000 Polk Travelers (AADT)

29 Preparation Constructability: Construction Items of Concern Banana Creek existing Timber Piles Sidewalk Slope & Condition Survey at 50’ Intervals for ADA compliance (Highland City) Monitoring wells Sta. 1302+00 Lt. (Highland City) Constructability: Plan Errors? Omissions? 30 inch casing indicates 0.040” pipe thickness Contamination Missing Phase IV Plans (Ponds and Highland City)

30 Execution Communication with DOT PM (email, phone, smoke signals, Morse code, etc.) Specific Pre Work Activity Meetings: Paving Utilities Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Drainage Pile Driving and Bridge Deck Placement Signalization (Temporary & Permanent) Lighting, ITS Gravity Walls, Directional Bores NPDES/SWPPP Approved Plan – Jim Young FDOT

31 Execution Daily PA meets with all inspection staff to discuss daily work schedules, project issues, concerns resolutions, controls MOT Devices and Setup Checked Erosion & Sedimentation, SWPPP Measures Checked Meeting Public & Addressing Concerns Contaminated Soil Protection & Coordination (as needed) Hazardous Material (ACP) monitoring LIMS, SITEMANAGER & EDMS Logs, Redlines, Reports, Photos, Video

32 Execution Weekly Utility Coordination Meeting Weekly Progress Meeting (two week look ahead, logs, and lane closure notices) Update to “Road Watch” and other media by PIO Review potential problem areas, resolutions, contingencies, OIL list Updates to Businesses & Stakeholders (Active construction & adjacent area information bulletins) Monthly Pay Requests Schedule Review Certifications As Built Reviews and Updates Monitoring CEI Contract Status

33 Execution Some Areas of Special Emphasis: Safety OSHA Trench Safety Compliance Emergency Preparedness Plan Personal Protection Equipment 24/7 Contact List Drainage Temporary pavement at 2% slope Standing water during phases of construction Control dewatering and pumping of ground water Lighting Conduit & ITS Placement Conduit placement at proper depth, size and location Accurate locations to minimize Conflicts with Utilities

34 Execution Some Areas of Special Emphasis: Maintenance of Traffic Trucking congestion (10’ lane widths during construction) 50 mph Pedestrian, trail awareness, bus stops Banana Creek Bridge TCP transitions Fraser Trail Signalization Temporary signalizations and phasing begins on day one of construction Temporary detection devices (setup, operation and maintaining actuation) Strain poles at PSC/USF entrance New mast arms at Polk Parkway off ramps has no Maintenance of Traffic with 6 Drill Shafts

35 Execution Some Areas of Special Emphasis Schools Polk State College Spessard L. Holland Elementary Oscar J. Pope Elementary Highland Grove Elementary Valley View Elementary Highland City Elementary George Jenkins High School Travis Technical Bus Stops Elementary Children School Crossing at Highland City

36 Documentation Documentation of Work Activities: Daily Work Reports Density Log Books EEO Records Material Testing Reports Meetings: Agendas, Minutes, Records Schedules: Baseline, Updates, Final Record Storage: Electronic EDMS, Hummingbird Paper Backup & Independent Server

37 Documentation Federal Funding Assisting District’s Resident Compliance Specialist Employee Interview Form 700-010-63 Compliance with EEO Form 700-611-13 Commercial Useful Function Form 275-621-18 Trainee Enrollment, Notice of Personnel Action Form 275- 020-08 E Verify Form 375-040-08

38 Evaluation HDRCCC Quality Assessment Procedures Quality Assurance Review Initial Review of Staff and Operations within 90 Days Additional reviews at six month intervals Dedicated Client Service Principal Contractor Past Performance Reports Discussed at Weekly Progress Meetings Assessed during project at monthly intervals

39 Cost Savings Our team has: Analyzed the plan sets, Performed multiple site visits Identified Conflicts & Remediation Cost Savings can be realized by: Plan sheet modifications with notes and elimination of additional work or possible pay adjustments Provide additional directions for complex areas of construction Correction of possible errors and omissions Minimizing future maintenance costs

40 Cost Savings General Notes that should be added: The contractor should anticipate the need for low profile equipment for the construction of drilled shafts. The contractor shall contact the property owner 96 hours prior to clearing and grubbing so there is opportunity to relocate signs, sprinkler systems or landscaping. The cost of saw cutting and prime coat shall be incidental to the work being performed. General Notes that could be added The Contractor shall notify the engineer a minimum of 7 days in advance of any lane closures. All lanes on US 98 must be open to traffic during an evacuation notice of a hurricane or other catastrophic event, and shall remain open for the duration of the event as directed by the engineer. The Contractor shall notify adjacent property owners 48 hours in advance of construction activities which will restrict access, delivery, etc., to provide or commercial properties.

41 Cost Savings Pay Item Notes that are recommended: 102-3: All commercial material shall be milled asphalt. 110-1-1: Includes the removal of all ground mount signs within the limits of clearing and grubbing. Unless otherwise noted in the signing and pavement marking plans. 110-3: Removal of existing structure includes existing timber piles and concrete abutment located on the east side of the existing bridge. 400-0-11: The Contractor shall protect the existing adjacent slopes during construction of the gravity wall by means and methods of his own. All cost for the protection of slopes shall be included in the bid price of the gravity wall. Pay Items to be corrected Business signs (4,176 EA) over Field office (790 DA) under Arrow Boards (566 EA) under Variable Message Board (388 ED) under Sediment Barrier (7,076 LF) under Missing Pay Items No pay item for Thermoplastic (noted in Striping Tabulation of Quantities) Missing item for Artificial Coverings, Sediment Basins

42 Cost Savings Additional Traffic Control Notes (Clarifications) Conflicting pavement markings shall be removed by water blast only. Traffic conditions, accidents and other unforeseen emergency conditions may require the engineer to restrict or remove lane closures or other channelization shown in the plans. The contractor shall make the necessary adjustments, as directed by the engineer, without delay. The contractor shall respond within 30 minutes from the time of notification by the engineer to any request made by the engineer for correction, improvement or modification of the MOT at no additional cost or time extension. The contractor shall maintain pedestrian traffic, including bus stops, at all times during the construction process. The contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that a safe and unobstructed route exists for pedestrians. Refer to standard index 660. Relocated traffic signal heads will be relocated in accordance with the MUTCD (latest edition) section 4D-12 and used with existing signal timings or as directed by the Engineer. The Contractor shall maintain Street name signs visible during construction operations in order to facilitate emergency vehicle traffic. The Contractor shall maintain proper drainage for all phases of construction. Additional details and structures not shown in the TCP may be necessary depending upon contractor methods of construction. All costs associated shall be included in Pay item 102-1 Maintenance of Traffic, Lump Sum.

43 Cost Saving Construction Savings Leave off FC-5 at the CR 540A intersection currently under contract and scheduled for 07-21-12 Revise limits of milling and resurfacing in the area of SR 540 (Winter Lake Road)to reflect existing scalloped areas for turn-around. Coordinate materials with Polk County for luminaries and materials to place inventory items currently used for faster response & lower maintenance costs to the agency Jack and Bore locations could be extended to eliminate dissimilar pipe connections (collars)

44 Cost Savings Contract Management Savings Cross Trained staff capable of providing additional inspection support as needed Internal working plan based on three week projection to mirror contractor efforts Staggered shifts/minimize overtime Man hour estimate adjusted monthly Additional Staff availability ready to engage as needed

45 Cost Savings Partnering provided at no cost to FDOT Bartow Operations Our Team values partnering which adds value to the contract by: Develops relationships with the stakeholders, agencies, utilities, and contractors Sets guidelines for clear consistent communication Escalation matrix for solving issues at the lowest level prior to RFI or Notice of Intent Creates a common goal and vision which is vital to the success of this project

46 Schedule Reasonableness of Schedule Duration of 850 days seems adequate and we anticipate the phase durations as follows: Phase 1 - 425 Days Phase 2 - 300 Days Phase 3 - 125 Days

47 Proposed Staffing Relationships Organizational Chart Availability of Staff Qualifications & Certifications of Staff Similar Projects Team

48 Relationships HDRCCC Project Management & Control ALLIED ENGINEERING & TESTING ITS Inspection Asphalt Plant Roadway Support VALERIN GROUP Public Information I.F. ROOKS & ASSOCIATES Aerial Photography MCKIM & CREED Survey Support OMNI COMMUNICATIONS Utility Coordination 15% DBE Commitment!

49 Organizational Chart FDOT Project Manager Doug McClintock Public Information Officer Alice Ramos (Valerin*) Contract Support Specialist John Olivio Senior Bridge Inspector John Meadows (Alternate: Bob McCabe) Senior Roadway Inspector Randy Stacks (Alternate: Don Christian) Asphalt Plant Inspector John Wilferth (Allied*) Inspectors Charlie Bemis (Allied*) Densel Landrum (Allied*) Utility Coordinator Brent Postma (Omni*) ITS Inspector Ted Garcia (Allied*) Senior Project Engineer Calvin Landers, PE Project Administrator Kent Dube *DBE Certified Firm Project Principal & QA/QC Gary Downing, PE

50 Staffing Organization Availability of Staff StaffPositionAvailability Calvin Landers, PESenior Project EngineerImmediately Kent DubeProject AdministratorNovember 2012 John OlivioContract Support SpecialistOctober 2012 Randy StacksSenior Roadway Inspector *November 2012 John MeadowsSenior Bridge InspectorSeptember 2012 Brent PostmaUtility CoordinationSeptember 2012 Allied Engineering & TestingAsphalt Plant, ITS, InspectionSeptember 2012 Alice RamosPIO, Valerin GroupImmediately McKim & CreedSurveyingImmediately I.F. Rooks & AssociatesAerial PhotographyImmediately

51 CTQP Staff Qualifications CTQP Class Landers HDR Dube HDR Olivio HDR Stacks HDR Christian HDR Meadows HDR McCabe HDR Garcia Allied Bemis Allied Landrum Allied Asphalt Paving L1 Asphalt Paving L2 Concrete Field 1 Concrete Field 2 Earthwork L1 Earthwork L2 Drilled Shaft Pile Driving Final Estimates L1 Final Estimates L2 IMSA Traffic Sig L1 MOT Adv/Inter. QC Manager Critical Struct. Video/Form

52 Key Personnel Calvin Landers, PE, MBA 21 Years of experience 10 years FDOT District 5 Resident Engineer Orlando Construction 3 years Road & Bridge Contractor PM Ranger Construction 8 years Private Consultant Strengths Diverse background, MBA, Business Outlook Pro Active Problem Solving Clear Direct Communications

53 Key Personnel Kent Dube, PA 32 years of Experience Known factor in Districts 1, 2, 4, 6 & Turnpike Kent’s mantra “Come Early, stay late, work hard, don’t quit” Strengths: Problem solving prior to escalation Setting and Achieving common goals with contractor Specialties: Drainage, Bridges, Asphalt field & plant, Signalization, Lighting, Maintenance of Traffic, Sedimentation and Erosion enforcement, Landscaping

54 Key Personnel John Olivio, CSS 38 years of experience 17 years General Contractor 21 years Consultant Known Factor in Districts 1 & 7 Member of National Award winning Bellaire Causeway Bridge for Pinellas County & District 7 Strengths: Meticulous tracking of multiple projects, Roadway & Utility Inspection, Project management, EEO Posting sampling and testing log schedules

55 Key Personnel Randy Stacks, Senior Roadway Inspector 30 year of experience Roadway inspector in District 1 & 7 John Meadows, Senior Bridge Inspector 23 Years Experience (11 Contractor) Roadway inspector in Districts 1, 5 & 7 Brent Postma, Utility Coordinator 25 Years Experience Utility coordination in District 1 & 7 Ted Garcia, ITS Inspector 11 years Experience

56 Similar Projects Project DescriptionClientProject Type SR 70, OkeechobeeFDOT / SebringHighway Widening N. Jones Loop & I-75 Off Ramps FDOT / Ft. MyersMinor Interchange SR 776, SR 45, SR 82, SR 80, SR 865 FDOT / Ft. Myers Resurfacing & Signals (Hybrids) I-75 Golden Gate ParkwayFDOT / Ft. MyersMajor Interchange Livingston Road – Phase 4, Collier Collier County 2 to 4-lane Widening with Utilities SR 70, US 27, SR 31, SR 710, US 441 FDOT / SebringResurfacing (Hybrid)

57 Teamwork Common Themes: Knowledge, Experience, Abilities, High Performers References: OOCEA Ben Dreiling Director of Construction “ Calvin dealt with all aspects of the Authorities operation but was most comfortable with the construction side of the business. It is his sweet spot” FDOT District 2, Jacksonville Construction Resident Engineer Ken Hill “ I know Kent Dube can build a road and a bridge ” Frank Cavanaugh, Tyler Construction VP, “ John Olivio is firm, but fair”

58 Teamwork Imagine this scenario when you think of the HDR Team: How many passes did Joe Montana throw to Jerry Rice before they hooked up in San Francisco? We have assembled the team of Joe & Jerry This is your super bowl team!

59 Communication Effective communication is key to success Work closely with all parties Encourage effective collaboration between all parties Identify Who needs to know What they need to know How will the information be delivered

60 Public Awareness Public Information Officer – Alice Ramos Served on several US 98 projects Familiar with the local players Develop a Public Information Plan Update Manage inquiries from the public Project Fact Sheets Stakeholder Database

61 Public Awareness Polk State College 7,000 students Communicate clearly with the students Five elementary schools within 2 miles Coordinate with the Principals, PTO Provide age appropriate information (flyers) Emergency response vehicles - Bartow Medical Center Ed Holloway – owner of Sanlan RV Park Provide clear directions and access to residents

62 Public Awareness Proactive approach to public awareness Open Honest Consistent

63 Commitment to District One The HDRCCC Team has: Met with Department staff Visited stakeholders and business owners Thoroughly reviewed the plans Walked the corridor several times

64 Commitment to District One Commitment from senior management Gary Downing will manage the CEI Contract Providing the best staff Managing resources effectively Authority to commit company resources. PERSONAL COMMITMENT OF ALL TEAM MEMBERS

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