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Landforms Around the World. Archipelago A group of many islands Japan Hawaiian Islands Aegean Islands Indonesia Philippines.

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1 Landforms Around the World

2 Archipelago A group of many islands Japan Hawaiian Islands Aegean Islands Indonesia Philippines

3 Islands around Japan Archipelago

4 Hawaiian Islands Archipelago

5 Aegean Islands Archipelago

6 Indonesia Archipelago

7 Philippines Archipelago

8 Basin Area of land enclosed by higher land Salt Basins Kane Basin Tonto Basin Moscow Basin Death Valley

9 Salt Basins in Chile Basin

10 Kane Basin Basin

11 Tonto Basin Basin

12 Moscow Basin Basin

13 Death Valley Basin

14 Bay Part of a body of salt water that reaches into the land Maputo Bay Bay of Quinte Bay of Biscay Bay of Fundy San Francisco Bay

15 Maputo Bay

16 Bay of Quinte

17 Bay of Biscay

18 Bay of Fundy

19 San Francisco Bay

20 Canyon A narrow valley with steep sides created by erosion Grand Canyon Bingham Canyon McLean Canyon Hells Gate Canyon Fraser Canyon

21 Grand Canyon

22 Bingham Canyon

23 McLean Canyon

24 Hells Gate Canyon

25 Fraser Canyon

26 Cliff A high and steep slope made of rock or soil White Cliffs of Dover Cliffs of Moehr Bee Cliffs Canford Cliffs Kangaroo Point Cliffs

27 White Cliffs of Dover

28 Cliffs of Moehr

29 Bee Cliff

30 Canford Cliffs

31 Kangaroo Point Cliffs

32 Coast Land along the sea or ocean Gold Coast Oregon Coast Pacific Coast Central Coast Jurassic Coast

33 Gold Coast

34 Oregon Coast

35 Pacific Coast

36 Central Coast

37 Jurassic Coast

38 Continent Large body of land North America South America Australia Europe Asia Antarctica Africa

39 North America Continent

40 South America Continent

41 Australia Continent

42 Europe Continent

43 Asia Continent

44 Antarctica Continent

45 Africa Continent

46 Deserts An area of land that has less than 10 inches of rain Sahara Desert Arabian Desert Great Victoria Desert Rub’al Khali Desert Kalahari Desert

47 Sahara Desert

48 Arabian Desert

49 Great Victoria Desert

50 Rub’al Khali Desert Desert

51 Kalahari Desert Desert

52 Forest A large tract of land covered with trees and underbrush Epping Forest Gwydir Forest French’s Forest Coconino Forest Black Forest

53 Epping Forest

54 Gwydir Forest

55 French’s Forest

56 Coconino Forest

57 Black Forest

58 Gulf Part of a sea or ocean that reaches into the land Persian Gulf Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Panama Gulf of Mannar Gulf of Carpenteria

59 Persian Gulf

60 Gulf of Mexico

61 Gulf of Panama

62 Gulf of Mannar

63 Gulf of Carpenteria

64 Hills Raised part of earth’s service with sloping sides Black Hills Cavanal Hill San Juan Hill Bunker Hill Chocolate Hills

65 Black Hills

66 Cavanal Hill

67 San Juan Hill

68 Bunker Hill

69 Chocolate Hills

70 Island An area of land surrounded by water Madagascar Island Baffin Island Sumatra Island Java Island Great Brittan

71 Madagascar Island

72 Baffin Island

73 Sumatra Island

74 Java Island

75 Great Brittan Island

76 Mountain High rocky land with steep sides Mount Everest Swiss Alps Cho Oyu Mountains Mount McKinley

77 Mount Everest

78 Swiss Alps Mountain

79 Cho Oyu Mountains

80 Mount McKinley

81 Ocean Large body of salt water Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean Antarctica Ocean

82 Atlantic Ocean

83 Pacific Ocean

84 Indian Ocean

85 Arctic Ocean

86 Peninsula Land surrounded on three sides by water Croatia Peninsula Iberian Peninsula Korean Peninsula Jutland Peninsula Bolivar Peninsula

87 Croatia Peninsula

88 Iberian Peninsula

89 Korean Peninsula

90 Jutland Peninsula

91 Bolivar Peninsula

92 Prairie Large plains region with tall grass Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan Pampas of Argentina Steppes of Russia Ukraine Clymer Meadow Preserve, Hunt County, Texas

93 Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan Prairie

94 Pampas of Argentina

95 Steppes of Russia Prairie

96 Ukraine Prairie

97 Clymer Meadow Preserve, Hunt County, Texas Prairie

98 Reef Ridge of rock or sand at or near the surface of water Chevron Reef Coral Reef in American Samoa Great Barrier Reef

99 Chevron Reef

100 Coral reef in American Samoa

101 Great Barrier Reef

102 River A large stream of water that flows through land into a lake, ocean, or another body of water Nile River Amazon River Yangtze River Mississippi River Yellow River

103 Nile River

104 Amazon River

105 Yangtze River

106 Mississippi River

107 Yellow River

108 Swamp An area of land that is low and wet and supports grass and trees Lake Bangweulu Swamp, Zambia Great Cypress Swamp, Florida Honey Island Swamp, USA

109 Lake Bangweulu Swamp, Zambia

110 Great Cypress Swamp, Florida

111 Pantanal Swamp, Brazil

112 Honey Island Swamp, USA

113 Valley Low land between hills or mountains Fljótsdalur in East Iceland Danube Valley, Eastern Europe Glen Cove Valley, Scotland Napa Valley, USA Valley of the Kings, Egypt

114 Fljótsdalur in East Iceland Valley

115 Danube Valley, Eastern Europe

116 Glen Coe Valley, Scotland

117 Napa Valley, USA

118 Valley of the Kings, Egypt

119 Volcano A cone shaped mountain formed by rock or ash thrown from the inside of the earth with an opening or depression at top Mount Andrus Volcano Apaneca Range Volcano Arenal Volcano Acotango Volcano

120 Mount Andrus Volcano

121 Apaneca Range Volcano

122 Arenal Volcano

123 Acotango Volcano

124 Waterfalls When a river falls off a steep area Ouzoud Falls, Morocco Laja Falls, Chile Huangguoshu Falls, China Abbey Falls, India Kivach Waterfalls, Russia

125 Ouzoud Falls, Morocco Waterfalls

126 Laja Falls, Chile Waterfalls

127 Huangguoshu Falls, China Waterfalls

128 Abbey Falls, India Waterfalls

129 Kivach Waterfalls, Russia

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