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K ICK O FF Book By: Donna King Project By: Caroline.

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1 K ICK O FF Book By: Donna King Project By: Caroline

2 C HARACTERS Tyra Fraser Alicia Mr. Fraser Mrs. Fraser Molly Emma Mike

3 S ETTINGS England Home Fernbridge soccer field school

4 INTRO “Hey lacey, how are you doing? How’s Tampa without me? Have you been down to the Beach today? Did you go to the mall like we usually do, or should I say did?” Tyra was mad. She has just experienced the worst move of her life. From Beautiful Tampa to Gloomy England. She has moved from her best friend Lacy, the sunny days, and the pretty beach.

5 B EGINNING In the beginning Tyra was very upset. Finally she figures there is a soccer team which makes her happier. She earns the top spot at try out. It wasn’t that easy though. There was a big rivalry Between the old star player Alicia and the New girl Tyra. After a couple of days, Tyra finds her new best friend. It is Molly the goalie of the team. Her and Molly have a lot of fun together. The hangout before and after school, the have sleepover, and they do just what regular best friends do.

6 M IDDLE In the middle of the book, Fernbridge has their first, second, and third victory. After the third game coach picks the captain of the team. This is big to all the girls especially Tyra and Alicia. The captain ended up being Tyra but this meant jealousy. The girls tried to work it out but it just got so bad in the forth game Alicia tripped Tyra and sprained her ankle. This was bad because it was 6 days away from the tournament. The one Tyra was waiting to win. What was she going to do?

7 E ND Ok, I am not going to give you too much information about the end because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but, Tyra ended up heeling just before the game. Now all you have to do is read the book to find out if Tyra and Alicia settle things and if Fernbridge wins the tournament.

8 T HAT ’ S THE END That was a good Book report!!!!!

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