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Never misses a beat. 2 Will your outsourcer: offer a truly bespoke service to meet your specific needs? be focused on improving your bottom line and adding.

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1 never misses a beat

2 2 Will your outsourcer: offer a truly bespoke service to meet your specific needs? be focused on improving your bottom line and adding value? understand your customers needs and ensure they are met? be easy to work with, open and responsive? be fully responsive to your change in requirements? support your CSR goals? never misses a beat Some questions for you

3 Overview Sambora is a high quality, cost effective provider of outsourced contact center services and solutions. We chose Guyana in South America, on the edge of the Caribbean, mainly because of its high quality people for whom English is its first and only language, spoken with a neutral accent. We focus on maintaining high levels of quality throughout the business, with reliable and secure technology, recruiting, training and retaining the best people, whilst implementing processes of an international standard. The origins of the business lie in sustainable development and is a core objective of the company. 3 never misses a beat

4 Our Location 4 Guyana: 50 Minutes to Trinidad & Barbados, 4 hours to Miami and 5.5 hours to New York. never misses a beat Georgetown, Guyana Trinidad Barbados Miami London New York San Francisco

5 English, the country’s first and only language, spoken with a neutral accent. University educated workforce available, all of whom are within 1 hour’s travel from Sambora, with nearly 90% of applicants female, aged 20-25. High in country unemployment Extensive Broadband Capacity Eastern US time zone (-4 GMT) Stable exchange rates Full Government support Expansion capability to 5000 seats Contact Center sector is growing annually by 40% Liberalization of telecommunications sector underway Sambora created from National Low Carbon Development Strategy 5 never misses a beat Why Guyana

6 Live Agent Outbound / Inbound Call Center Services Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Services, Customer Care, Help Desk, Technical and Sales Support Voice, Chat, Media Handling and Social Media Monitoring B2C and BCB Industry verticals include: What We do Telecommunications Utilities Finance Charities Retail and Internet

7 Quality is at the heart of everything we do: Solutions tailored to client needs – one size does not fit all, client fully. involved in feedback process International quality accreditation – due for ISO-9001 Audit PCI compliance central to business: secure technology gateway to payment service providers; uninterrupted call recording for auditing; FCA and PRA compliance; strict regulation on people and property access to center Focus on quality assurance and training Measure what we do and tell you Experienced management team fit for purpose – over 100 years combined. managing contact centers Tried and tested recruitment process – right people first time Rigorous performance management – target and service orientated culture Proven technology – reliable, secure, redundancy, modular and future proof 6 Our Approach never misses a beat

8 Chief Executive Officer Fraser Wheeler Commercial Director Faizal Khan Team Managers Nkechi Carter Nick Bullen Shadee Fredricks Data Manager Paul Mc Kenzie HR Manager Max Persaud Core Trainer Michelle Kinsanally Technology Manager Pradeep Ramoutar Director of Strategy & Innovation Glenn Hurley Account Operators Company Structure Chief Financial Officer Kads Kahn Quality Manager Sekou Belle never misses a beat 7 Board of Directors Non-Executive Adviser Derwyn Jones Operations Manager Shane Pearce

9 Recruitment & Selection Recruitment based on client need in..skills, knowledge and experience Rigorous process of selection Continuous assessment of...performance Selection process adapted as..necessary to performance..assessments never misses a beat 8

10 Cost Comparison 10 Country Outbound Cost / Hour ($ US) (₤ GR)Key BenefitsKey Issues USA UK 25 15 India 15 - 16.50 10.00Established market Scalability Technical skills Increased costs Demand for quality people Non neutral accent Exchange rate fluctuation High agent attrition South Africa 15 - 17 10.50Established market Scalability English speaking GMT Time zone Increased costs Demand for quality people Exchange rate fluctuation Philippines 13 - 16 9.00Established Market Scalability Cost Competitive Non neutral accent Time zone issues Demand for quality people Exchange rate fluctuation High agent attrition Jamaica 12 - 14.50 8.50English Speaking Time zone GMT-5hrs Scalability Availability of workforce Barbados 14 - 15 9.00English Speaking Time zone GMT-5hrs Scalability Availability of workforce Guyana 12 – 13.50 8.00 * US $1.60 = ₤1.00 * *Globally competitive inbound rates available on request. Neutral English accent Well educated workforce Cost competitive Government support Extensive broadband capacity Eastern US time zone GMT-4hrs Stable US$ - G$ exchange rate Experienced Management team Relatively New Market

11 System & Network Capability 10 Highlights include: Dedicated fibre optic from Georgetown to Miami, with maximum redundancy. Private cloud-based technology platform with full flexibility and international connectivity via private network to Miami NAP of Americas Entire private network monitored and managed on a 24 hour basis Full multi-media capability e.g. web chat Non-internet based service & broad band optimization ensures highest voice quality and data security PCI compliance: fully compliant gateway to payment service providers offering protection from risks of payment and data compromise and fraud; and uninterrupted call recording for auditing, FCA and PRA compliance. Secure campaign monitoring for client in real time CRM integration, Data Analysis and Answer Machine detection In-bound skill-based call routing and Intelligent IVR Full voice in-bound capabilities including messaging and music on hold US numbering options including local or toll free (and other international destinations) never misses a beat

12 11 Our Network never misses a beat

13 13 Directors Ralph Ramkarran is the Senior Partner in Cameron & Shepherd, Guyana’s oldest and best known law firm. He is both the former Speaker of the National Assembly and an Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, the political party currently in Government. never misses a beat Glenn Hurley – Director of Strategy and Innovation Glenn has worked in senior contact centre roles for the last 30 years, including as President of SITEL Asia Pacific. Highlights included his winning and handling of the world's largest out-sourcing deal, with The Microsoft Network (Msn). In 2000 he helped launch Port@l, which quickly became the fastest growing UK contact centre business of its time. Ralph Ramkarran – Chairman

14 14 Directors Faizal Khan – Commercial Director Faizal Khan is a young entrepreneur with recognized marketing expertise, who’s most recent success came on BBC hit TV show Dragon’s Den, when he secured a substantial investment from Dragon billionaire James Cann for his Guinness Book of Records World’s Smallest Car, the Peel P50. never misses a beat

15 13 Senior Staff Shane Pearce (BSc) – Out-bound Manager Shane has a proven record in Contact Centre operations management based on extensive experience in data analysis, strategic campaign management and staff leadership. Shane has impressed a number of blue chip clients with his grasp of diverse operational issues and his ability to find solutions consistently that are bespoke to the client. He has shown capacity to get the most out of his teams and to link them highly effectively to meet client needs. never misses a beat Kads Kahn – CFO Kads, both a Banker and a Chartered Accountant, served as a Shadow Minister and front bench Member of Parliament in Guyana and is a former Central Executive Council member and Treasurer of the PNC, the main Opposition Party. He was a founding director of Demerara Bank Ltd., the first private sector indigenous bank in Guyana. He trained Bankers and Accountants in the City of London and is currently involved in businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.

16 13 Senior Staff Max Persaud – Compliance Manager Max has served as an internal quality auditor with Royal Dutch on managing ISO 9001 and with Philips, Siemens and Brown Bovri in Canada, China and Singapore; and a large Contact Centre in India. A specialist in supply chain management for over 27 years, he lectured at colleges in both Canada and Guyana, in International Business and Trade Compliance. Max is at the forefront of Sambora’s quest to achieve the highest international standards of quality, as reflected in its soon to be ISO 9001 Audit. never misses a beat Sekou Belle - Quality Manager Sekou has relevant management experience and currently oversees quality. His real time, client facing management role incorporates quality control and superb customer service. His planning and problem solving skills, coupled with sound strategies ensures customer satisfaction.

17 Sustainability Origins of Sambora lie in Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy Creation of sustainable jobs: staff well paid and well trained with good prospects, based on business providing high levels of quality and value added to clients Off-setting our carbon emissions through project support to Iwokwama, a million acres of pristine forest in Guyana Support for our local community West Ruimveldt – employment, support for entrepreneurship, recycling, mentoring and community development. never misses a beat 18

18 Clientele

19 English is our first and only language Our staff have a cultural affinity to the US Quality and compliance at the heart of the business Easy to work with, open and approachable Tailored client approach Performance management exemplary Technology that delivers Full support from the Government of Guyana Globally competitive on cost Sustainability lies at the heart of our operation 20 Why Work With Us never misses a beat

20 The benefits We know your business. Our team has experience with every main vertical. We are constantly working on ways (e.g. social media) to provide better support, more customer retention and more sales of your products and services. We have highly professional and experienced account management and support teams We strive for the best in customer experience in everything we do We partner with great international support companies We tailor our service closely to your on-going needs We are the out-sourcer with a difference.

21 never misses a beat

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