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Clauses and Phrases Part 1

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1 Clauses and Phrases Part 1
Sentence Structure Lesson

2 Part 1 What is a clause? What is a phrase?

3 What is a Clause? A subject and predicate working together I am.
Reading is fun. I study hard so I get good grades. Mike went to the park and Shelly cleaned.

4 What is a phrase? A group of related words used without a subject, a predicate, or both. Hiding under the table, the dog knew he was bad. Mickey Mouse, the world’s best anime character, enraged the student.

5 Examples Determine if the underlined words form a phrase or a clause?
Opening the gate, Jose let his dog into the yard. If the story doesn't have any vampires in it, Katie won't read it.

6 Practice Read each sentence.
Determine if the underlined words form a phrase or a clause. Write “phrase” or “clause” depending on your answer. If it is a clause, write the simple subject and simple predicate on your paper.

7 Practice It is too bad that Ms. Fraser will not be teaching next year.
The player who hits the winning run will be the MVP for the game. Since the start of football season, Mr. Johansen has barely left the couch on Sunday afternoons.

8 Practice 4. The girl whose leg was broken last year will be running in the big race tomorrow. 5. After listening to the students, Mr. Johnson changed his mind about the assignment. 6. Before he went to school, Andrew quickly finished his homework.

9 Practice 7. After the game, the team went out for ice cream.
8. Vicky's dog went missing on the last stormy night. 9. They all started walking toward the mall.

10 Practice 10. Chelsea was waiting in front of the movie theater.
11. Whenever I don't have any homework, I like to go for a bike ride after school. 12. This job would be fun if the boss was nicer.

11 Practice 13. There could be a problem if our pitcher is late for the game. 14. In the art supplies cupboard, you should find the brushes you need. 15. Did you look for your binder under your bed?

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