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Windows Azure TechEd India Keynote Bharat Shyam General Manager – Windows Azure Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Windows Azure TechEd India Keynote Bharat Shyam General Manager – Windows Azure Microsoft Corporation

2 Microsoft Services hosted in Microsoft Datacenters Zurich.Net Online MBS Online MBS Online Office Labs Microsoft has several large DCs in 3 continents. Our DCs host over 500 online services and run several hundred thousand servers.

3 Delivering Mega Live Services 24 x 365 Billions of mail messages per day 100s of millions of active accounts Billions of authentications per day Billions of queries per month 100s of millions unique visitors monthly Example DCs hosting Windows Azure – Location 1 – 700K SQFT 30MW of critical power Nuclear power Location 2 – 480 SQFT 27MW of critical power Coal and Wind power Location 3 – 300K SQFT 22MW of critical power Power generated from renewable sources Microsoft services are deployed in more than 10 but less than 100 DCs worldwide

4 Windows Azure Platform Momentum eduify | write faster

5 Why does Windows Azure have such rapid adoption: Within Microsoft & with Customers 1.Cost

6 CASE STUDY “An accurate census count helps ensure that we can put money to the right programs and help our citizens in the best way possible. Windows Azure moves us toward that accurate count.” Bob West, Director of Office of Reapportionment, Florida House of Representatives Florida Census State Helps Improve Census Counts, Avoids $300,000 in Capital Costs with Cloud Services

7 CASE STUDY “We want to focus all of our energy on designing new enzymes—that is our business. With Windows Azure, we can maintain our focus on what we do best and let Microsoft handle the infrastructure.” Alexandre Zanghellini, Cofounder, Arzeda Arzeda

8 CASE STUDY “As we grow, Windows Azure grows with us, and we can keep the same margins... We don’t have to worry as much about fluctuations in a turbulent economy because we only pay for what we use.” Andy Harjanto, Cofounder, Guppers Guppers Mobile Data Services Quickly and Cost- Effectively Scale with Cloud Services Solution

9 CASE STUDY “If we compare the upfront cost of the two deployment models, I would estimate that using Windows Azure could save customers as much as 90 percent in some cases.” Thinh Pham, Senior Architect, The Information Store iStore Solution Developer Expects to Boost Efficiency with Software-plus-Services Strategy

10 CASE STUDY “We’re seeing as much as a two-thirds reduction in computing resource cost for comparable workflows by using the Cloudcoder running on Windows Azure.” Curt Kendall, Vice President of Products, Origin Digital Origin Digital Video Services Provider to Reduce Transcoding Costs Up to Half

11 CASE STUDY “Quest OnDemand services require fewer staff and no hardware for our customers, plus, customers gain the ability to spread out IT investments over time with a pay-as-you-go, subscription-based pricing model.”—Dmity Sotnikov, Director of Cloud Solutions, Quest Software Quest Software Software Development Firm Expands Market Reach with Cost-Efficient Cloud Services

12 CASE STUDY “Point blank, there is no way we could have built these services in the timeframe we had to work with by using anything other than Windows Azure.” Eric Hyman, Partner Architect, Windows Gaming Experience, Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Microsoft Uses Cloud Solution to Develop Scalable Gaming Web Services in Record Time

13 Windows Azure Saves you money because: Construction of a mid-side DC costs ~$25/kw and takes 18+ months. Leases more expensive per KW. The rate of CAPEX optimization for DCs is slow (<2% per year) Typical servers 4X more expensive than commodity h/w (which have higher failure rates. Hardware customized for workload is even more expensive. CAPEX for labs, other beta and R&D environments adds non- trivial costs. CAPEX for network typically 20% of total CAPEX. Service CAPEX

14 Windows Azure Saves you money because: Cost per server per month for small online services over $1000 per server per month. Bandwidth, IPs, internet peering, h/w monitoring, procurement – expensive and subject to regional regulations. Infrastructure support warranties and updates generally constitute to about 10% of OPEX. Revision of hardware platform an expensive and time consuming affair and constitutes significant $$s to OPEX. Opex costs vary wildly globally and some markets become unattractive strictly because of OPEX. Service OPEX

15 So... Over 150 small-medium online services in Microsoft DCs are moving to Windows Azure. 40+ have already gone live on Windows Azure.

16 Why does Windows Azure have such rapid adoption: Within Microsoft & with Customers 1.Cost 2.Manageability

17 CASE STUDY “Windows Azure is the future for the City of Miami IT Department.” Conrad Salazar, Project Manager, City of Miami City of Miami: Video City Government Improves Service Offerings, Cuts Costs with ”Cloud” Services Solution

18 CASE STUDY “Windows Azure helps 3M customers take advantage of complex algorithms that encapsulate 30 years of research and get simple, powerful results from their browser, almost instantly.” Terry Collier, Marketing Manager, 3M 3M 3M Launches Web-based Visual Attention Service to Heighten Design Impact

19 CASE STUDY “If our service is running on a server in a Microsoft data center that is nearing capacity, it is automatically moved to one that can better handle our needs—that is the big benefit of Windows Azure.” Gary Sumner, Chief Technology Officer, Datacastle Datacastle Software Company Helps Customers Secure Data with Scalable Cloud Solution

20 CASE STUDY “Now we’ll be able to apply more of our internal resources to delivering an even better user experience, since we won’t have to use those resources for managing and troubleshooting hardware platforms” Matthew Davey, Founder, TicketDirect TicketDirect Ticket Seller Finds Ideal Business Solution in Hosted Computing Platform

21 CASE STUDY “With Windows Azure we’re saving up to $400,000 in hardware costs, plus at least a couple hundred thousand dollars for the staff that it would take to run that infrastructure.” Eduardo Pierdant, Chief Technical Officer, Job-Listing Web Site Scales Up Solution, Reduces Costs by More Than U.S.$500,000

22 CASE STUDY “The cost to maintain and manage servers was exorbitant. One of our biggest benefits with Windows Azure is that we all but eradicated that cost and reduced our total cost of operations by 20 percent.” Miguel Campos, Chief Information Officer, Autoplaza Classified Advertiser Reduces Costs and Boosts Website Performance with Cloud Storage

23 CASE STUDY “Our first estimates show that we can reduce our TCO by a factor of 10. The software distribution system we built with Windows Azure is 10 times cheaper than our previous solution.” Elmar Stoecker, Director Portfolio Management, Siemens IT Solutions and Services Siemens Siemens Expands Software Delivery Service, Significantly Reduces TCO

24 Windows Azure improves Manageability because: Network engineers, Hardware engineers, DC engineers, DBAs, Systems Engineers, procurement specialists – are all expensive. Machines will fail, people will make mistakes. Delivering infrastructure availability through this is a big challenge. Infrastructure monitoring, integration into app- monitoring instrumentation has been an engineering nightmare.

25 Microsoft is moving its platform for Mobile services to Windows Azure. This platform will host Microsoft mobile services – games, mobile telemetry and analytics, data warehousing needs etc. Mobile team plans to manage 1000s of cores and PB of data with less than 3 persons. Microsoft is betting on Windows Azure because it makes Managing Services easier and so:

26 Why does Windows Azure have such rapid adoption: Within Microsoft & with Customers 1.Cost 2.Manageability 3.On Demand Scalability

27 CASE STUDY “Now, we have the ability to scale on demand and Windows Azure is there, ready to work, when scientists need it.” Ivan Skerl, Director, Office of the Chief Information Technology Officer, Baker Hughes Baker Huges Oilfield Company Complements HPC Clusters and Slashes Compute Time with Cloud Service

28 CASE STUDY “We absolutely have to have a global, stable player in the cloud market that is behind our solution. With Windows Azure and Microsoft data centers, we have that—and it’s absolutely critical to our success.” Scott Houston, Chief Executive Officer, InterGrid InterGrid Software Developers Offer Quick Processing of Compute-Heavy Tasks with Cloud Services

29 CASE STUDY “Previously, we could not produce such an advanced forecasting model with accuracy in an hour—it is only with Windows Azure that this is possible.” Rinat Abdullin, Chief Technology Officer, Lokad Lokad Company Efficiently Delivers Advanced Forecasts With Scalable Software-plus-Services

30 CASE STUDY “We’re using Windows Azure to meet the evolving needs of our clients. And with the … reduced levels of new investment required, we can consider solutions that might otherwise not have been possible.” Rob Fraser, Head of Cloud Computing, RiskMetrics RiskMetrics Group Financial Risk-Analysis Firm Enhances Capabilities with Dynamic Computing

31 CASE STUDY “With Windows Azure, you can quickly achieve what, a year ago, would have taken more people, more money, and a lot more time. It’s going to enable applications of types we’ve never seen before” Tom Naylor, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Telemetry Advanced Telemetry Energy Monitoring Firm Saves Money, Scales Business with Hosted Computing Platform

32 CASE STUDY “Windows Azure gave us a cost-effective solution where we only had to pay for what we used. Instead of investing in infrastructure, we were able to put funds into working media.” David Schoonover, National Manager, Kia Motors America KIA Motors Car Manufacturer Launches Website in the Cloud, Avoids $100,000 in Capital Expenses

33 CASE STUDY “We have 10 times the number of customers now. To provide the same service to the same number of customers...without Windows Azure would have easily cost three times as much.” Francois Bochatay, CEO and Cofounder, Sobees Aer Lingus Aer Lingus is a Dublin, Ireland–based airline. In 2008, the company had revenues of €1.4 billion (approximately U.S.$1.9 billion) and flew more than 10 million passengers.

34 CASE STUDY “We have 10 times the number of customers now. To provide the same service to the same number of customers...without Windows Azure would have easily cost three times as much.” Francois Bochatay, CEO and Cofounder, Sobees Sobees Social Media Service Provider Expands Offering, Attracts Customers with Cloud Services

35 CASE STUDY “We are thrilled with the results of the effort, how quickly we grew our base of Facebook fans, and the technology that Thuzi provided to make the application so successful.” Dan Dillon, Chief Marketing Officer, Outback Steakhouse Outback Steakhouse Restaurant Chain Boosts Guest Loyalty with Social Networking and Cloud Computing

36 CASE STUDY “Unlike other providers where there’s a lot more overhead involved... with Windows Azure, it’s a matter of simply changing a number in a configuration file and you scale up.” Djon Kleine, Chief Technology Officer, JUSTPROUD JustProud: Video Fashion Platform Achieves Scalability and High Performance with Cloud Services

37 Windows Azure helps you scale up on demand because: 1. Capacity modeling is an intricate challenge – the only thing worse than too much capacity – too little capacity. 2. New businesses can NEVER accurately predict capacity demands. 3. The gap between demand signal and capacity fulfillment is often 6-8 months for typical online services. Even worse when DCs are not in place (~18 months)

38 Windows Azure helps you scale up on demand because: 1. Unutilized on-premise capacity never makes any money – double-dips into profits. Utilization across most online services has been extremely low. 2. The challenge is especially severe for global businesses. 3. Traditional mechanics of beta releases for gauging real demand seldom work..

39 Microsoft is betting on Windows Azure for its on demand scale & So.. Bing Maps improved perf by 80% by adopting Windows Azure. MSN services with seasonal loads, Office 365 services with global, daily variations are moving to Windows Azure. Microsoft’s High Perf Computing offerings are in the market today. Exchange email processing – Japan VS. Great Britain ~4x normal load (Holiday shopping) MSN Shopping

40 Why does Windows Azure have such rapid adoption: Within Microsoft & with Customers 1.Cost 2.Manageability 3.On Demand Scalability 4.Agility

41 CASE STUDY “With Windows Azure, we get ready-to-use infrastructure instantly without costly investment so we were able to rapidly launch our on-demand accounting and ERP solution.” Mike Chechelkonogov, Chief Technology Officer, Acumatica Acumatica Software Company Efficiently and Cost-Effectively Delivers Software-plus-Services

42 CASE STUDY “By freeing customers from having to make large hardware, software, and staffing investments up front, we’re helping lower the cost of GIS entry and increase the return on investment.” Arthur Haddad, Development Lead and Architect, Esri ESRI GIS Provider Lowers Cost of Customer Entry, Opens New Markets with Hosted Services

43 CASE STUDY “What’s most exciting about bringing Windows Azure into the Intuit Partner Platform is that developers now have a best-in-class ‘platform as a service’ to both build applications and deliver them to market.”—Alex Chriss, Director, Intuit Partner Platform, Intuit Intuit Intuit Expands Development Platform, Brings Cloud Apps to Millions of Small Businesses

44 CASE STUDY “With Windows Azure, we expect to increase business value at an attractive price without adding more infrastructure. Gaining this kind of agility benefits us as well as our customers.” Justin Duewel-Zahniser, Global Product Manager, GXS GXS Developer Boosts Agility, Reduces Costs with Web- based Supply Chain Management Tools

45 CASE STUDY “Capacity planning is the thing that stands out as the biggest advantage of the Microsoft cloud model. The Windows Azure platform takes that out of the equation for us, unlike the other cloud providers.” Jonathan Malek, Chief Architect and Director of Research, Associated Press Associated Press Worldwide News Provider Creates New Content Channels with Hosted Computing

46 CASE STUDY “I’m confident that as we move forward and implement richer feature sets, Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Azure platform will be able to scale and support a lot of capabilities.” Joshua Lipe, Product Manager of Devices, T-Mobile T Mobile: Video Mobile Operator Speeds Time-to-Market for Innovative Social Networking Solution

47 Windows Azure improves your Agility because: 1. Windows Azure SDK, MSDN, service management APIs, emulator make cloud development easy. 2. Windows Azure takes care of Data recoverability, Faster deployment and redeployment, easier upgrades Infrastructure monitoring, Application segmentation for fault tolerance and Easier scale out Many more aspects of service development.

48 Microsoft is betting on Windows Azure because it provides agility and so: Microsoft is moving most of its sand-box, concept services to Windows Azure. In addition – many xBox online services that require developmental agility and quick TTM are being moved to WA.

49 Why does Windows Azure have such rapid adoption: Within Microsoft & with Customers 1.Cost 2.Manageability 3.On Demand Scalability 4.Agility 5.Trustworthiness

50 CASE STUDY “By using Windows Azure and relying on what Microsoft does best, we can grow our business … and focus on our core competencies, which, in turn, helps our customers focus on their own business.” Carl Ryden, Chief Technology Officer, MarginPro Margin Pro Software Company Reduces IT Maintenance and Supports More Revenue with Cloud Services

51 CASE STUDY “StorSimple and Windows Azure provide the best of both worlds—the economies of the cloud with on-premises levels of performance and security.” Guru Pangal, Co-Founder and President, StorSimple Storsimple Startup Delivers Security-Enhanced, Cost-Effective Hybrid Storage with Cloud Services

52 You Can Trust Windows Azure because: DATA CENTER FOUNDATION ISO 27001 SAS70 Type II FISMA (US DCs only) SOX PCI DSS ROBUST SECURITY PROGRAMS Information Security Management Forum Risk Management Program Information Security Policy Program WINDOWS AZURE PLATFORM Build on existing data center compliance programs Evaluate industry/country- specific certifications Participate in cloud security working groups ISO 27001 SAS70 Type II (SSAE16)

53 Trustworthiness 1. All of Microsoft DCs – are SAS 70 compliant and host highest business impact data. 2. All DCs strictly comply with regional compliance regulations. 3. All DCs have the highest ‘GREEN’ certification (measured in PUE – where Microsoft DCs have about 20-40% better PUE than industry average.) 4. Windows Azure is working towards many industry standard compliance frameworks

54 Windows Azure Platform Shared platform with multiple datacenters around the world Windows Azure Platform Shared platform with multiple datacenters around the world Today: Windows Azure Platform LayerManaged By Application/ServicesCustomer Platform OperationMicrosoft Platform SoftwareMicrosoft HardwareMicrosoft DatacenterMicrosoft Shared Infrastructure Delivers: Tremendous scale economies in capex and utilization Optimized resource scheduling – higher densities Global scale, redundancy and performance optimization Highly automated infrastructure, platform and service management Lower opex and excellent scale properties Platform and market for ISVs to build SaaS solutions

55 Windows Azure Platform Appliance Windows Azure Platform Shared platform with multiple datacenters around the world Windows Azure Platform Shared platform with multiple datacenters around the world Tomorrow: Windows Azure Platform Appliance LayerManaged By Application/ServicesCustomer Platform OperationCustomer Platform SoftwareMicrosoft HardwareCustomer DatacenterCustomer Further Benefits of WAPA Higher degree of control by customer (compliance, geo- location) Hyper-efficiency in datacenter and platform operations Consistency with Windows Azure, apps/services and growing ecosystem Ability to host/run applications from Azure SaaS catalog Rich set of scenarios (e.g. DR and cloud bursting) on-premise and off

56 What it is Windows Azure Platform in Your Datacenter Windows Azure & SQL Azure Designed for Unlimited Scale & Multi-tenancy Identical to the Hardware in Azure Datacenters Delivered by a Choice of Hardware Partners Benefits Physical Control Geographic Proximity Regulatory Compliance Data Sovereignty

57 Microsoft trusts Windows Azure and so: Microsoft is working on moving its internal performance management tools to cloud. Performance data of MSFT employees will be hosted in the public cloud.

58 © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

59 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Simplified development and deployment Delivered cost-effective hosting option for customers Focus Prepared for future business needs Situation/Solution: Definition 6 wanted a cloud-based hosting option that would integrate with the Umbraco content management system. Using an accelerator developed by Umbraco, Definition 6 migrated a customer’s website to the Windows Azure platform. Key Advances: Developers used their existing skills to quickly migrate the site in just two week. Plus, now Definition 6 has a cost-effective, complementary hosting option for customers and other quick turn-around website projects. Marketing Firm Quickly Meets Customer Needs with Content Management in the Cloud “By using Windows Azure and the Umbraco accelerator, we can meet our customers’ complex content management needs and their desire to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.”—Paul Hernacki, Chief Technology Officer, Definition 6 Definition 6 is an interactive marketing agency that, in addition to traditional marketing, creates interactive web experiences for several national brands, including Cox Communications.

60 Rapid, cost-effective development Success-based scalability Ability to pursue continuous innovation To gain the high level of application performance and scalability its solution required, KoodibooK used the Windows ® Azure ™ platform, including Windows Azure Blob Storage and Microsoft SQL Azure ™. KoodibooK recognized an opportunity to differentiate its self- publishing offering by making it faster and easier to create a fully personalized, high- quality photo book. Publishing startup uses cloud storage to create unique, fast photo book experience “Windows Azure gives us massive scalability to meet potential spikes in demand worldwide, so we’ll be able to make the most of growth opportunities while maximizing our cash flow as we expand.“ Richard Godfrey, CEO and Cofounder, KoodibooK

61 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Simplicity Simplified application deployment Quick, inexpensive development Efficiency Flexible, cost-effective scalability Reduced costs Situation/Solution: Persistent Systems needed a way to deliver its e-governance solution to local governments without requiring them to invest heavily in new IT infrastructure and personnel. Persistent Systems used the Windows Azure™ platform to develop a solution that would host its e- governance applications on the Internet through a Microsoft ® data center. Key Advances: Offer its e-government solution as a service while reducing capital and maintenance costs for itself and its customers. Software Services Provider Delivers Cost-Effective E-Government Solution “With Windows Azure, our customers don’t have to invest up front in infrastructure or hosting services. And because they can pay as they go, their budgeting is much easier.” —Madhuri Tambe, Senior Project Manager, Persistent Systems Persistent Systems provides software product development services for businesses and the public sector. Headquartered in Pune, India, the company has 4,300 employees in Asia, Europe, and North America.

62 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Familiar and Powerful Tools Tools like Microsoft ® Visual Studio ® 2010 and Microsoft Silverlight ® enabled fast development and a rich interface. Simplified Deployment and Updates Point8020 can automatically deploy content updates with no effort for the customer. A Trusted Technology Partner Point8020 is comfortable working with Microsoft products and believes its customers are too. Situation/Solution: Point8020 built ShowMe for SharePoint 2010 to present help and training videos directly in Microsoft SharePoint ® Server 2010. Key Advances: With no hardware investment, Point8020 is able to store and deliver high-quality video and audio training content that is easily updated and deployed. Learning Content Provider Uses Cloud Platform to Enhance Content Delivery “There’s no question that content providers should look at cloud solutions for delivery, and based on our experience, Windows Azure is a good choice.”—Martin Harwar, CEO, Point8020 Limited Point8020 Limited was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Birmingham, England. The company has 20 employees and additional offices in Oxford, England, and Seattle, Washington.

63 Shortened time-to- market Improved product performance Reduced IT workload Eliminated infrastructure investments The company reviewed several cloud solutions Windows ® Azure ® included a database with redundancy and scalability The company needed to have servers in the United States and Europe Customers use the T3 Overlay Add Insertion application to insert advertisements above a video stream TicTacTi didn’t have the computing power to meet the demand of users. The company needed a cloud platform Advertising company adopts cloud computing, gets 400 percent performance improvement “The Windows Azure platform simply works— on any scale and at any load level —completely automatically.“ Nir Hagshury, Chief Technical Officer, TicTacTi

64 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Deployment cost-savings ranging from 15 to 35 percent Reduced development times Agility Greater responsiveness to customer requests Improved scalability Situation/Solution: Archetype wanted to enhance its Archetype Media Platform (AMP) to help customers manage, edit, and deploy media assets more effectively. The firm used the Windows Azure ™ platform as a core piece of the AMP architecture, which also uses Microsoft ® SQL Azure and Silverlight ™ browser plug- in technology. Key Advances: Archetype has a competitive advantage in terms of the breadth of capabilities that it can offer to customers and the speed, reliability, and reasonable costs with which it can deliver them. Interactive Solution Provider Gains Agility, Conserves Costs with Hosted Services “The familiarity, integration, and quick time-to-market that come with basing our solution on Windows Azure are all big selling points for us and for our customers.”—Luigi Rosso, Chief Technology Officer, Archetype San Francisco, California–based Archetype is a rich Internet application design and engineering firm that serves large media and technology companies, digital agencies, and early technology adopters. The firm prides itself on developing innovative solutions that make the most of the Web, mobile platforms, and emerging interactive technologies.

65 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Reduced Capital Cost Saved U.S.$100,000 Annually Improved IT Efficiency Agility Shifted Focus to Delivering New Features Situation/Solution: Kelley Blue Book sought a solution that would enable it to scale up quickly to meet the capacity demands of its high-traffic Web site and reduce its dependency on costly hardware. After evaluating other platforms, Kelley Blue Book chose to use a software-plus-services model and moved its Web site to the Windows Azure™ Platform. Key Advances: The ability to cut costs, improve efficiency, and the freedom to focus on, and deploy, new Web site features. Vehicle Values Provider Saves $100,000 with Easy-to-Manage Software-plus- Services “Using Windows Azure.… We will see $100,000 in savings each year—a number that will increase because we would normally continue to add servers to that data center as we grow.”—Andy Lapin, Director of Enterprise Architecture, Kelley Blue Book Established in 1926 and based in Irvine, California, Kelley Blue Book is a premier provider of vehicle pricing information to consumers, automotive dealers, governments, and the finance and insurance industries. It employs 390 people. The company’s Web site has 13 million unique visitors each month.

66 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Reduced capital costs from $60,000 to $1,000 per customer Saved critical IT resources Improved ability to scale up Focus Improved services for customers Situation/Solution: Tradeslot and Adslot sought a solution that would enable them to scale up quickly, reduce capital expenditures for customers, and provide the compute power required for complex algorithms. After evaluating other possibilities, Tradeslot and Adslot chose a cloud computing model and developed solutions on Windows Azure™. Key Advances: Efficiently implemented a scalable, trustworthy solution that helped lower capital costs for customers and saved critical IT resources. Combinatorial Auction Provider Scales Up Quickly, Saves Costs with Cloud Services “With Windows Azure, we’ve reduced … capital expenditures from $60,000 to $1,000. This significantly lowers the barrier for new customers and makes our services more enticing.” —Anthony Du Preez, Founder, Tradeslot and Adslot Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tradeslot and Adslot bring business-to-business buyers and sellers together through their large scale combinatorial auction platform.

67 CASE STUDY PartnerProfile: Benefit Drivers: Reduced Costs, Removed Barriers to Entry Worry-Free, Pay-As-You-Go Service Higher Credibility, Better Reach Situation/Solution: Sopima needed a low-maintenance, low-cost solution for launching its contract life-cycle management application. It also needed to provide customers with a highly scalable, high-performance solution. Sopima used the Windows Azure™ platform to deliver its Online Contract Bank service to customers, taking advantage of infrastructure, service management, and marketing opportunities provided by Microsoft. Key Advances: Entry into a new market with a high performance, innovative solution that required low investment capital. Software Firm Launches Business Contract Service with Lean Staff, Low Investment “As a small company in time of recession, we have built a global solution with a minimal investment. If we hadn’t used the Windows Azure platform, we wouldn’t have been able to launch this service at all.”—Markus Mikola, Partner, Sopima Sopima, developer of an online service for contract and commitments management, is based in Helsinki, Finland. Its application helps speed the contract approval process.

68 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Improved, easy scalability Cut hosting costs in half, saving U.S.$3,600 annually Agility Fast development and easy migration Simplified IT management Situation/Solution: Having used Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for its online video platform, Sagastream migrated to the Windows Azure platform in an effort to achieve more efficient scalability. Key Advances: Sagastream quickly migrated to the Windows Azure platform, which will help the company bring its next- generation online video platform to market faster, while at the same time reducing costs and passing along savings to its customers. Video Publisher Chooses Windows Azure over Amazon EC2 for Cost-Effective Scalability “Windows Azure gives us the on-demand scalability that we need to process large amounts of data, no matter how quickly we grow.”—Martin Svensson, CEO, Sagastream Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Sagastream develops an online video platform that enables customers to publish interactive videos on the web. Founded in 2008, the company has nine employees.

69 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Improved scalability Eliminated capital expenses; reduced costs by 40 percent Improved performance and reliability Simplicity Reduced development efforts by 40 percent Agility Opened a new line of business Situation/Solution: Faced with a content management system that was nearing capacity, VRX Studios developed a scalable, globally accessible digital asset management system using the Windows Azure platform. Key Advances: The company developed a cost- effective, reliable, scalable digital asset management solution. What’s more, VRX Studios opened a viable new line of business. Global Photography Company Transforms Business with Scalable Cloud Solution “Windows Azure enabled us to develop a highly scalable, globally accessible, digital asset management solution—and an entirely new line of business.”—David MacLaren, President and Chief Executive Officer, VRX Studios VRX Studios is a global, full-service content production, management, and licensing company. The Microsoft Registered Partner employs 30 people in Vancouver, Canada.

70 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Enables quick scalability—avoids common pitfalls of on-premises infrastructure Lowers total cost of ownership—a savings of U.S.$91,936 over three years Agility Improves ability to quickly respond to business needs Situation/Solution: Transactiv needed a scalable architecture to handle unpredictable application loads, but wanted to avoid capital expenditures. Transactive developed its patent-pending application on the Windows Azure platform. Key Advances: Transactiv gained the scalability it desired while saving a projected 54.6 percent of costs over a three-year period compared to an on-premises solution. Software Start-Up Scales for Demand Without Capital Expenses by Using Cloud Services “To build an on-premises infrastructure would have cost us in the order of tens of thousands of dollars, but with Windows Azure, that’s an expense we simply don’t incur.”— Shekar Chandrasekaran, Chief Technology Officer, Transactiv Transactiv is a start-up company that facilitates online transactions between buyers and sellers through social networking platforms. The company has 20 employees and is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

71 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Cuts total deployment time by more than half Avoids capital expenses of almost U.S.$10,000 Saves 65 percent compared to an on-premises solution Focus Improves developers ability to focus on business logic Situation/Solution: Wanting a new claims-management system that did not rely on manual processes or an on-premises infrastructure, AXA Seguros replaced its claims-management system with one based on the Windows Azure™ platform. Key Advances: AXA Seguros simplified development and deployment while improving developers’ ability to focus on logic. At the same time, the company achieved a lower cost of ownership. AXA Group Relies on Cloud Services Solution to Efficiently Manage Insurance Claims “[By using Windows Azure], our developers were able to focus on business logic. This added tremendous value to the final product.”—Juan Carlos Robles Navarro, Senior Software Engineer, AXA Seguros AXA Seguros is part of the AXA Group, which provides insurance products and services to 96 million customers and posted revenues in excess of €90 billion (approximately U.S.$110 billion).

72 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Agility Delivers geographically extensive services in several countries and from several sites Efficiency Deploys rapidly Responds quickly to new demands Simplicity Scales up and down with ease Trustworthiness Provides long-term value on a global scale Situation/Solution: CASON is a producer of products or wide area industrial systems. Its SIMSIM AMI application manages real-time energy consumption data. To offer worldwide services, it made the application compatible with the Windows Azure™ platform and deployed it in the cloud. Key Advances: CASON can install a test operation at a customer’s site in half a day. Industrial Solutions Supplier Deploys Monitoring Application in the Cloud “We can respond immediately to new demands. This would be nearly impossible for a small Hungarian company like CASON without Windows Azure and cloud computing.”—Ferenc Szakacs, Chief Executive Officer, CASON Based in Hungary, CASON is a producer and supplier of products and technologies for wide area industrial systems. It specializes in data communication products, industrial communication systems and information systems.

73 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Simplicity Less management responsibility Greater flexibility for customers Agility Faster project start-up times Ability to scale to better support seasonal solutions Situation/Solution: CCH produces the Sales Tax Office application and wanted to explore a hosted version of the application in the “cloud”. CCH selected the Windows Azure ™ platform from Microsoft for evaluation. Key Advances: For CCH, adding a Windows Azure– based solution means more choices for customers, minimal startup costs and hardware investments, and flexible scalability. Financial Services ISV Fosters Flexibility and Cost Savings with Hosted Solution “We were surprised that so few code changes were necessary for successfully testing the system in the Windows Azure platform. We put a wrapper around what we already had, and everything worked fine.”—Jones Pavan, Lead Architect, CCH Riverwoods, Illinois–based CCH is a Wolters Kluwer company providing tax and business law information and software solutions. The company offers information services, software, and workflow tools for tax, accounting, legal, and business professionals. The company’s goal is to help professionals effectively make critical decisions and improve productivity.

74 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Agility Developed the application in three months and can bring new features to market quickly Efficiency Reduced capital expenditures and has a cost-efficient model for ongoing usage Improved scalability to meet demand Situation/Solution: As it releases its smart for two electric drive car, Daimler chose the Windows Azure platform for development, hosting, and storage needs for its off- board Internet services that customers use to access vehicle data. Key Advances: The auto maker was able to quickly bring its new web-based application to market cost-effectively and will be able to easily scale up the application when demand grows. Auto Maker Uses Scalable Cloud Solution to Deliver Internet Services for Electric Car When Daimler deploys new features and needs to scale up, it can quickly add new Web roles in Windows Azure™ to handle increased demand with a couple of clicks. Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Daimler is a global producer of premium passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In 2009, Daimler posted revenues of €78.9 billion (approximately U.S.$113.1 billion).

75 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Agility Changes business models and reduces costs by $120,000 a year Efficiency Delivers a high quality of code and a better environment for developers Trustworthiness Improves security Situation/Solution: In 2009, HubOne created a cloud- based portal based on Windows Azure™ and re-focused its development paradigm to one that uses Windows Azure and Microsoft ® SQL Azure. Key Advances: HubOne uses Windows Azure and Microsoft Online Services to rapidly provide customers with quality solutions on a pay-as-you go model with no infrastructure investment. Australian Development Firm Grows Business Exponentially with Cloud Services “Cloud services are changing the economic model of a lot of businesses. I’ve dealt with all the major vendors in this space … and Microsoft offers the best tools to grow a business. There’s no doubt.”—Nick Beaugeard, Managing Director, HubOne Founded in 2008 and based on Australia’s east coast, HubOne is one of the country’s first and foremost system integrators for cloud services. It conducts its business almost entirely from the cloud.

76 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Boosts productivity 300 percent, saves U.S.$500,000 Scales to support millions of users Reduces time-to-market, cost of development Enhances credibility with major corporations Situation/Solution: sharpcloud needed scalability to sup- port major corporate users anywhere in the world—requiring a network of data centers far beyond its means. sharpcloud developed and hosts its service on the Windows Azure TM platform, which helps manage the worldwide infrastructure so that sharpcloud can focus exclusively on enhancing its application service. Key Advances: The cloud computing platform enables sharpcloud, a startup, to immediately offer a global service. Software Startup Triples Productivity, Saves $500,000 with Cloud Computing “We wouldn’t exist if we had to build out this level of server capability ourselves. Windows Azure makes it possible for us to scale the service as needed, using— and paying—only for what we need.”—Sarim Khan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, sharpcloud Based in Guildford, England, sharpcloud provides a software-as-a-service solution that enables executives to plan strategy road maps with the ease and interactivity of social-networking sites.

77 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Achieved critical levels of scalability Avoided capital expenses and achieves low operating costs Focus Implemented flexible infrastructure to adopt new business models Trustworthy Delivered security-enhanced solution that customers trust Situation/Solution: Wanting to deliver its project management service through a cloud- based infrastructure that offered cost- effective scalability and enhanced security, Gestone built its solution on the Windows Azure platform. Key Advances: The company achieved critical levels of scalability, even for its complex hierarchical data structure, and a security-enhanced, flexible infrastructure—all with low capital and operational costs. Startup Successfully Launches with Highly Scalable, Security-Enhanced Cloud Services “We’re not concerned with getting too big too fast because we know that we can handle the volume with Windows Azure.”—Andy Harjanto, Founder and CEO, Gestone Gestone is a startup software company that offers a web-based project management service. It combines basic project management tools with social networking for an easy-to-use solution.

78 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Lowered cost barriers A competitive advantage Agility High performance, reliability, and flexibility Situation/Solution: IMPACTA wanted to develop a low- cost secure file-transfer (SFT) solution that would let organizations transfer sensitive information while safeguarding it from online and physical security threats. In 2010, IMPACTA launched LOCKBOX SFT, a fully managed, online SFT service built on Windows Azure™ from Microsoft. Key Advances: Lowering cost barriers, reaching new customers, and delivering a reliable an highly secure way to exchange sensitive data. IT Security Firm Delivers Low Cost, High Protection with Online File- Transfer Service “With Windows Azure, we could keep our operation costs low enough to provide customers with enterprise-level reliability and data protection in a solution that’s affordable for the non-enterprise.”—Kevin Lam, President, IMPACTA Based in Redmond, Washington, IMPACTA delivers security assessments and technology solutions that help organizations cope with common and emerging threats to information systems.

79 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Agility Improves member services Efficiency Lowers costs Reduces workload by 95 percent Simplicity Uses a familiar development paradigm Trustworthy Tightens security Situation/Solution: IMRO had an automated royalty system and it wanted to create a self- service member portal, but keep its data on-premises. It built the portal on the Windows® Azure™ platform to allow members to register and identify works. Key Advances: Until IMRO launched the portal, all registrations were conducted manually. Now, fewer than 5 percent of the registrations are done manually. Royalty Distributor Builds Cloud-Based Portal, Reduces Workload 95 Percent “Members heard that our royalty system increased matches to musical performances. With the Windows Azure portal, members can see the system’s benefits, and data is exposed in a very secure way.” —Declan Rudden, Director of Distribution, Irish Music Rights Organisation The Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) distributes royalties for copyrighted music in Ireland on behalf of its members, which include songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

80 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Agility Integrates with familiar technologies Efficiency Decreases costs and increases speed Windows Azure costs 16 percent of Amazon Web Services Simplicity Scales up and down with ease Trustworthiness Improves reliability Situation/Solution: After launching its application in the cloud by using Amazon Web Services, the company sought a more reliable cloud platform. It migrated to the Windows Azure platform. Key Advances: Kelly Street Digital benefits from significantly reduced costs, faster run time, a familiar development environment, reliable service, and built-in scalability. Digital Marketing Startup Switches Cloud Providers and Saves $4,200 Monthly “The savings we achieved by switching to Windows Azure is just outstanding. I can use the annual cost savings to pay a developer’s salary.”—Glen Knowles, Cofounder, Kelly Street Digital Based in Sydney, Australia, Kelly Street Digital is a startup company that developed an application to help customers design marketing campaigns and track consumer interactions.

81 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Increased scalability to a global level Decreased development time to two days Trustworthy Delivered a trustworthy solution Focus Improved focus on innovation Situation/Solution: TradeFacilitate required a solution that would enable it to scale its services quickly in order to offer its application to customers around the world while still using its existing resources. TradeFacilitate migrated to the Windows Azure ™ platform in time to meet approaching deadlines for mandatory preshipment trade data. Key Advances: Quickly developed a scalable and reliable solution that helped the company improve its focus on delivering new services to customers. Trade Data Service Scales Online Solution to Global Level with “Cloud” Services Model “With Windows Azure … we can remain a truly innovative... service provider with a global reach. You can't underestimate the power of Windows Azure.” —Conor O’Riordan, Chief Executive Officer, TradeFacilitate Established in 2006, TradeFacilitate assists importers and exporters to provide required trade data to customs officials and the supply chain through an online service.

82 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Avoided capital expenditures—six- fold—by using Windows Azure Helps customers lower IT management costs Focus Renewed focus on innovation and core business logic—not on managing infrastructure Situation/Solution: After identifying challenges that customers faced with monitoring and managing cloud applications, Microsoft Registered Partner Cumulux developed ManageAxis, which helps customers manage Windows Azure– based applications. Key Advances: By hosting its solution on Windows Azure, Cumulux avoided capital expenses and is able to focus its resources on innovating new services that extend cloud services value for customers. Software Developer Focuses on Innovation, Extends Cloud Services Value for Customers “Simply by optimizing the number of instances according to performance and application metrics captured by ManageAxis, customers can reduce their operational costs by 40 percent.”—Paddy Srinivasan, Chief Executive Officer, Cumulux Founded in 2009, Cumulux is a software development company with a focus on helping businesses take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, specifically the Windows Azure ™ platform.

83 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Low costs, high performance Fast development and deployment Agility New customer offerings Easy integration and flexibility Situation/Solution: eCraft wanted to develop and offer solutions to work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV business management software that did not require large hardware investments, and that would scale up quickly and easily. eCraft developed a Microsoft Dynamics NAV multitenant webshop integrated with Windows Azure from Microsoft. Key Advances: Reaching new customers; delivering low-cost, high-performance web applications; providing customers with the power, focus, and flexibility. IT Firm Links Web Applications to Powerful Business Management Software “We used Windows Azure to build a service that young, fast-growing companies can use to not only cut costs, but focus on their business, sell more products, and make more money.”—Peter Löfgren, Project Manager, eCraft Based in Finland and Sweden, eCraft provides custom software development and consulting, and other IT services for companies in manufacturing, energy, and other industries.

84 CASE STUDY Company Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Saved U.S.$150,00 in capital expenses verses an on-premises solution Simplicity Gained fast time to market by relying on existing development skills and expertise Agility Opened new market opportunities by adapting its solution to other industries Situation/Solution: In order to turn its in-house Vendor Management Solution application into a commercially-available solution, but without incurring capital costs, ISHIR implemented the Windows Azure platform. Key Advances: Quickly brought its solution to market and opened new opportunities to expand its offerings—all while avoiding $150,000 in capital expenditures. IT Company Attracts New Customers at Minimal Cost with Cloud Computing Solution “Because we had no capital expenses in delivering VMS with Windows Azure, that is a $150,000 savings that translates into savings for our customers.”—Rishi Khanna, Managing Director, ISHIR ISHIR Infotech is an outsourced product development company. With extensive experience in the product development life cycle, ISHIR helps emerging software leaders bring superior products to market.

85 CASE STUDY Partner Profile: Benefit Drivers: Efficiency Fast, low-cost development and management Agility Successful event New offerings, new customers Situation/Solution: Kompas Xnet was hired to develop a website to help manage registration, events, and billing for an important IT conference, while avoiding high costs and ensuring 100 percent site availability. Kompas Xnet developed a website for the NT Konferenca 2010 with Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Azure, and Windows Azure storage services. Key Advances: Contribute to event success; deliver new services for new customers; streamline development and management processes. IT Integrator Delivers High-Availability Website at Lower Cost with Online Services “With the reliability, flexibility, and scalability in Windows Azure, we can keep up with the real-time demands of our customers and maintain an agile development strategy.”— Rok Bermež, Lead Programmer, Kompas Xnet With 15 employees and offices throughout Slovenia, Kompas Xnet provides IT training, development, support, and consulting services for a variety of businesses throughout Europe.

86 CASE STUDY “At best, we would still be trying to find another cloud solution. At worst, without Windows Azure, we’d be out of business.” Rhett Thompson, Cofounder, CoreMotives Core Motives Marketing Automation Company Delivers Scalable, Viable Solution with Cloud Services

87 CASE STUDY “Windows Azure helps us expand the market by providing a platform that makes RAVEN accessible by more people. We expect our customers will want us to do more with the cloud, not less, and we can easily achieve that with Windows Azure.”—David Ruiz, Vice President of Products, Ravenflow Raven Flow Software Vendor Expands the Process Visualization Market with Cloud-Based Service

88 Start playing with Windows Azure today because Many solution providers are learning and profiting by building businesses like:

89 CASE STUDY “Our customers believe that, by using cloud computing, they can save between 40 and 60 percent of the infrastructure cost that they would normally spend in order to achieve the same capabilities.” Melvin Greer, Chief Strategist, Cloud Computing, Information Systems and Global Solutions, Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin Merges Cloud Agility with Premises Control to Meet Customer Needs

90 CASE STUDY “The Windows Azure platform is a highly effective and low cost option for hosting complex solutions with agility and scalability.” Srini Pallia, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Business Technology Services, Wipro Technologies Wipro IT Services Company Reduces Costs, Expands Opportunities with New Cloud Platform

91 CASE STUDY “[By using] Windows Azure...our customers...don’t need to make upfront investments or spend resources maintaining anything. They use the service when they need it, and only pay for what they use.” Sanjay Kumar, ERS SEG Online Practice Head, HCL HCL IT Firm Delivers Carbon-Data Management in the Cloud, Lowers Barriers for Customers

92 CASE STUDY “I’ve been astounded at how easy it was to make SugarCRM work well inside of Windows Azure. The total effort on our part was two engineers for about two weeks.” Clint Oram, Vice President of Products, SugarCRM Sugar CRM CRM Vendor Quickly Adapts to New Platform, Adds Global, Scalable Delivery Channel

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