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Daniel Laroche, M.DAnthony Smith, B.A. H e received his MD in 1837 from the University of Glasgow in Scotland due to the inability to Attend a US medical.

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1 Daniel Laroche, M.DAnthony Smith, B.A

2 H e received his MD in 1837 from the University of Glasgow in Scotland due to the inability to Attend a US medical college because of blatant racism. When He returned from his internship in Paris James practiced in New York City and became the first African American Physician in New York. He debated several politicians, even A presidential candidate, on the power of the black man’s Mind. With Fredrick Douglass, he established the National Council of the Colored People. His diversified knowledge Had an impact on the lives of many.

3 David K. M c Donough MD Born into slavery, he became a bet between slave owners on whether or not a black man could successfully complete medical training. After graduating 3 rd in his class from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, he was admitted into the Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons. In 1850, he began to practice in N.Y. after gaining his freedom by winning the bet.

4 I n 1847 Susan was born in Brooklyn. She entered the New York Medical College For women and in 1870 she graduated Valedictorian becoming the first African American Women to receive a Medical Degree in the State of New York. After medical school she Established her own private practice in Brooklyn Which lasted for twenty five years. She excelled in Pediatric care and the treatment of childhood Diseases. In 1911, Dr. McKinney joined luminaries Such as W.E.B Du Bois at a Universal Race Congress In London, where she delivered her paper, “Colored American Women”.

5 Sarah Loguen Fraser Daughter of Reverend Jermaine W. Lougen (a former slave) and Caroline Storum (an abolitionist Activist). As a graduate from the medical College of Geneva of what is now SUNY Upstate Medical School in New York, she became the 4 th Black female physician in the United States

6 J ohnson became the 10 th President of the National Medical Association and the first from New York. An organization that has been the collective voice for all African American Physicians in the struggle for healthcare equality amongst minority and disadvantaged Communities.

7 An American novelist, essayist, critic, short story writer, civic leader, volunteer,a radiologist physician and one of the luminaries of the Harlem Renaissance.

8 ouis was born in 1891. After graduating from Harvard Medical School he did his residency At freedman's hospital in D.C. Post residency he became a Member of the NAACP and joined the Army medical corps as a lieutenant being Awarded the Purple heart. After the war He began to practice in New York as an Affiliate to the Harlem Hospital. Years later He became Chief of Surgery at the Harlem Hospital Center and in his memory had its library named after him.

9 Dr. Charles Drew received his doctor of medical science degree From Colombia University for his thesis “Banked Blood: A study in Blood Preservation” based On his work with Dr. John Scudder in Presbyterian Hospital Blood Bank. This Discovery changed the face of medicine in a very unique way.

10 B orn in Virginia 1915 and was son of Dr. Alvin Scott Mason, a physician. Vaughan attended Medical school at McGill University in 1941. Vaughan completed his residency at the Harlem Hospital in gynecology and obstetrics and became The attending gynecologist there. He held various Leadership positions in institutions relative to his specialty And became the 61 st President of the N ational M edical A ssociation.

11 P hysician and civic leader who's vision and efforts Improved the lives of countless New Yorkers. Vernal Was the director of the Bureau of Veneral Disease Control for the New York City Health department, NMA president in 1974 and also past president of the Medical Society of the County of Kings in Brooklyn, NY. Vernal was mentioned in the 100 most influential Black Americans in the May 1975 issue of Ebony magazine.

12 N ational M edical A ssociation The NMA is an organization that was founded in 1895 and it happens to be the largest and oldest national organization representing African American physicians in the United States. These physicians are committed to improving the quality of health among minorities and disadvantaged people in addition the organization houses outstanding members, some of which were presented in previous slides, who have made major contributions in medicine and toward the work of the NMA.


14 F ounded in 1964 SNMA is the oldest and largest organization catering to the needs And concerns of minority medical students. It is composed of thousands of medical Students, pre medical students and physicians. Its goal is to increase health awareness in Underrepresented communities and increase the number of minority students entering And graduating medical school.

15 The Empire State Medical Association is New York affiliate of National medical Association. It encompasses several local organizations Such as the Manhattan central medical Society Clinical Society of Queen and long island Provident Medical Society of Brooklyn Susan B. Smith McKinney Medical Society NMA Buffalo Affiliate This organization serves to provide parity in medicine, Elimination of health disparities and promotion of Optimal health. The website is Be moved, be educated, be inspired!!!

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