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ASSESS YOUR ACADEMIC SKILLS Student Orientation September 2013.

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1 ASSESS YOUR ACADEMIC SKILLS Student Orientation September 2013

2 What are academic skills?  Complex, interrelated, transferable  Crucial to being an effective learner  Go hand in hand with academic content Examples of skills?

3 Time management and organisation Do you:  have strategies to help you plan and organise your time?  know how much time you have available for your studies?  know what makes studying more effective for you (i.e. when and where you study best)?  keep a diary or calendar so you know when to attend lectures and when assignments are due?

4 Reading Can you:  select and use different reading strategies (e.g. skim, scan, in-depth)?  think about what you need to find out before you start reading (are you reading to verify facts, to understand a subject in general or to analyse a particular argument)?  critically evaluate reading?  deal with new vocabulary?

5 Note making Can you:  make effective notes when reading?  make effective notes when listening (e.g. during lectures)?

6 Critical thinking Can you:  distinguish between fact and opinion?  draw conclusions based on evidence?  account for different points of view and detect bias?  see the wider picture?

7 Expressing yourself in public Can you:  use strategies to engage and influence your audience?  express agreement and disagreement while considering other points of view?  summarise a discussion?  structure an argument properly for presentations?  use PowerPoint to tell your story effectively?

8 Writing Can you:  express your ideas clearly in written form?  make an outline of what you are going to write?  write in clear sentences and paragraphs?  link your ideas in a logical order?  use correct grammar?

9 Library and IT skills  Two key skill areas  Includes finding materials (in print and online), research and producing documents and email  Support and training is provided through the Library and IT Services

10 Where to get more help  Birkbeck Library has a website with books on different academic skills that links to the catalogue. It is available at:  Academic Development Workshops are available at Birkbeck. More information can be found at:  There are interactive tutorials to help you develop various skills available on the Get Ahead Stay Ahead website at:  The Library has an induction tutorial available at: and more general Library information is available at:  IT Services has workshops and information available at:

11 Where to get more help Learning Support in Schools and Birkbeck Stratford School of Arts Dr Fleur Rothschild ( School of Business, Economics and Informatics Richard Carabine ( School of Law Pat Costall ( School of Science Dr Kirsty Rowan ( School of Social Sciences, History and Philosophy Helen Fuller ( ) Birkbeck Stratford Dr Sarah Potter ( Centre for Transformative Practice in Teaching and Learning Dr Jennifer Fraser ( Administrator (

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