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One step forward; two steps back? Gender mainstreaming and gender violence.

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1 One step forward; two steps back? Gender mainstreaming and gender violence.

2 What’s the problem? Nancy Fraser (2009) posits gender equality sits in the social mainstream but yet to be realised in practice: unequal pay, sexual harassment, DV etc. Her question: ‘is it possible that the cultural changes jump started by the second wave, salutary in themselves, have served to legitimate a structural transformation of capitalist society’ (2009: 99)

3 A Feminist Story? Chesney-Lind (2006) influence of 2 nd wave feminism Kelly (1988) Stanko (2007) despite all interventions more continuity with the past than change Mooney (2007) how can DV be such a public anathema and at the same time a private common place?

4 Has there been change? Giddens (1991) women less complicit in the power of the penis and some evidence to support this (Piipsa, 2004; Lewis, 2004) Changing focus of criminal justice professionals; legislative changes, government strategies. Stern Report (2010) culmination of a wide range of evidence around attrition, Brown (2010) ‘implementation gap’. Women’s experiences of silencing (Jordan forthcoming)

5 Ambivalence: why? Context of gender mainstreaming: Walby (2005) dualism of equality and mainstream i) sex substituted by gender ii) Integration (PI’s and policing) iii) sameness, difference or transformation (women offenders, risk, and practitioners) Internal inconsistencies of gender mainstreaming? But asocial and ahistorical?

6 The concession to neo- liberalism? Fraser: co-inciding of 2 nd feminism and neo- liberalism in which feminism has become ‘resignified’ i)Anti-economism =Identity politics neglected political economy ii)Anti-androcentrism = valorised wage labour iii)Anti-etatism = a short step to the nanny state and the ‘big society’ iv)The ngo-ification of feminist politics (gender mainstreaming?)

7 The future? A Crisis or a Double Movement? For Fraser the crisis of neo-liberalism = opportunity to re-connect with systemic subordination For: the potential of Corston and holistic response to women’s offending behaviour? But WNC disbanded from Dec 2010. Against: what about the state? What about ideology? (qua Jessop 2002). Does Fraser underestimate the capacity of capitalism to adapt? And mainstreaming? The need for transformation.

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