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Washington Laboratories (301) 417-0220 web: www.wll.com7560 Lindbergh Dr. Gaithersburg, MD 20879 A CAB Experience AmericanTCB in Buenos Aires CITEL.

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1 Washington Laboratories (301) 417-0220 web: www.wll.com7560 Lindbergh Dr. Gaithersburg, MD 20879 A CAB Experience AmericanTCB in Buenos Aires CITEL

2 2 A CAB Experience A look at the MRAs and their effect on Conformity Assessment, Technology and Market Access

3 3 Goals Proper Conformity Assessment is Necessary to Maintain Public Health & Safety Improve Communications & Information Services oSociety oBusiness oGovernment

4 4 Wireless Regulations: Our Corner of the World US: Federal Communications Commission oTitle 47 CFR oTelecommunications Certification Bodies oFCC Identifier & Certification Canada: Industry Canada EU: R&TTE (+EMC+Safety) oSelf-Declaration oCE Marking oNotified Body (CAB) oCE Marking

5 5 Needs & Ideals Global competitiveness requires a level playing ground Harmonized Standards facilitate international trade MRAs provide access to Global Markets for Local Manufacturers oChallenge (and opportunity) for US manufacturers as manufacturing base changes

6 6 In the Beginning... Washington Labs 12 Employees Scope of Work: EMC, FCC, CE Marking, Safety Rhein Tech Labs 13 Employees EMC, FCC, CE Marking, Safety

7 7 Business Climate Circa 1990s (Pre-CE Marking) Services for Manufacturers: FCC Domestic Safety No Foreign Access for Clients Radio? EMC? Safety? Forget it! Only large companies could afford to export

8 8 Early MRAs US-EU MRA EMC Radio and Telecom oEstablished trust and recognition with local CBs, NBs in Europe (Germany, France and UK) oDeveloped mutual service offerings Access for US Manufacturers

9 9 APEC Tel MRA Like CITEL, the APEC Tel MRA is divided into Phase I (testing) and Phase II (product approvals). Currently, the US has agreements for: Phase I - Canada, Singapore, Chinese-Taipei, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea Phase II – Canada, Singapore, others pending

10 10 FCC Creates TCB Program A new century, a new program, FCC launches TCB program to speed device certifications in 2000 Program has been very successful Reduce Certification time from months to days Certifications have risen from ~2500/year to 6000+ Increase in number of Wireless Devices has spurred development of new technologies Manufacturers (US and International) have benefited tremendously MRAs allow foreign Certifying Bodies (Singapore) Local Knowledge is still KEY

11 11 TCB Program Created New Market 90% of Certifications are performed by private companies Wireless devices dominate TCB program created a NEW market to serve the technology sector Certification and Related Services Training Testing is NOT the intent of the TCB program TCBs must accept applications from all qualified submittors

12 12 TCB Development Process to become a TCB Laboratory “DNA” Independent Review & Certification Services for Manufacturers and Test Labs International Certification Engineering Support Training

13 13 TCBs (16 in US) American TCB, Inc. Bay Area Compliance Laboratory Corporation CKC Certification Services Communications Certification Laboratory Compatible Electronics, Inc. Compliance Certification Services Curtis-Straus LLC Elite Electronic Engineering, Inc. Elliott Laboratories, Inc. Intertek Testing Services, NA Inc. MET Laboratories, Inc Northwest EMC, Inc. PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc. Timco Engineering, Inc. TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

14 14 TCBs (13 Foreign) Ultratech Engineering Labs Inc. (Canada) BABT (UK) CETECOM ICT (Germany) ETS Product Service (Germany) EMCC (Germany) NEMKO (Canada) Phoenix (Germany) RFI (UK) SP Technical Research (Sweden) Telefication (UK) TRL (UK) TUV Austria (Austria) TUV SUD PSB (Singapore)

15 15 AmericanTCB Joint Venture to Serve Wireless Certification Market FCC, IC NB (CE) Market Access for US Manufacturers

16 16 Current Locations Washington, DC California Atlanta Taipei, Taiwan Shenzen, China Beijing, China Business we did not have access to before

17 17 ATCB Structure 15 Employees and Contractors in 9 Locations Open twenty-four hours per day Partnerships: Domestic: Rhein Tech Laboratories Washington Laboratories International: Taiwan Shenzen, China

18 18 Communication Advantage ATCB Customers (Laboratories) Reviewers & CBs Staff & Management Server FCC, IC VOIP, SKYPE Not Possible 10 Years Ago!

19 19 ATCB Market Access Service Locations

20 20 Canada Foreign Certification Body (FCB) Implemented after Phase II of APEC Telecom MRA FCB similar to TCB Program ISO 65 & ISO 17025 Accredited

21 21 Singapore FCB program Mutual Recognition and Certification Authority

22 22 MRAs Allows Connecting to International Markets Europe (CAB) CE Marking & Frequency Advice China (Service Provider) Base of operations Japan (Partner Relationship) Korea (Service Provider)

23 23 Access to Information Local partnerships and relationships are the KEY to effective services Cooperation with oRegulators oTest Laboratories oIndustry Groups Information from NIST, Industry Groups and standards liaison activities are necessary for new information on requirements.

24 24 MRAs: What are the Benefits? Increase market access for local manufacturers Brings products to the market faster Less cost to manufacturers Create opportunities to cooperate and compete globally Service expansion Allow Conformity Assessment Stakeholders to introduce products overseas Increases transparency

25 25 MRAs: What are the challenges? Foreign competition Proper Conformity Assessment from external conformity assessment bodies Market surveillance and enforcement Cooperation and consolidation Effective service requires networked services

26 26 MRAs: What are the Realities? (NOW) Local cooperation, with local experts that understand the market & regulations Location is KEY oLocal Presence oLocal Experience oLocal Contacts Market forces adapt The best service providers, understanding the local conditions, operating with local talent succeed

27 27 Asia Experiences: The China Phenomenon China is the World ’ s factory Growth > 9%/year Manufacturing is more sophisticated Engineering knowledge and execution How could we have known about this?

28 28 China Certifications from China (FCC “Line Entries”)

29 29 China Laboratory Market Beijing Area (5) Yangtze Delta (20) Pearl Delta (41) Others (4)

30 30 The China Challenge Access to US for Chinese Manufacturers is WIDE OPEN for many products oAccess to China for Foreign Manufacturers is NOT (CCC Mark is Barrier to Entry) oCertification is not OPEN However, US exports to China is growing each year Pressure: WTO Participation For the US, a push for innovation Share the experience with US firms The “horse is out of the barn”

31 31 Enforcement & Attitude Time to market pressure creates atmosphere of “fast-service, low- price” Enforcement is difficult Cultural Accessibility Multi-national corporations response: Hire independent QA contractors and trusted to oversee suppliers

32 32 Looking ahead Respond to Customer Needs International Access to Product Approvals Develop local liaisons to implement service MRAs are a part of the mix

33 33 Cooperation with Local Partners Reciprocal agreements for market access: Increase cross-market trade Stakeholders: Manufacturers (Market Access) Society (Jobs!) Regulators (Protect the Public) Labs and CABS (Service)

34 34 Goals Proper Conformity Assessment Maintain Public Health & Safety Improve Communications & Information oSociety: Quality of Life oBusiness: Access to Global Markets oGovernment & Regulators: Serve the Public

35 35 Contact Information Desmond Fraser, Director Michael Violette, Director AmericanTCB, Inc. 6731 Whittier Ave. McLean, VA 22101 USA Mail to: Mail to:; Phone: (703)847-4700 FAX: (703)847-6888

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