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Computer Concepts and Microsoft Windows

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1 Computer Concepts and Microsoft Windows
COMP Welcome

2 Agenda COMP1002 – What and Why Student Guide Highlights Course Outline
The Textbook Break COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline Textbook

3 COMP 1002 The purpose of this course
Bring students to the point where they can purchase two computers: Configure them Network them Connect them to the Internet Secure them Maintain them Troubleshoot any problems COMP 1002

4 COMP 1002 Along the way provide students with an understanding of:
How computers work What an Operating System is and what benefits modern Operating Systems provide Some common computing terms and vocabulary How networking works Some alternative computing options COMP 1002

5 COMP 1002 You are entitled to a copy of Windows 7 Professional (or Windows 8) however you will not receive instructions for accessing it until next week – after the withdrawal deadline COMP 1002

6 Student Guide Highlights
Auditing this course If you choose to audit this course you must still complete all assignments but not exams You will not receive a final mark and may not use it as a pre-requisite You must give a signed note to me by the start of next week’s class indicating your intention to audit COMP 1002 Student Guide

7 Refunds If you decide this isn’t the right course for you. Contact registration by 4:30pm next MONDAY to receive a refund (less 15%) COMP 1002 Student Guide

8 Security and Parking All parking at BCIT is pay parking
After 4:30pm and on weekends you may park in most Numbered (staff) or Lettered (student) lots – check the signs! Security ( ) provides a safe walk program to escort you to your car COMP 1002 Student Guide

9 Bookstore COMP 1002 Student Guide

10 Evaluation The course evaluation is broken down as follows:
5 take home review assignments – fill in the blanks type questions - 25% 2 In-Class applied quizzes – applied assignments to be completed on the computers – 10% Mid Term Exam in Week 6 – 25% Final Exam in Week 12(must pass)– 40% COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline

11 Take home material / homework
There will be pre-reading assigned each week that you should complete before the next class Review questions to be completed outside of class for marks will be given approximately every other week COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline

12 Course Outline Week 1 How computers work Week 2
Operating System – What and Why Week 3 Windows Basics Week 4 File management Week 5 Configuring and Customizing Your Environment – Control Panel In-Class Assignment Week 6 MIDTERM Compression and Encryption COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline

13 Course Outline Week 7 Multiple Users Week 8 Setting up a Home Network
Advanced Networking Concepts and Terminology Week 10 Protecting your computer Troubleshooting COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline

14 Course Outline Week 11 In-Class Assignment 2
Alternative Operating Systems Macintosh OS X Linux Week 12 Final Exam COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline

15 Textbook Computer Concepts 2014 – Parsons / Oja
2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013 Introductory or Comprehensive Available at the Bookstore under COMP 1002 COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline Textbook

16 Websites Course Website – Course Notes
Handouts Assignments myBCIT – Grades Tax receipts COMP 1002 Student Guide Course Outline Textbook

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