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Lady Oracle: the final chapters (25~37) Jessica Yang 497200762 1Lady Oracle.

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1 Lady Oracle: the final chapters (25~37) Jessica Yang 497200762 1Lady Oracle

2 Outline Brief summaries (chapters 25~37) General Analysis Interesting Quotes Questions? 2Lady Oracle

3 3

4 Chapter 25 Joan begins affair with the Royal Porcupine Joan meets Fraser Buchanan (black notebook from chapter 4) Peace Bridge and the dynamite 4Lady Oracle

5 Chapter 26 The Royal Porcupine and the dynamite Joan’s infatuation with the Royal Porcupine dwindled Joan breaks up with Chuck 5Lady Oracle

6 Chapter 27 Joan tries unsuccessfully to communicate with Arthur The Fat Lady illusion once again Sinister calls, mail, and corpses Paul finds Joan “John” (Zerdo) 6Lady Oracle

7 Chapter 28 What is love? Fraser Buchanan attempts to blackmail Joan She steals his black notebook instead Is Arthur responsible for the dead animals and such?— Joan’s perspective on men 7Lady Oracle

8 Chapter 29 Joan turns to Sam for help—planning her death Carrying out Joan’s “death” during a sailing trip with Sam and Marlene 8Lady Oracle

9 Chapter 30 Back in Terremoto, Joan reflects on her life again Mirrored scene with chapter two: the sugar water and the ants A well-planned death? 9Lady Oracle

10 Chapter 31 Joan again tries to write Transformation: from identifying with Charlotte to identifying with Felicia? Reappearance of the Fat Lady – this time not as glamorous as she had been in previous illusions? 10Lady Oracle

11 Chapter 32 Felicia becomes the fat lady Mr. Vitroni expresses the townsfolk’s concern Joan as a witch? Someone has followed Joan to Terremoto 11Lady Oracle

12 Chapters 33~34 Joan sees her mother’s astral body once again In the morning she begins to pack her belongings to hide elsewhere The writing of the ending for Stalked by Love 12Lady Oracle

13 Chapters 35~36 The allusions to The Red Shoes and The Little Mermaid—walking Things fall apart at home Mr. Vitroni seen shaking hands with “the man” Rewriting of the ending to Joan’s story Who is the real Lady Redmond? 13Lady Oracle

14 Chapter 37 Hitting the reporter Joan’s resolutions 14Lady Oracle

15 15Lady Oracle

16 Lady Oracle – a getaway journey for Joan to find out who she is, what she wants in her life, and how to deal with issues recurring throughout different stages of her life (i.e. complications with her mother) and ones leading up to her “death” (such as the complications with her disintegrating marriage and “secret” love affair, etc. ) 16Lady Oracle

17 Who is the Fat Lady? Glorious Illusions Grotesque Reality The Fat Lady walking the wire (chapter 9) The Fat Lady skating, free, unbound, spectacular The Fat Lady in the Freak Show, sitting in her oversized chair, knitting Fat ladies are isolated, ridiculed, a blur to others 17Lady Oracle

18 The Element of Fantasy Fantasizing empowered Joan “knowledge isn’t necessarily power.” (chapter 5) Romance novels as a means of escape, but also as a means for powerless women to feel somewhat in control of their lives? “Why did every one of my fantasies turn into a trap?” (chapter 34) 18Lady Oracle

19 Question. How does fantasy serve to empower? How might it be dangerous? 19Lady Oracle

20 Romance Fantasies versus Reality My view on love, romance, and fantasies 20Lady Oracle

21 Joan’s view on her life Beginning of the novel: confused, trapped, aimless In the process of revisiting her past and writing her romance novel, Joan slowly begins to resolve issues with her self-image and coming to terms that who she is need not be severed from who she used to be in order to move on with her life End: resolute, free, no longer afraid of her past 21Lady Oracle

22 Reflected in Stalked by Love Characters Redmond: Arthur Charlotte: the old Joan/the virtuous woman Joan has tried to be Felicia: the new Joan/the real Joan Tom: Fraser Buchanan Otterly: Chuck Ending 22Lady Oracle

23 Analysis of Chapter 37 Overall tone seems much more carefree Usage of “well,” “though,” “nice,” “good,” etc. Freely admitting her life is a mess Moving away from Costume Gothics for good 23Lady Oracle

24 It ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings Why I thought of this colloquialism when I came across “Fat Lady” repeatedly 24Lady Oracle

25 25Lady Oracle

26 From chapter 28 “At that moment it seemed to me impossible that anyone could ever really love anyone, or if they could, that anything lasting or fine ould come of it. Love was the pursuit of shadows…I was not the same as my phantom.” Is it? Can true love exist? Or is Joan merely fixated on the wrong form of love all along? 26Lady Oracle

27 From chapter 30 “you could sing and dance or you could be happy, but not both.” Why not? 27Lady Oracle

28 From chapter 30 “I pretended to die so I could live, so I could have another life.” Would doing so be simpler than trying to fix what went wrong instead? 28Lady Oracle

29 From chapter 36 “Back? We have all tried to go back. That was our mistake. “The only way out, is through that door.” Symbolic – Joan has walked out of her own maze, with her answer ahead of her 29Lady Oracle

30 30Lady Oracle

31 Thank you! 31Lady Oracle

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