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PROTECT Reducing Reoffending – Families First 3rd October 2013 Butler Trust Families Workshop.

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1 PROTECT Reducing Reoffending – Families First 3rd October 2013 Butler Trust Families Workshop

2 PROTECT Why… Reducing Reoffending Pathway – Children & Families 25,000 movements per year – transient on average 12 week stay 60% reconviction rate Prisoners who develop and maintain family ties are 6 times less likely to reoffend (Bromley Source) Informed and inspired thinking….. Every Child Matters Outcomes All our Aims and Objectives within Families First are around the ‘Every Child Matters’ framework which includes Being Healthy, Staying Safe, Enjoying and Achieving, Making a Positive Contribution, Economic Well-being.

3 PROTECT Action… Daddy New Born Prisoners with babies of six months and under are given the opportunity of developing a bond with their baby through bath time, changing and feeding their child in a special room. Development charts record their baby’s development and dads will be encouraged to record the changes to their child over the weeks. Developing Parenting Skills – Fathers This raises awareness about family issues and to enhance their parenting skills. It also looks and parents’ attitudes. Topics introduced in this course are health eating, healthcare, baby care and parenting advice - (Accredited) Child Development & Play This course is designed for families to effectively learn together, giving them an opportunity of completing a qualification in parenting. The EYF uses creative and physical development in addition to improving knowledge and understanding of wider issues – (Accredited) Toddlers Sessions These sessions are facilitated by the play staff, utilising the right side of the visits hall. Unlike a normal visit the prisoner is not restricted to remaining in his seat and is encouraged to interact and play with his child. Arts and craft activities are laid on to encourage interaction. Prisoners are taught about the importance of play and how it can help their child’s development and improve their fine and gross motor skills.

4 PROTECT Action… Home work Dads Although aimed at older children, school age children are invited into the prison to do their school homework with Dad. Key Foundation Skills work books and reference books are available to assist during the session. Relationships Prisoners and their partners are able to attend a relationship course with the aim of strengthening their relationship. The six modules look at communication, resolving conflict, forgiveness, choices and plans, commitment and money. Social Kitchen Prisoners and their family’s can attend our social kitchen to learn about healthy eating. This enables them as a family to prepare and eat a meal together. The aim is to look at low cost easy to prepare healthy meals which include all their daily nutrients. Treasure Box Treasure Box is aimed at those prisoners who are no longer in regular contact with their children either due to geographical or other reasons. Prisoners are supported in creating a treasure box in which they can place poems, stories, pictures etc. that they can send to or hold onto for if and when contact is restored. Holiday Activities – Family Days Activities are held during the main school holidays that offer the prisoners and his family the chance to work and play together. Such activities have included: sports day, family challenge, arts and crafts, competitions and much more.

5 PROTECT Families First Outside Community Centre Family Support We offer help & support to families We are the link between prisoners & families Link in with external agencies for support for the families Platform 52 Sure start

6 PROTECT Partners… Adult family learning in the community – Doncaster Met Borough Council The Adult, Family & Community Learning (AFCL) Service operates as part of Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) and sits within the Children and Young People’s Service. AFCL is funded by the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and works in partnership with HMP & YOI Doncaster to provide high quality accredited Family Learning programmes to support the reducing re-offending agenda by promoting and maintaining family relationships. Care for the family Care for the Family is a national charity (started in 1988). Its aim is to strengthen family life and support those who are hurting because of family difficulties. We train parenting course facilitators and run parenting courses in venues all over the country. There is also dedicated phone support for parents who have a child with additional needs or for those suffering bereavement. CFF runs a one hour relationship course, Lets Stick Together, to help couples maintain a strong relationship after the birth of a child. Citizens Advice Bureau The Prisoners Families Project offers help and support to people visiting family and friends in HMP & YOI Doncaster, the project offers advice on all arrears including: Welfare Benefits, Debt, and Housing and Consumer problems. The project operates a drop-in service for visitors in the visit centre 3 days a week and a debt based appointment service for prisoners in the prison. The Prisoners debt appointment service is intended to help family members by allowing prisoners to take control of the debt problems whilst being in prison and taking the stress away from the family member.

7 PROTECT HMP & YOI Doncaster, Families First Conference 24 th January 2014 Overview of our package and service Tour of Families First Facilities

8 PROTECT “ I believe every Prison can have Family Interventions as part of their core day” Brenda Fraser

9 PROTECT DVD of Families First

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