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LIBERAL THEOLOGY THE DEATH OF CHRISTIANITY? 1 Corinthians 2:5; Romans 1:21-22 1.

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1 LIBERAL THEOLOGY THE DEATH OF CHRISTIANITY? 1 Corinthians 2:5; Romans 1:21-22 1

2 Within the Christian realm today, there is monumental angst about the ever diminishing respect, voice and power of Christianity in this present day world and about the rapidly dwindling membership of most congregations. 2

3 The loss seems to be a result of people switching congregations, and in many cases even denominations; denominational hierarchies that no longer posses a common theological point of view; members who lack commitment, dedication or motivation; and from people dropping out of Christianity altogether. What is causing all of this? (Confusion and ignorance of the truth) 3

4 It starts with the fact that, for the most part, Christianity is not a democracy. It is a theocracy, supposedly and hopefully with God at its head, and a human hierarchy reaching down through various levels of authority to the laity, who have little or no input regarding the people occupying that hierarchy and the policies and theology the hierarchy proclaims. 4

5 It was the intent of the original apostles and the early church fathers that the ever increasing levels of authority be filled by people with an ever increasing grasp of the Gospels and Christian doctrine, as we find them laid out in the Bible. 5

6 It was intended that these people continually display the demeanour of a humble servant, as modeled by Jesus Christ throughout His ministry. Serving Christ through serving the laity. 6

7 The first sense Christians of today have of the failure of that original intent appears in Revelation 2:6&14-15. The DEEDS of the Nicolaitans and the Baalamites are the gathering of power by the hierarchy, for the benefit of the hierarchy; and the leading astray of the followers of Christ through false teaching. 7

8 I have a detailed expansion on this subject in another commentary: "The Nicolaitons @ Revelation 2:6 & 4" if you need it. Revelation 2:6 But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate. Revelation 2:14 But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. 8

9 This corruption continued on and expanded until it triggered The Reformation movement led by Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others. This resulted in the formation of the Protestant denominations, which started off according to the original intent. 9

10 By the early nineteenth century, there began to be clearly seen, a slide into the former corruption within these denominations. 10

11 We can get some sense of the seriousness of the responsibility with which a minister and those above him/her are charged, from the ordination charge to ministers being ordained, as found in the Anglican Church's Book Of Common Prayer: 11

12 "Have always therefore printed in your remembrance, how great a charge is committed to your charge. For they are the sheep of Christ, which He bought with His death, and for whom He shed His blood. The Church and Congregation whom you must serve, is His spouse and His body. 12

13 And if it should happen that the same Church, or any member thereof, has to take any hurt or hindrance by reason of your negligence, ye know the greatness of the punishment that will ensue. 13

14 Wherefore consider with yourselves the end of your ministry towards the children of God, towards the spouse of the body of Christ; and see that you never cease your labour, your care and diligence, until you have done all that lieth in you, according to your bounden duty, to bring all such as are or shall be committed to your charge, 14

15 unto that agreement in the faith and the knowledge of God, and to the ripeness and perfectness of age in Christ, that there be no place left among you, either for error in religion or for viciousness in life.“ 15

16 This clearly indicates just who the laity are: the spouse and body of Christ, bought with His blood. It is the responsibility of the hierarchy and the minister to ENSURE that Christ's treasures are not led astray or stolen, on their watch, especially by any act of negligence or error on their part. 16

17 According to Isaiah 24:5, Jeremiah 8:4-17 & 23:1-2, & 25:34-35, Ezekiel 13:3,8-9,22-23, Matthew 23:23-25,27- 28,33, Ephesians 5:6, Hebrews 6:4-6 and James 3:1; those who are leaders and teachers within the church will be judged to a much higher standard, by God, than the laity. 17

18 This is "the greatness of the punishment that will ensue". The Bible frequently refers to false teachers as the anti-Christ. Being an ordained minister or Christian teacher just compounds the condemnation. 18

19 Jesus frequently spoke warnings of "the wolf in sheep's clothing" (eg: Matthew 7:15-16). In no instance is this statement more apt that in reference to an ordained minister, especially in the vestments of his/her office, who teaches against the Bible. (I have often wondered if this refers to the "viciousness in life" spoken of, above. 19

20 What would be more vicious than a hungry wolf, particularly a wolf in sheep's clothing?) 20

21 It cannot be stressed often enough that the laity have an obligation, unto Christ, to have substantial knowledge of the Bible, in order to be aware of what Christian doctrine is or is not (John 15:22). 21

22 In Galatians 1:8-9, Paul demands discernment so that: "even if we or any angel from Heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be accursed." Then there are John's words at Revelation 22:18-19. 22

23 The laity too often assume that the denominational hierarchy, a Christian teacher or a minister can be trusted to lead them to Christ but, as expressed above, Christ knew that would not be the case. Another Biblical prophesy repeatedly and accurately fulfilled to the tiniest detail. 23

24 Most denominations, and especially the "mainstream" denominations, have huge hierarchies that operate as dictatorial entities that determine the theology of the denomination. Should a significant number of these leaders turn their backs on the revelation of the Bible, they can lead the entire denomination away from God. 24

25 When such people refuse to be governed by the Spirit and Word of God, they will err in things pertaining to God and they will teach their errors to the unknowing in their denomination. 25

26 As a consequence, ALL (the miss- leaders and the miss-led) are at risk of losing their salvation, knowingly or unknowingly, because all Christians are required to have sufficient knowledge of the scripture so as to recognize false teachings when they are encountered. 26

27 Those that can spot false teachings are also usually aware of such passages as 2 Timothy 3:16-4:4 and 2 John 9-11 and are frequently evicted from the congregation and/or the denomination for their efforts (more on this in a commentary entitled "Peacemakers"). Many of the remaining God fearing Christians just leave. 27

28 The Anglican church, since its "liberalization", has recently come to see entire congregations abandon their buildings, often a building which has served as a church home for some families for many generations, rather than to abandon Jesus. 28

29 The United Church of Canada underwent liberalization some 25 years before the Anglicans, and their membership has dwindled by over 60%. Many once prosperous UCC congregations are now tiny mission churches funded by the higher levels of the organization. 29

30 Many former UCC church buildings stand empty or have been sold off. That is the future of the Anglican Church of Canada. It is the future of the Presbyterian Church now that they have stepped into the abyss of liberalism. 30

31 It will be the future of the Lutheran Church as well, once they work up the nerve to step into the abyss of liberalism, upon the edge of which they are presently teetering. Where is the appropriate fear of the LORD (Proverbs 1:7) in all of this? 31

32 Those that follow the Bible are referred to as the conservative, traditional, orthodox, fundamentalist or evangelical Christians who are referred to as the varying degrees of the Christian "center" or "right". 32

33 These people follow the Spirit and Word of God, as revealed in the Bible, even when it leaves them uncomfortable. They understand that this is how God calls His chosen ones to be and they understand that they are required to conform to God's Will. 33

34 What remains are those who follow liberal thinking, and they are often referred to as the Christian "left". If you read this commentary carefully you will come to discover that liberalism is not the classical Christianity of our mothers and fathers and of the last two thousand years. 34

35 It is, in fact, another religion entirely and it stands opposed to traditional Christianity on almost every important theological issue. As both traditional and liberal theologies exist side by side in most denominations, it is not difficult to see why these denominations are tearing themselves apart, why membership is dwindling and many people are dropping out of Christianity altogether. 35

36 In many instances these departures, either as an individual, or as a congregation which is becoming more common, are a way to clearly express dissatisfaction with the hierarchies' change of direction concerning the inerrancy of the Bible, homosexuality, the feminization of God, the various obligations of being a Christian, the ever increasing loss of appropriate Trinitarian language and the truth regarding the bodily resurrection of Christ. 36

37 These departures are in keeping with the scripture's call to confront false teachings and when the false teachers cannot be forced out then God's "loyal remnant" (1 Kings 19:18) MUST leave what is now Satan's house and re-establish themselves elsewhere. 37

38 The Christian left does not accept the Bible as being the definitive Word of God in any substantial way. This allows them to pick and choose what they like, what supports their philosophies, or what they are comfortable with, and then discard the remainder. 38

39 This leaves them in conflict with the words of Jesus Christ as expressed in Matthew 9:16-17; John 3:36; John 5:23; John 10:35; John 15:22; John 17:20-21. To put it briefly and bluntly: Jesus has declared that the scripture cannot be broken, nor broken into; 39

40 the scripture cannot be added to; that it WILL NOT change until He returns; and that He has been here and He has spoken so there is no excuse for not knowing these things. Anyone who defies Jesus does so at their own risk. In doing so they have just chosen Him for an enemy.... Where is the proper fear of the LORD in this? 40

41 A liberal arts education is based on a curriculum, and its associated teachers, that places a premium of questions and curiosity rather than on the accuracy and factuality of the answers, in the event that answers are even required. This system rewards the questions and the curiosity rather than the learning of facts and the adoption of the conformity these facts require. 41

42 Many such people are highly artistic, non- conformist types. The courses also appeal to those who lack either the intellectual capacity, or the ambition, required for the acquisition of credentials in the more traditional academic educational systems. Many graduates, including those with PhD s in this field, often find work driving taxi, flipping burgers and delivering parcels because the curriculum has no practical application in the job market of the real world. 42

43 Liberal philosophy is the thinking based on the results of a liberal arts education. This leads to the questioning of life's issues without the need to provide answers or to deal in facts. 43

44 This form of thinking usually deals in the individual's suppositions, feelings and impressions rather than on the realities of facts and the realities of life in this world. Such philosophy often completely ignores recorded history and scientific facts. 44

45 A PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy, a university graduate in this field. It IS possible for someone with an extensive education in a traditional academic subject to possess a PhD in their subject but their credibility is INDIVIDUALLY determined by how they deal with facts, reality and life. 45

46 Liberal theology is liberal philosophy applied to religion in general and Christianity in particular. As noted, a PhD in this field is not uncommon but, again, the credibility of the holder is INDIVIDUALLY determined by how they deal with facts, recorded history, reality and life. 46

47 By the time an individual has spent the many years in university required to accumulate these various credentials, they emerge from the experience assuming that they are then "scholars”. Sadly, the unknowing to whom they come in contact with, also assume that they are scholars. 47

48 The Bible has much to say on the wisdom of men and none of it is complimentary. The Bible also contains comments about scholars. The term scholar is never used in a positive manner and the word "abomination" is often used as a descriptor. 48

49 In Luke 16:15 we witness Jesus Himself doing just that. Malachi 2:7-9 is another version of that same message. Luke 16:15 And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. Malachi 2:7-9 For the priest's lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts. But ye are departed out of the way; ye have caused many to stumble at the law; ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, saith the LORD of hosts. Therefore have I also made you contemptible and base before all the people, according as ye have not kept my ways, but have been partial in the law. 49

50 Liberal theology and philosophy deal heavily in metaphysics and ontology (see“ Big Words“ commentary). These actions are the attempts of such people to superimpose the structure of their own minds, their feelings, their systems of thought, upon reality and, ultimately, upon God and the divinity of God. 50

51 These attempts are made by these people based upon the ASSUMPTION that THEY have achieved absolute knowledge. (Not very humble!) 51

52 This brings us to a situation where we have, in the pulpits of our land today, people who claim to be the shepherds of God's flocks, who take this Bible and, with the penknife of higher criticism, chop it up and throw what they don't like into the trash can. 52

53 If there are portions of the Scripture that they refuse to believe because of the supernatural element, they ignore and ridicule them. They come before their congregations with a milquetoast Bible and Christ that are totally lacking in any kind of power whatsoever. 53

54 It would be, by far, much more preferable to stand before God and face any kind of judgement than to have to answer to Him for cutting up His Word and failing to preach the inerrant, authoritative, inspired Word of God. 54

55 We need to keep in mind the fact that absolute knowledge is not an earthly possession but, rather, a mission. Philosophers lose this orientation towards the concept that divine revelation leads towards, but never to, absolute knowledge and, in so doing, they fall into the abyss of confusion. Thus, man's scientific knowledge, of any subject, is a gift from God. 55

56 As you can see, within a liberal arts education and liberal theology, liberals depend on human thinking for their programme, rather than upon God's thinking. Liberal thinking is based on the "Philosophy of Relativism" which is the subject of another commentary I can provide. 56

57 This philosophy essentially declares that there are no moral absolutes and that, therefore, the morals of a society are based on the desires of that society and/or their government. The basic principals of liberalism are inclusiveness, universalism, and the authority of personal experience. 57

58 These, along with liberalism's ever changing faces, have proven to be incompatible with the traditional Biblical Christianity the denominations were founded on. It is, in fact, another religion altogether. As a result there are often two separate and incompatible religions in the same church and/or building. 58

59 When one starts looking into the future to see where such unGodly thinking will take us, as always we can find a good answer in history. At the time the Thirteen Colonies were still a part of England, Professor Alexander Tyler wrote about the fall of the Athenian Republic more than a thousand years ago. 59

60 He said: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters realize that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. 60

61 From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's great civilizations has been about two hundred years. 61

62 These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from great courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency and from dependency back to bondage". 62

63 Presently we have a steadily deteriorating form of government, no matter what party is elected. The only cure is to return to living by God's will, as decreed by the Bible. 63

64 This will break the cycle within the state of "abundance", mentioned above, because selfishness, complacency, apathy and dependence on people are all contrary to God's will. In living according to God's will, we are dependent only on Him and our bondage will be a willing state of bondage as His servant. All of this Godly mindset is absolutely contrary to the liberal mindset. 64

65 Great reproach has been cast upon the work of the Holy Spirit by the errors of such people that, in claiming their own enlightenment, profess to have no further need of guidance from the Word of God. They are governed by feelings and impressions which THEY regard as the voice of God in the soul. 65

66 The spirit that is controlling such people is not the Holy Spirit of God. This following of erroneous impressions, to the neglect of Scripture, can lead only to confusion, to deception, and to ruin. It serves only to further the designs of Satan. 66

67 Since the ministry of the Holy Spirit is of vital importance to the Church of Christ, it is one of the major devices of Satan, through the errors of those who believe they are smarter than God, to cast contempt upon the work of the Holy Spirit and thus cause the people of God to neglect this source of strength which our LORD has provided. 67

68 This foolishness of men (Romans 1:22) leads people away from God and towards Satan. Once one rejects the authority of the Bible, they become dependent on their own thinking, as well as that of others who think as they do. They explain themselves as merely "re- interpreting" the faith in ways acceptable to "modern man". 68

69 They use the language of the Christian faith and the Bible, but they misuse it to mean something totally different. This misuse of the familiar language of Christianity is clearly a psychological tactic to have their "theology" accepted. Like any good propaganda, it has a tiny element of readily recognizable truth, to make the false teaching seem reasonable. 69

70 Once again we are seeing "the wolf in sheep's clothing" in action, this time in words and phrases that are traditionally Christian in nature. One can't help but think that those who deal is such subterfuge must know for certain that what they are doing is wrong and unethical, or they would not be dealing in subterfuge, yet they persist for whatever reason that seems good to them (Proverbs 16:25). Where is the appropriate fear of the LORD in this? 70

71 One of the major philosophies emerging from the above mentioned psychological subterfuge is "empiricism" which holds the belief that anything we cannot experience repeatedly through our senses is not possible. (You just have to admire the arrogance of the thought: 71

72 "If I don't know how to do it, it cannot be done, not even by God!!!" Now think about creation.) Empiricism leads philosophers to discount or exclude the concept of the unconscious. This would be our unconscious mind, dreams, revelations, etc. 72

73 This is because these people doubt their existence because of the rules of empiricism and the fact that these things cannot be replicated, handled, examined, mathematically measured or explained. THEREFORE THEY CANNOT EXIST. Now consider how God, as we know Him, fits into this concept. 73

74 Acceptance of empiricism automatically, and without exception, completely eliminates the possibility of a divine Christ; of God having the interest and ability to intervene in the lives of men and the laws of nature; of miracles; of prayers being answered; of the existence and work of the Holy Spirit and, ultimately: ~ of salvation. 74

75 As one reads and listens to the words of liberal "theologians", these thoughts and their expansion make up the bulk of the material they have presented to the Christian world. Very little of what they say is accurate Biblical re-statement, properly expounded. I, personally, am consistently left with the questions: 75

76 "Why would anyone follow a religion that consistently denies any possibility of salvation?" and "If there is no judgement or no life after this one, why would one walk the difficult walk of a Christian if there is no reward, as the liberals do"? 76

77 Having rejected God's revelation of who Jesus is, the only revelation they possess of who Jesus is comes from the thinking of mankind. The Bible, and recorded history, clearly proclaim just how flawed the thinking of men and women can be. 77

78 Even those such as Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, all of the prophets, disciples and apostles, who had been especially selected, by God, to work for Him, were not immune to this tendency; and then there are Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, Osama Bin Laden and such. 78

79 As a result of this flawed thinking, we see liberal theology presenting Jesus as a Greek or maybe a Jew, a pacifist or maybe a revolutionary, a philosopher or maybe a sage of the eastern religions, a mystic or maybe a shaman. Pretty much anything but the Son of God, our Emmanuel, because, as all liberals know: 79

80 "that is not possible". This rejection of the divinity of Jesus is a rejection of salvation because only a divine Christ is capable of actualizing salvation for mankind. One of the very few consistencies of liberal theology is the consistency with which its individual philosophies leave its followers without any chance of eternal salvation; none whatsoever. 80

81 Liberals believe in empiricism, yet they embrace the spirits, shamans, goddesses and witches of New Age spirituality which all operate outside the human senses. They often accept, endorse and proclaim the equality of the Koran and the Book Of Mormon (obviously, they have not read them) to the Bible and the superiority of Buddhism and Confucianism over Christianity. 81

82 They often deny Hell even though Jesus spoke of it more often than Heaven. They often deny Satan even though Jesus spoke of him more than two dozen times. They often deny the existence and work of the Holy Spirit in spite of Matthew 12:31-32 and Acts 5:1-11. They often deny the fact a Godly creation in favour of a "big bang theory". 82

83 They often deny the FACT of creation in favour of the THEORY of evolution. They often deny the resurrection because, as all liberals know: "that is not possible". They often proclaim that the healings achieved by Jesus were psychological in nature, on the part of the healed, rather than a miracle. 83

84 They often proclaim that the 518 people who: over a period of 40 days saw, listened to, ate with, drank with and talked to the resurrected Jesus; all had exactly the same mass hallucination (and THAT would be a miracle!). 84

85 They often proclaim that God and the Holy Spirit (yes, the One they often deny exists) have no idea which gender reference for them is correct, but that is OK now because the liberals have corrected Their mistake. I have used the word "often" rather frequently just now because there is no common, consistent doctrine to liberal Christianity. 85

86 While wading through the muddle that is liberal Christianity, one will find just about anything including bits and pieces of actual Biblical Christian doctrine. I am left with the question: "How does the created one come to believe that they are smarter than the Creator???" 86

87 The most major hallmark of the thinking of mankind is INCONSISTENCY. That inconsistency is the single, most obvious, most glaring, feature of liberal theology. 87

88 The only inconsistencies to be found in the Bible are the personal works and words of the humans recorded therein. The works and words of our triune God, as recorded in the Bible, are ABSOLUTELY consistent, ABSOLUTELY righteous and ABSOLUTELY valid in every present day. 88

89 Liberalism has no doctrinal center and is thus continually changing and fragmenting into new configurations. INCONSISTENCY. It is no more steadfast than an edifice built upon the sand and without a foundation. 89

90 Traditional/orthodox Christianity is built upon the rock solid, unchanging Word of God, with a solid, unchanging foundation of Biblical doctrine, the Chief Cornerstone being Christ Himself. As one re-reads this paragraph, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that we are confronted with the words of Jesus Himself, as recorded in Matthew 7:24-27. 90

91 This constant state of flux, which is the reality of liberal theology, exposes the fact that liberal theologians are constantly building hypothesis upon hypothesis upon hypothesis. This theological house of cards is constantly collapsing and being re-built with recycled hypotheses and the end result can only be chaos. 91

92 Even now, in the relatively short time of this past half century, the chaos is readily apparent. Liberal Biblical scholarship is riddled with a bewildering array of INCONSISTENT ideas, trends, schools of thought, gurus, jealousies and rivalries; as is any other human endeavour. God's activities have withstood the passage of time and trends without change and without change they will carry us into the future, even into Heaven. 92

93 When something in a rapid and constant state of flux is introduced into the immutable Christian doctrine of the Bible, the only possible outcome is the fracture and failure of one or both. 93

94 Those stated above, who reject their congregation and/or their denomination and then go on to rebuild elsewhere, upon the Biblical revelation of God's Will, will ensure the continued life of traditional Christianity. The Bible frequently speaks of a "loyal remnant", whom God cherishes and protects and blesses mightily. 94

95 An observable fact, readily determined from the membership numbers from the various denominations and crossing all cultures, languages and nationalities, is that where ever liberal theology has taken hold, they have seen a serious decline in membership. 95

96 Conversely, anywhere liberal theology has been resisted that decline has not occurred. The irrefutable conclusion here is that liberalism is a major cause of membership loss. It is that simple. 96

97 Liberal theology presents a warm, fuzzy and comfortable system of beliefs that instil no sense of obligation in its followers. No obligation to tithe and so the "churches" go bankrupt. No obligation to volunteer their time for programmes and projects and so nothing gets done. 97

98 No obligation to carry the Gospel into every corner of the world and so the "Great Commission" is not fulfilled. There is a whole lot of God's work not getting done in this environment. Where is the appropriate fear of the LORD in this? 98

99 This warm, fuzzy and comfortable system of beliefs is contrary to the teachings of passages such as Hebrews 12:5-11, which tells us that God WILL correct the errors of his followers and that, being human, we aren't going to like it. 99

100 All of the great revivalists and reformationists, such as Jonathan Edwards, maintained that the church needed reformation, "not because Christians feel so icky about themselves, but because they don't feel icky enough. Only when we feel truthfully icky, can we fully realize the magnificence of the grace by which we are saved from ourselves.” 100

101 In their haste to embrace this new, warmer and fuzzier feeling "Christianity", those following liberal theology, either knowingly or unknowingly, are rushing to become ensnared in a great apostasy. This headlong rush to Hell occurs because they do not test what they are experiencing against the objective standard of Scripture (1 John 4:1-3). 101

102 Even without great knowledge of Scripture, a simple test of which way one is eternally headed is this: Exactly who is being exalted in what is being taught, is it the divine Son of God or someone's own self? Also: Who's will is being accommodated, God's or someone else‘s? 102

103 Another observable fact is that wherever liberal theology has taken hold, the missionary outreach in answer to the Great Commission, of Matthew 28:16-20, about going out into all of the world to those who do not follow Christ, has been reduced to almost nothing. 103

104 This is because the liberal philosophy of universalism makes it "unnecessary". One of Jesus' greatest commandments, the one behind His reason for being here, is "unnecessary", according to the liberals. A rational person may want to think that through... 104

105 Within the Bible there are a great many principles and values that are true parts of Christianity. As these principles are "God breathed", they have remained solid, constant and readily applicable in every present day. Since the Reformation, many denominations differ on which of these issues is the most important. Within the denominations this difference of opinion is often in play. 105

106 Since all of these variables are legitimately found in the Bible, those holding the differing opinions can, and should, co-exist in peace and brotherhood. This tolerance must be limited by the boundaries of Christian doctrine, as found in the Bible. 106

107 In the seventeenth century the Anglican cleric, Richard Baxter, penned this guide-line: "In essentials - unity; in non- essentials - liberty; and in all things - charity." Any belief, teaching or opinion that cannot be correctly found in the Bible, the essentials, must be actively opposed and banned from God's House. 107

108 Those bringing error into the congregation are to be lovingly and gently corrected and if they reject correction they too must be put out. (2 Timothy 3:16-4:4 & 2 John 9:11). 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 108

109 The Bible, and the Gospel it contains, are something objective and outside of us - complete and finished in Jesus Christ. The Bible and the Gospel are NOT established by our feelings, moods or changes in society, however valid we may think they are. A major error of liberal theology is the re-writing of Scripture to suit the feelings, moods and changes of the day. 109

110 The adoption of the ever changing cultural "norms", brought about by relativistic liberal thinking, continually moves the Church ever further away from the Bible and, thus, Christianity becomes ever less able to touch society in any positive way. As a result of this foundational shift, our culture has changed in structure from a Christian one to an increasingly secular one. 110

111 A society without God is, inevitably, a Godless society. This is why it becomes increasingly important that the few remaining Christians with a Bible based faith battle for the retention of Biblical values - God's values. 111

112 It is exceedingly difficult to make a believable case for such people loving God. One simply does not treat someone they love in the manner these people treat our Triune God. One loves God or one does not love God. One is a Christian or one is not a Christian. Within the Bible there is NO indication of any middle or neutral ground. (Deu 7:3-4) 112

113 Often the god they are worshiping is not God the Father Almighty. A person who denigrates Jesus, as the liberal theologians do, has no affections for God which have been awakened by the truth of Jesus Christ. The Jesus of liberal theology is far too often just a nice, very human, rabbi whose philosophies are now out of date. 113

114 They are not worshiping in spirit and in truth. A person with great affection for a god acquired through false views of God is not worshiping in spirit and in truth. Jesus demands both: worship in spirit and in truth. Salvation depends on who you are worshiping. Just as an idol cannot provide salvation, neither can any false god or theology. 114

115 Into our increasingly unbelieving society the world will continually disseminate faulty teachings. It is because of this FACT that believers must be continually discerning about every "new" thing we hear. Otherwise, erroneous messages can lead Christians into compromising their convictions. This will lead to affections and priorities being changed. 115

116 We need to be continually cautious that we don't let the world's clamour make the Spirit's voice become inaudible because we need His guidance to keep our minds less vulnerable to Satan's lies. With His help we can, as individuals, continue to follow Jesus in spite of how corrupted the world becomes. 116

117 Adultery, fornication, and homosexual unions are intimacies which are contrary to God's design, revelation and will. Having said that, we must never lose sight of the fact that it is also God's will that homophobia and all forms of sexual hypocrisy and abuse are also evils which Christians must ever be on guard against. 117

118 Christ's Church is NEVER allowed to lower God's standards for any of its members, or intended members, for any reason whatsoever. We must continually honour God by upholding His standards tenaciously, even in the face of society's departure from them. (Romans 1:18-32) 118

119 God is an absolute gentleman in many things. When we tell Him to get out of our lives, whether directly or indirectly, He will do so. Liberal theology, in its attitude towards God, is not only telling God to get out of our schools, court houses, houses of government and so on, but they are killing Him off. We all need to be exceedingly careful not to be involved in this and the only way to be safe is totally adhere to the Bible. 119

120 There are few more pathetic sights than a church wandering aimlessly from one "meaningful" issue to another in a desperate search for relevance in the eyes of the world. Where is the fear of the LORD in this? 120

121 References: "Two Religions - One Church" by Rev. George R. Eves, "The Great Controversy Ended..." by E.G. White, "The Empty Church: The Suicide Of Liberal Christianity" by Thomas C. Reeves, "The Portable Seminary" by David Horton, "The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics" by Ed Hindson and Ergun Caner, "Resurrection" by Hank Hanegraaff", "Dethroning Jesus" by Darrell L. Brock & Daniel B. Wallace, "The Faith - Given Once And For All" by Chuck Colson, "Evidence That Demands A Verdict" by Sean and Josh McDowell, "Christianity According To The Bible" by Ron Rhodes, "The Truth War" by John MacArthur, "Encounter With God" by Morton Kelsey, "Christianity Confronts Culture" by Marvin K. Mayers, "Fast Facts On False Teachings" by Ron Carlson and Ed Decker, "Why Won't They Listen" by Ken Ham 121

122 122

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