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2 Willful Blindness

3 Brandeis University Caves: Cancels Honoree Degree & Speech

4 Willful Blindness Deception

5 Blackout: Wichita Bomber

6 US Attorney’s Response
“…Loewen’s alleged actions in no way…reflect on any religious group.” But What Does the FBI’s Criminal Complaint Say?

7 Loewen in His Own Words “I have been studying subjects like jihad, martyrdom, and Shar’ia law. I don’t know how you can read the Qur’an… “and not understand that jihad…is demanded of all Muslims…” “I have numerous ideas of ways I could perform jihad in the path of Allah…” “I must be active in some kind of jihad to feel I’m doing something proactive for the ummah”

8 Another Denial? Ft. Hood: Work Place Violence Little Rock: Drive-By
Boko Haram is “…trying to portray its philosophy as being a Muslim philosophy, and that’s just not accurate” Ambassador Robert Jackson, Dep. Asst. Sec. of State for Africa Abubakar Shekau: “It is either you are with jahideen, or you’re with the Christians. We know what is happening in this world. It is jihad war against Christians…This is what I know in Qur’an. Allah says we should finish them when we get them.”

9 Raymond Ibrahim: Nigerian ‘Sex-Slaves’ Disrupt Obama Narrative on Islam

10 Since 2009, The Language Has Changed
9/11 FBI ‘09 Intel. Strat. Ft. Hood* V.E Enemy Jihad Jihadist Muslim Islam M.B Religious Al-Qaeda Caliph Shar’ia *Maj. Hassan NOT Even Identified in Report

11 Topics to be Covered Muslims: Not All Are Fundamentalists
Theological Basis for Male/Female Relations Dress Codes Family Honor and Chastity Marriage Practices Impact on Children Violence Against Non-Muslim Women Female Apartheid American Law in American Courts

12 First, a Brief Review of the Basics
Meccan Period: 610 to 622: 86 of 114 Chapters in Qur'an Received All Peaceful & Tolerant of Others Medinan Period: 622 to 632 “The First Jihad” 28 of 114 Chapters in Qur'an Received All Violent; Subjugation of Non-Muslims Conquered Arabia What Versus Take Precedence?

13 Initial Conquests: “The Second Jihad”

14 A History of Imperialism
Islamism 622 to 1683: “The Second Jihad” The Caliphs Followed 7th Century Beliefs ( ) Engaged in Conquests of Dar al-Harb Islam Must Dominate Secular/Cultural Islam 1683 to 1924 Muslims Regrouped in Middle East Egypt Conquered by Napoleon in 1798 Became More Nationalistic in Arab Region Revival of Islamism 1928 to Present: “The Third Jihad” Re-Birth of Salafism Promoted by Banna, Qutb, Wahhab, Mawdudi, Khomeini

15 9/11 Commission “What motivated the attackers was a seductive Jihadist Ideology rooted in Islamic law; “That has been lying dormant during the decline of the Ottoman Empire, “But has been revived and renewed in the Twentieth Century.”

16 GRAND JIHAD or “The Third Jihad” Impose Shar’ia Law Two Methods
EXTREME/RADICAL JIHAD PRACTICAL /STEALTH JIHAD Overt Violence Foreign Terrorists—al-Qaida Domestic “Lone Wolves” Jamaat al-Fuqra in US Follow Jihadi-Salafisim & Wahhabism DIRECT ATTACK Non-Violence “Mainstream” Front Groups Promote Islamization by Deceit & Disinformation Saudi Financial Backing Muslim Brotherhood Follow Salafism & Wahhabism INDIRECT ATTACK

17 “Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America”
“The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a Grand Jihad in destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their own hands AND the hands of believers “So that America is eliminated and god’s religion is made victorious “Without this level of understanding we are not up to the challenge & not prepared for jihad…” Author: Mohamed Akram

18 SHAR’IA LAW & WOMEN Treatment of Females Indicates Type of Islam: Secular or Fundamental Shar’ia Theology Denies Equal Protection May be Criminal or Civil Violation Women Not Equal to Men!

19 Our Sources

20 Theological Basis for Male/Female Relations
(4.34) “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because men have more strength and…support them from their means. “The righteous women are devoutly obedient…and to those women who are disloyal or (show) ill conduct, admonish them, refuse to share their beds, and beat them lightly, but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means of annoyance…”

21 Women Considered Inferior Because Muhammad Said So!
Genetics Are Off Deficient Mind “Your wives are a tilth (field) unto you, so approach your tilth when and how ye will.” Men Marry Women for: wealth, status, beauty, & religion “If a man invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses, then angles send their curses… .”

22 What Rights do Muslim Women Have?
“You shall give her food when you have taken your food, …cloth her after you have clothed yourself…nor leave her…except (at) home.” “…the best mosque for women is the inner part of the house.”

23 Islam’s Culture of Male Dominance
Women, Sex, Violence, Honor, all Linked Major Theme: Male Supremacy & Female Submission = Shar’ia Law


25 Dress Codes Modesty is the Key!
“…believing women…should lower their gaze and guard their modesty;… not display their beauty and ornaments;…draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty EXCEPT for their husbands…or (other family members) or slaves…and they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments.” All Designed to Protect Men from Temptation.

26 Many Styles of Coverings


28 The Meaning of the Veil Symbolizes Faith, Purity, & Obedience
Badge of Honor And Supports Traditional Values Protects Against Sexual Harassment Promotes Treatment as Individuals not Objects Frees Women from Exploitation Rejects Western Decadence AND Protects Men from Aggressive Femininity.

29 The Fundamentalists Believe
Women’s “Awra (Nakedness) Must be Covered When Outside the Home “Islam Regards the Female Body Essentially as Evil and the cause of Sexual Immorality.” “…the Dangerous Female Body that Somehow, in Muslim Society, Has Been Made to Carry the Heavy Burden of Male Honor.”

30 Women, Honor, & Chastity Man’s Honor = Woman’s Chastity
Not Based on Personal Character of Honesty & Fidelity Family Honor Depends on It Men Considered Weak Until Honor Restored If Raped, Female Charged for Adultery Unless 4 Male Witnesses


32 According to Brigitte Gabriel
“…honor in the family is the sole responsibility of the female. Male honor lies between their women’s legs.” “An unmarried woman must remain a virgin…until marriage.” And must “…produce proof of her virginity to her father-in-law on her wedding night.” “If she fails to bleed…(her)death becomes the obligation of her family members… .”

33 Islam’s Contempt for Women
Female Circumcision = Genital Mutilation Part of Shar’ia; but NOT Practiced by All Muslims Where Did It Originate? Desert Culture Performed by Age Nine Kept Wives of Warriors Chaste While Men Off Fighting to Protect the Tribe.

34 The Problem World Health Organization Defines FGM:
“…as the partial or total removal of the female external genitalia or other injury “to the female genital organs for non-medial reasons.” The Numbers of FORCED FGM (Per CDC): 150K to 200K Girls at Risk in US 9531 in Georgia (2404 < 18 / 7128 > 18) 8472 in Metro Atlanta (1883 < 18 / 6588 > 18)

35 OCGA 16-5-27 Prohibits: Punishment: NOT < 5 or > 20 Years
Performing FGM Consenting or Permitting FGM Or Transporting Victim to Another State for FGM Punishment: NOT < 5 or > 20 Years Allowed When Necessary to Preserve Physical Health by: Physician, RN, LPN or Certified Midwife

36 Returning to Nonie Darwish
Growing up Muslim “…never gave me the feeling that my body was holy, but rather filthy that must be hidden.” A man’s “…temptations and resulting sinful actions are therefore her problem and not his responsibility.” Woman’s Primary Duty: Protect Family Honor No Reciprocal Responsibility on Men Uncovered Women Deserve Disrespect

37 Shar’ia Law & Marriage Practices
Dower: Paid by Grooms’ Family Contracts : Arranged by Parents at Puberty Represents Transfer of Female Guardianship Often to First Cousin Forced Marriages--Not a Matter of Personal Choice Family Decision Imposed on Daughters Some As Young as 6 Years Old Betrothed Resistance by Daughter Dishonors Family

38 Some of the Faces

39 Honor Killing in Jonesboro, GA for Being “Reluctant Bride”

40 Polygamy is OK For Men Up to Four Wives Plus “what your right hand possesses.” Only if the Husband Can Treat All Equally Much Suspicion & Distrust Between Wives Adversarial Climate & Manipulation Result Wives Don’t Form Relationships Outside Marriage for Support All Linked to Pre-Islam Tribal Culture

41 Temporary Marriages Only for Males
“We used to participate in the holy battles …and had no wives with us. So we said ‘ Shall we be castrated?’ He forbid us…and allowed us to marry women with temporary contract.” Sanctioned Prostitution

42 If Women are Disobedient
Verbal Admonishment Suspend Sex for four Months Beat “Lightly” “Take in thy hand a branch and smite her therewith...” This is Assault and Battery Or, Divorce—Men Say “I Divorce You” X 3 Forms of Sanctioned Family Violence: Wife Beating, Rape, & Honor Killings

43 Honor Killings Reestablishing Honor Is Man’s Responsibility
To Save Face & Restore Social Standing Murder is Legal to Protect Honor “…honor killing falls into perfect harmony with Muslim views of women and their sexual repression.” Shar’ia Law: “The following are not subject to retaliation—a father or mother…for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.”

44 Why Muslim Women Murdered in North America?
91% for Being Too Western: Too Independent Not Subservient Not Wearing Islamic Dress Pursuing Advanced Education or Career Having Non-Muslim Friends Refusing to Marry First Cousin Wanting to Choose Husband Leaving Abusive Husband Only 9% Murdered for Sexual Impropriety

45 Muslim Man Stabbed Wife 30 Times in Neck: “Killed because he objected to her behavior in the community”

46 Buffalo TV Executive Charged for Beheading Wife After Divorce Filing

47 Philadelphia Muslim Kills Pregnant Wife for Not Wearing Hijab
Roysce “Yusef” Haynes Had Two Previous Assault Charges Wife’s Family Objected to Hijab Haynes Charged with First Degree Murder

48 Amina & Sarah Said N. Texas Muslim Community Leader Supports Honor Killings

49 Both Daughters Murdered by Father

50 Arizona Father Arrested for Running Down Daughter for Being too Westernize

51 Statements of the Fathers
“…god’s curse on them…may the devil shit on their graves…” “They betrayed humankind, they betrayed Islam…they betrayed our tradition…” “…nothing is more dear to me than my honor…” “I am happy and my conscience is clear. They haven’t done good and god punished them.” “For an Iraqi, honor is the most valuable thing. No one messed up our life except (our daughter)”

52 The Children Child Custody: “Best Interests of the Child” Standard vs. Dominance of Father’s Rights Circumcision Required—Devastating for Girls Forced Marriages for Young Daughters = Pedophilia

53 Child Brides

54 Azizah al-Hibri Obama’s Appointee to US Commission on International Religious Freedom

55 Her Beliefs Wife Beating as Last Resort OK
Bill Clinton Should Not Be Punished for Relations with Monika Lewinski Those Who Supported His Accountability Should be Punished To Prove Adultery, Must Have Four Male Witnesses Supports UN Resolution on Anti-Blasphemy Speech Codes Shar’ia Superior to US Law

56 The Real Problem: Female Sexuality & Social Order
Males Taught to Disdain Women Power of Enticement Promotes Male Lust & Weakness Women Must be Dehumanized to be Tolerated The “Disruptive power of female sexuality” Feared--Must be Controlled or Attacked Fear Stems From Tribal Culture When Female Gratitude Expressed Openly & Sexually to Male Warriors Non-Muslim Women Viewed as Spoils of War Because They Refuse Shar’ia Law Punish Through Sexual Violence

57 Islam vs. West—a Clash of Cultures

58 Rape is Victim’s Fault According to Islamic Cleric
“Women are “weapon’ used by ‘Satan’ to control men” AND “...uncovered meat is the problem. If (women stay) in (their) room (and) home, “in the hijab, no problem would have occurred.” As for Adultery: “…the responsibility falls 90%...on the women. Why? “Because she possesses the weapon of enticement.”

59 “Grooming Gangs” & Shar’ia
Muslim “Grooming” & Rape-Gangs on the Increase in the West Sexual Assaults Used to “Groom” Young Girls Primarily Somali Youths in US Active for 10 Years in Minnesota, Tennessee, Michigan, and Ohio Sex Crimes Motivated by Islamic Doctrine Rape & Sale of Non-Muslim Women as “Sex Slaves” Inspired by Shar’ia

60 Sexual Violence in Europe & Suppression of Muslim Women
“Fuels tendency to aggressive behavior…against NON-Muslim Women” Norway: 90% of Rapes in Oslo Committed by Muslims 100% of Stranger-on-Stranger Rapes 80% of Victims from Norway Muslims only 1.5% of Total Population

61 Sweden: Rape Capitol of the World
77.6% of Ambush Rapes Committed by Muslim Males 500% Increase Since 2003 1 in 4 Swedish Women Will be Raped Child Rape < 15 Years Old Doubled Muslims Only 5% of Population

62 Sexual Violence (Cont.)
UK: 95% of Child Rape & Molestation Convictions Committed by Muslim Males

63 South Dakota: Iraqi Muslim Refugee Convicted of Sex Trafficing

64 Colorado: Five Iraqi Muslims Gang Rape 53 Year Old Woman

65 29 Al-Shabaab Gang Members Indicted

Comingling with Males=Temptation & Sin Leads to Fitna or “Social Disorder” The Fundamentalist Message that Women Are Not Valued Starts at Birth Girls Considered “the fountainhead of shame” Only Value is to Give Birth to Male Baby Mothers Blamed for Baby's Gender

67 Female Apartheid (Cont.)
To the Fundamentalists, Love Must be Eliminated! Love Between a Man and Woman Considered an Idol And Detracts from True Submission to Allah The “Love Idol” is Removed by: Forced Marriages No Dating or Courtship Total Isolation Until Marriage FGM Polygamy No Celebration of Valentine's Day Easy Divorce

68 What About the Effect on Men?
Gender Apartheid, Male Humiliation, and Violence All Connected Gender Separation Produces Frustration & Anger Young Boys Introduced to Sex by Older Men Sex With Boys & Effeminate Men is “social norm…males serve as…substitutes for unavailable women.” Sex is Introduced as Physical Domination

69 Male Pedophilia

70 Domestic Violence Research in UK: “…epidemic of domestic violence where…jihadists located and “…overlap of honor killings” in Muslim Neighborhoods Because of Shar’ia: Young Girls Expect Violence in Marriage Young Boys Grow to Use Violence as Men

71 Where is the Outrage? Pamela Geller: “…where are the feminists and the woman’s rights groups fighting against clitorectomies, honor killings, gender apartheid, and the oppression and suppression of women in Islam?”

72 Shar’ia Law & Women Wrap-Up
Personal Freedom & Liberty Limited; Unequal Due Process for Females; Physical Punishment in Marriage Sanctioned; Dishonor to Family Can Result in Death; Family Disharmony with Multiple Wives; Marriages Pre-Arranged; No Fault Rape; & Forced Circumcision & Pedophilia

73 Shar’ia Law Used in American Courts in Over 50 Cases
New Jersey: 6 cases California: 5 Florida: 4 Massachusetts: 4 Washington: 4 Maryland: 3 Texas: 3 Virginia: 3 Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska: 2 each

74 The Problem Majority of Cases Involve Family Law Matters Related to Child Custody, Visitation, Wife & Child Support, Protection Orders, & Divorce The Results: US Citizens and Residents Are Being Denied Liberties, Rights, & Privileges Guaranteed by Our Constitution

75 ALAC in America Prevents Use of Foreign Law in State Courts that:
Violates Any Fundamental Right Guaranteed by US and State Constitutions Already Law in Tennessee, Louisiana, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, FL & NC ALAC Laws Proposed in 20 Other States

76 ALAC in Georgia GOP Resolution May 18, 2013:
Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg & Kagan Say Foreign Law OK During Deliberations; Georgia GOP “…abhors activist judges using foreign sources to resolve legal disputes.” Resolve: “GA…courts do not use foreign law in resolving cases…” 2012: Rep. Christian Coomer 2013: Rep. Dustin Hightower 2014: Rep. Dustin Hightower 2015 ?

77 Push-Back Against ALAC
CAIR ACLU ADL Clergy Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Banks, & Law Firms Georgia Association of Muslim Lawyers Georgia Bar Association Media Speaker of the House, David Ralston? Well See

78 Supporters ACT for America Center for Security Policy
American Public Policy Alliance American Freedom Law Center Center for Law & Justice Georgia Tea Party? Faith and Freedom Alliance? Alliance for Defending Freedom? Georgia Baptist Convention? Eagle Forum? Concerned Women of America? Other Conservative Civic Groups

79 Our Strategy for 2015 Emphasize Impact on Women & Children
And Remove Any Harm to Economic Development Submit Two Complementary Bills w/ Female Sponsors: Freedom of Speech Defense Act ALAC Within Atlanta Area Jewish Official Catholic Church Official Business Leader Cadre of Responders to Testify/Attend Committee Hearings Outside Atlanta Area Groups to Contact Elected Officials Female Victim of Shar’ia Law in US Court

80 Steps You Can Take Engage But Don’t Empower Peaceful Muslims
Question Elected Officials at Town Hall Mtgs. Resist Attempts to Curtail Free Speech Encourage Your Pastor/Rabbi to Speak Out Demand Georgia Legislators Support No Foreign Law in Our Courts Review History Text Books for Accurate Information Become Involved in Georgia ACT for America Chapters Be Alert for “Wolves in Sheep Clothing:” “Chrislam,” Olive Tree Initiative, “Common Word Between You & Us”

81 A Word of Caution The Impact of This Information Will Wear-Off!
Because of Willful Deception of the Media, Administration, and Liberal Academics, You May Again Be Blinded & Misled Exercise Purposeful Due Diligence! Follow “Sharia Unveiled” & “Creeping Sharia” On-Line…

82 “Throughout history, peaceful majorities were irrelevant. ”
“Throughout history, peaceful majorities were irrelevant!” - Brigitte Gabriel During WWII most Germans were Peaceful—but Nazis Killed 50 Million People; Most Chinese were Peaceful—but Chinese Communists Killed 70 Million People; Most Japanese were Peaceful—but 12 Million were Killed in Asia; Most Russians were Peaceful—but Stalin Killed 20 Million People; There were 2.3 Million Arab Muslims in America on 9/11--but Only Took 19 Terrorists to Kill 3000 Americans. Of the World’s Peaceful Muslims, Only 15-20% are Radical— Leaving 300 million Radicals!

83 Closing Thoughts Plato: “It takes courage to know what to fear”
William Wilberforce: “Having heard all this, you may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again you did not know.” “Silence in the Face of Evil is Itself Evil; God Will Not Hold Us Guiltless. Not to Speak is to Speak, Not to Act is to Act.” Deitrich Bonhoeffer


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