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Medieval Literature Part Two

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1 Medieval Literature Part Two
Canterbury Tales Federigo’s Falcon Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Ballads: -Bonny Barbara Alan -Sir Patrick Spens

2 Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer 1340-1400
One of greatest English poets Canterbury Tales is his masterpiece

3 Geoffrey Chaucer Is considered to be one of greatest English poets Canterbury Tales is his masterpiece

4 Pages 108-09 Name his first writing effort
Despite his writing efforts, his primary career was_________ His second major work was_________ Why did he write it? What happened to his cousin? What occured during the last two decades of his life? Where is he buried? How did he see himself?

5 Birth of Chaucer The Black Death Chaucer a page for the Countess of Ulster Chaucer serves in the war in France Chaucer, captured by the French, is ransomed (for 16 pounds) Chaucer marries Philippa Roet, a lady-in-waiting in the Queen's household- two sons 1382 The Bible is translated into English (The "Wycliffte Bible"; a later versions is made in 1388). .

6 1366-72 travels to Spain, France and Italy
travels to Spain, France and Italy works as a squire in the court of Edward III; granted a payment of 20 marks per annum for life writes "Fragment A" of the Romaunt of the Rose, The Book of the Duchess, probably a good many lyrics in French and English, now lost, and such lyrics as The Complaint unto Pity and The Complaint to His Lady. 1382 The Bible is translated into English (The "Wycliffte Bible"; a later versions is made in 1388).

7 The pilgrims journey begins
Chaucer begins The Canterbury Tales The pilgrims journey begins

8 the latest of the Tales, including probably The Nun's Priest's Tale, The Canon's Yeoman's Tale (though part is probably earlier), the Parson's Tale are written

9 Chaucer dies 1400 His stories live on…
Poet’s Corner- Westminster Abbey London, England

10 Words to know Pilgrimage Shrine of Thomas of Becket Canterbury
Prologue Tabard Inn

11 Day three- Canterbury Tales
EQ: What elements of a narrative poem does the author introduce In The Prologue?

12 Elements of a narrative poem
Setting Plot Characters Theme Point of view

13 Today’s Pilgrims How does each provide an insight for society during the time Chaucer lived? Knight Squire Nun/Prioress Monk Friar Merchant

14 Day 5 Today’s Pilgrims: Guildsmen Physican Wife of Bath Pardoner
Summoner Today’s handouts:# 6 Pilgrims pg 2 # 7 9 innkeeper’s game plan HW: what you do not complete in class

15 Monday---EQ: EQ: How does Chaucer establish a frame story in Canterbury Tales? Today’s agenda: Frame story Genre/ what fits where The Pardoner’s Tale Tomorrow’s test

16 A story within a story Story about a stories( the Innkeeper’s contest of tales)

17 "The Big Read: Coastal Georgia Reads The Great Gatsby" February 4, 5 - 8 pm
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18 Silver Screen Saturday at the Ritz February 5
3:00 p.m. - Billy Wilder's hilarious classic "Some Like It Hot" (1959) with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis 7:00 p.m. - The Oscar-winning musical "Chicago" (2002) starring Rene Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere $5 admission each show, all ages

19 Monday, Feb. 7 day 6 The Pardoner’s Tale
EQ: What were the popular literary genres of the Middle Ages? How can the relationship between the tale and the teller be described in the Pardoner’s Tale? Handout-13

20 Genres Chivalric romance- a non scholarly narrative in metrical verse; tale of adventure, knightly conflict and pageantry Myth- retelling of a classic myth Beast Fable-animal characters with human qualities; clever tale that teaches a moral Breton Lais – story set in Breton,FR region- magic, fairies, folklore, love Allegory- people and things represent abstract qualities Jokes- sermon- moral tale-

21 Which genre fits? 1. What characters would likely tell a chivalric romance? 2. Who might tell a story about a saint? Who might tell a joke? How about the Pardoner?

22 The Pardoners Tale Create a web Physical Talents Main motivations
description The Pardoner Vices Profession Probable Story Types

23 Tomorrow’s test Chaucer biography Prologue
Pilgrims- Chaucer’s attitude about them -social classes- who belongs to which one? Chaucer’s genres Pardoner’s Tale Frame Story

24 Pilgrims Those Chaucer admires most Knight Oxford Cleric Admires least
Friar, Summoner Pardoner

25 List of Pilgrims Knight Squire-young man training to be knight
Yeoman-servant to royalty who has knowledge of the woods Nun/prioress Monk Friar- member of religious group sworn to poverty and living on charitable donations, were to teach about Jesus and to live good lives

26 Words to know: prologue: spoken or written introduction to a work of literature pilgrimage: long journey to a holy place begins in April Tabard Inn- where pilgrimage begins Shrine of Saint Thomas of Becket: named after Archbishop who was murdered in his own cathedral, of located in Canterbury, located approx. 55 miles from London characterization- writer develops character’s personality through description of dress, way they speak, their thought, feelings and actions

27 Do Now: Using the purple text or notes answer the following questions;
1. Who is older the Knight or The Squire? 2. Which one plays the flute? 3. On what does the Oxford Cleric spend his money? 4. What was his response to his friends generosity? What about him tells us he is humble?

28 Create ppts of your topics
Research each of your topics Put bullets of information about them on slides and pictures 2-3 per topic You will present them to the class

29 Today’s characters: Franklin-(122)
Doctor- (124) What is his personality like? Woman from Bath-(125) What is your main impression of her? Why? The Reeve-(128) What is ironic about him? The Summoner- (130)What does Chaucer want us to believe about him based on the condition of his skin?

30 Day Four- Feb. 3 EQ: How do the characterizations of the pilgrims depict Chaucer’s opinions of the societal values and customs during the Middle Ages? Agenda: Daily 10 Research topics Completion of character webs Remainder of prologue

31 Narrators impressions of the church in his day
Some are corrupt –Who are they? Hypocritical Overly materialistic Others are: Pious Charitable honorable

32 This week Feb. 7-11 Monday- conclusion of Canterbury Tales
Tuesday- The Prologue to A Pardoner’s Tale and Pardoner’s Tale Complete handout & review for test Wednesday- Canterbury Test: Chaucer bio, Canterbury Tales and A Pardoner’s Tale Thursday: Wife of Bath’s Tale Complete packet is DUE!!!! HW: Federigo’s Falcon- answer questions1,2,4 & 5 Friday: performance next slide

33 Chose one of the following
Produce a love story with dramatic irony in it and present it to the class Act out the conflict in dinner scene from Federigo’s Falcon Produce a frame story and present it to the class Evaluation; all group members are prepared & participate 33% Selected scene clearly demonstrates: dramatic irony, conflict or frame story 33% Performance is easy to follow 33%

34 Ballads-Wk 5 day one How can the themes and speakers be compared in
The three ballads from the Middle Ages Sir Patrick Spens Barbara Allan Get Up and Bar the Door

35 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Feb. 15-16
EQ: Why does King Arthur accept the Green Knight’s challenge? Lines 1-300 History and poem background Vocabulary- look up each of the 16 words quiz on story & words Thursday

36 Complete the story Answer all remaining questions in blue for tomorrow

37 What elements of fantasy are introduced?
Why will Sir Gawain probably seek out the Green Knight on the appointed day? Why do the king and Sir Gawain laugh after the Green Knight departs?

38 Literary-Romance: imaginative adventure story with noble heroes, gallant love, a chivalric code and daring deeds How does the appearance of Sir Gawain Exhibit the charactersitics of a romance? Symbols: holly Green Cut Gawain receives Green sash

39 Sir Gawain Day 2-Feb. 16 HW: answers-Lines 337-end
Gawain disputes the idea, becauise if his head were chopped off, he couldn’t reattach it. He shows greater courage in facing an ax. He might explain it as a miracle, divine intervention or magic The Green Knight reveals that he pulls his punches out of respect for the Gawain. He send his wife to test Gawain’s virtue

40 When Gawain says, “Foolish cowardice taught me…” he means his cowardice lead him to break the chivalric code and knighthood. The Green Knight perhaps gives Gawain the green sash to remind him of their struggle.

41 Plot summary Challenge-Green Knight challenges any knight to strike him with an ax if he can return the blow in a year and a day Sir Gawain accepts the challenge & cuts off his head After a year, G looks for the GK G meets a lord & a lady along the way- While lord away; she offers him kisses and a gift. Honorably he refuses. He does Accept a green sash. .

42 He rides on & meets GK The Green Knight raises the ax three times to represent the 3x his wife has tempted Gawain- causing only a small cut He tells Gawain he knows about the sash. Gawain admits his weakness GK forgives him and they part friends

43 Assessment Options- solo or in pairs
Create a song or a rap that represents the poem. Make certain that you type out the words and inform me what tune you would use if you were to perform it. Extra credit will be given to those who perform it live in front of the class

44 Reader’s Theater Using the text as a script;
recreate your favorite passage in the poem, at least two pages in length. .

45 Map out his journey Colorfully recreate Sir Gawain’s Journey
His starting point, his intermediate layovers and his final destination. Where does the story begin? What type of landscape do Gawain and his steed Gringolet travel through? What places does Gawain stop at, and who does he meet etc…?Remember, this is for someonewho hasn’t read the book yet. How well will your map depict Gawain’s difficult adventure?

46 Write a 20 line poem using alliteration of your
favorite hero. It can be someone from the past, or someone from today. Is your hero a family member, or is your hero somebody you know at school like a school teacher. Remember to put in your poem why the person you chose is a hero

47 Thursday Presentation of projects Test- includes vocabulary Troy
Friday- meet in media center

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