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WORTH: 100 200 300 400 500 Swiss Reformation German Reformation Anabaptists Anglican Reformation Counter Reformation.

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3 Swiss Reformation German Reformation Anabaptists Anglican Reformation Counter Reformation

4 WORTH: What was the Diet of Worms? This is where Martin Luther was summoned to confront the charges of heresy and recant his criticisms of the catholic Church SUBJECT: German Reformation MAIN

5 WORTH: Who was Desiderius Erasmus? He was the great northern humanist who inspired Luther, Zwingli, Knox, and Calvin to name a few MAIN SUBJECT: German Reformation

6 WORTH: What was the German Peasant Revolt or War? This was the disturbance that broke out in 1524 in Stuhlingen and was denounced by Luther in his pamphlet “Against the Murdering Thieving Hordes” MAIN SUBJECT: German Reformation

7 WORTH: Who was Johan Tetzel? He was the Dominican Friar sent by Pope Leo X to sell indulgences and was criticized by Luther in his 95 Theses. ( He wrote 100 counter- theses but was criticized by the church) MAIN SUBJECT: German Reformation

8 WORTH: What was the Peace of Augsburg in 1555.? This was the agreement signed by Charles V in order to win support of the German Princes in order to fight France and the Ottoman Turks MAIN SUBJECT: German Reformation

9 WORTH: Who was Huldreich Zwingli? He was the Military Chaplain who started the Swiss Reformation in Zurich in 1518 and protested the sale of indulgences SUBJECT: Swiss Reformation MAIN

10 WORTH: Who was Heinrich Bullinger? He was son and law of Huldreich Zwingli and carried on his teachings after Zwingli’s capture and execution by Catholic forces MAIN SUBJECT: Swiss Reformation

11 WORTH: Where was Geneva Switzerland? This is the city where John Calvin set up his theocracy or “ City of God” MAIN SUBJECT: Swiss Reformation

12 WORTH: What was the “Institutes of The Christian Religion” This was John Calvin’s masterwork that dealt with the Apostles Creed and was divided into the sections Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and The Church MAIN SUBJECT: Swiss Reformation

13 WORTH: What was predestination? This was Calvin’s theory that the elect conformed one’s every action to God’s law. The truly elect should live in a moral God pleasing way MAIN SUBJECT: Swiss Reformation

14 WORTH: Where was Munster, Germany? This was the German city that became the first Anabaptist theocracy and was surrounded by Protestant and Catholic armies and destroyed and the leaders executed MAIN SUBJECT: Anabaptists

15 WORTH: Who was Menno Simons? He was the moderate Anabaptist leader who, after the execution of radical anabaptists, withdrew into an agrarian life of humility and separation from the outside world MAIN SUBJECT: Anabaptists

16 WORTH: Who was Michael Servetus? He was the leader of Antitrinitarians who was condemned by the Spanish Inquisition and fled to Geneva only to be executed by John Calvin MAIN SUBJECT: Anabaptists

17 WORTH: What was Zurich and they were led by Conrad Grebel a former associate of Zwingli? This was the city where anabaptism first began and the leader of this movement, known as the Swiss Brethren MAIN SUBJECT: Anabaptists

18 WORTH: What was re-baptism as an adult, no affiliation with a country or their laws, polygamy, no private property, and prediction of the immediacy of the second coming of Christ. These were some of the practices of the Anabaptists of Munster that caused concern and condemnation by both catholic and protestant leaders MAIN SUBJECT: Anabaptists

19 WORTH: Who was Catherine of Aragon? She was the aunt of Charles V, and daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella who was the first wife of Henry VIII and the mother of Mary Tudor SUBJECT: Anglican Reformation MAIN

20 WORTH: What was the Book of Common Prayer? This was the text used by the Anglican Church and written by Thomas Cramner and revised by subsequent Anglican leaders MAIN SUBJECT: Anglican Reformation

21 WORTH: Who was Anne Boleyn? This was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I and the second wife of Henry VIII who was beheaded for adultery MAIN SUBJECT: Anglican Reformation

22 WORTH: What was the Act of Supremacy? This was the royal decree that all those loyal to Henry VIII were forced to sign recognizing Henry VIII as the head of the Anglican Church MAIN SUBJECT: Anglican Reformation

23 WORTH: Who was Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr? These were the wives of Henry VIII in order MAIN SUBJECT: Anglican Reformation

24 WORTH: What was the Council of Trent? This was the meeting set up to reform the Catholic Church and took place from 1545 – 1563 and banned indulgences MAIN SUBJECT:Counter-Reformation

25 WORTH: Who was Pope Paul III? He was the pope that drove the Catholic Counter Reformation and convened the Council of Trent MAIN SUBJECT: Counter-Reformation

26 WORTH: Who was Johann Reuchlin? He was Europe’s foremost authority on Hebrew and Jewish teachings who was criticized by Catholic scholars but was defended by German Humanists MAIN SUBJECT: Counter-Reformation

27 WORTH: Who was Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros? He was the Spanish Catholic cleric who used humanist ideas to reform Catholic Spain by creating the University at Alcala and writing the Complutensian Polyglot Bible MAIN SUBJECT: Counter-Reformation

28 WORTH: Who was Rudolf Agricola? He was known as the father of German Humanism and returned from Italy and introduced Italian humanist ideas to Germany MAIN SUBJECT: Counter-Reformation

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