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Leadership Skills for Mid Career Faculty Douglas A. Girod, MD FACS.

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1 Leadership Skills for Mid Career Faculty Douglas A. Girod, MD FACS

2 What areas do you need help? Take 5 minutes List 3 areas do feel you need to develop leadership skills

3 Leadership Career Phases Team Leaders (Early career) Group Leaders (Mid career) Organizational Leaders (Late career)

4 Medical Leaders To practice medicine is to serve in the capacity of leader or team member on multiple teams simultaneously at any given time.

5 Teams in Medicine (Early Career) Physician teams –Fellows –Senior residents –Junior residents –Students Clinic teams –Physicians –Front desk staff –Nursing staff –Ancillary staff Hospital Teams –Physicians –Nursing staff –Ward staff –Ancillary providers Operating Room Teams –Surgeons –Anesthesia –Nursing –Scrub Techs –OR desk staff

6 Teams in Medicine (Early Career) Physician – Patient Team

7 Groups in Medicine (Mid Career) Departmental –Section chief –Division head –Vice chair –Clinic director –Lab director Hospital –Partnership leader –Medical Staff Committees Educational –Student rotation director –Residency director –Fellowship director School –Faculty council –Search committees Medical Society –committees –Meeting program chairs Academy leadership roles

8 Leadership Skills All physicians function as a leader on a daily basis Most physicians have some baseline skills Some are naturally better at it than others Leadership skills can learned, developed and honed

9 Leadership Skills Endless amount of literature, books, courses, seminars, and institutes dedicated to leadership Inadequate time to study leadership skills Medical curricula do not include an emphasis on leadership

10 Traditional Leadership in Medicine Hierarchical Tyrannical Intimidation Fear Abusive Malignant Inflexible Intolerant “Never argue with the Chief”

11 Traditional Leadership in Medicine No longer considered a successful approach Not tolerated in clinical settings –Disruptive physician clauses in bylaws of medical staff and state boards

12 Successful Leadership Skills Leadership skills carry over between different environments (business, military, medicine, etc) Successful skill sets have been defined and are in demand

13 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Formal training –Leadership series University/School courses –Seminars Edwards Campus Non-medical –Formal Leadership Courses Harvard Course: Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers AAMC – New Manager’s Training Program ACS – Leadership Skills to Overcome Obstacles etc

14 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Leadership texts Good to Great by Jim Collins Dealing with Difficult People by Harvard Press Bargaining for Advantage By G Richard Shell

15 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Reading –Biographies of great leaders

16 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Observation –Learn from those around you

17 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Endless supply of role models in medicine (good and bad)

18 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Can learn as much from a poor leader as from a good one

19 Get Involved and Practice Volunteer for leadership positions –School –Hospital –Medical Specialty Societies Local Regional National

20 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Learning from experience “A little experience upsets a lot of theory.” S. Parkes Cadman, Cleric

21 Learning Successful Leadership Skills Find a mentor –Someone you respect –Someone you can approach repeatedly and in a crisis –Ask if they will consent to being your mentor –Recognize your mentors efforts –Expect to do the same for others (be a mentor)

22 Traits of Successful Leaders

23 Fair –Can’t play favorites Consistent –Inconsistency erodes confidence Predictable –Helps people know what to expect Avoid the abuse of authority

24 Traits of Successful Leaders Seek input Spread authority Treat people with respect Don’t dictate Challenge your team members

25 Traits of Successful Leaders Patience –Not everyone has your agenda, goals or motivation –That doesn’t mean they aren’t an important part of the team –Doesn’t mean they are wrong

26 “Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in the one ahead.” Bill McGlashen

27 Traits of Successful Leaders Sense of humor –Don’t take yourself or the world too seriously –A smiling cheerful leader wins more cooperation than a grim or gloomy one.

28 Traits of Successful Leaders Sense of humor –Don’t take yourself or the world too seriously –A smiling cheerful leader wins more cooperation than a grim or gloomy one. “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.” Anonymous

29 Traits of Successful Leaders Know yourself Have/demonstrate a sense of direction and mission Make the hard decision –Part of leadership is making the decision no one else will or wants to make –Take responsibility for the decision

30 Decision Making “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Yogi Berra, Baseball philosopher

31 Traits of Successful Leaders “People don’t respond to titles, they respond to people whom they respect” Doug Girod, Struggling Chairman

32 Seven Five Deadly Sins “of a Leader” Truth, if it becomes a weapon against persons. Beauty, if it becomes a vanity. Love, if it becomes possessive. Loyalty, if it becomes blind, careless trust. Tolerance, if it becomes indifference. Self-confidence, if it becomes arrogance. Faith, if it becomes self-righteous. Ashley Cooper, Writer

33 Conclusion You must become a leader to practice medicine successfully. Mid Career requires more complex and sophisticated leadership skills Make leadership development a part of your daily routine. Learn from those around you. Seek out opportunities for skill development Practice at every opportunity.

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