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The Verger Somerset Maugham

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1 The Verger Somerset Maugham

2 Key words Verger n.管理教堂内部事务者; a churchofficer who takes care
(举行仪式时的)司仪 a churchofficer who takes care of the interior of the building and acts as an attendant (carries the verge) during ceremonies

3 Verger

4 Key words Vicar n. 牧师 (Church of England) a clergyman appointed
to act as priest of a parish 【同义词】 priest n.教士, 神父, 牧师 reverend n.教士,神职人员,牧师. cleric n.神职人员,宗教领袖 parson n.教区牧师

5 Vicar


7 SUMMARY 1.Foreman is a verger of a church called St Peter’s in Neville square for 16 years. 2. Then a new vicar was appointed, he found Forman could neither read nor write, told him that he must learn to do so at once. 3.Foreman refused and was fired.

8 SUMMARY 4. Instead of straight walk back home, he took the wrong turning ,his heart was heavy . 5.Albert Edward was a non-smoker but with a certain latitude , It occurred to him now that one cigarette could comfort him and he looked for a shop where he could buy a pocket of Gold Flakes,but he can’t find one.

9 SUMMARY 6.“I can’t be the only man as walks along this street and wants a fag” ,he said .“I shouldn’t wonder but what a fellow might do very well with a little shop here , that’s an idea, strange things come to you when you least expect it.” 7.As a result, Albert Edward Foreman set up in business as tobacconist and newagent.

10 SUMMARY 8. His wife said it was a dreadful come-down after being verger of St.Peter’s, but he answered that you had to move with the times. 9.Foreman did very well, he did so well that in a year or so it struck him that he might take a second shop and put a manager in. After ten years, he had acquired no less than ten shops and he was making money hand over fist.

11 SUMMARY 10.One morning when he was there paying in a bundle of notes and a heavy bag of silver the cashier told him that the manager would like to see him. 11.The manager adviced him to inverst his more than 30 thousands pounds’ money, All the things Foreman have to do is just sign the transfers. “ I can’t read and write”, Albert Edward answered.

12 SUMMARY 12. The manager was so surprised that he just jumped up from his chair .“That’s the most extraordinary thing I ever heard.” He stared at him as though he were a prehistoric monster.“ Good God ,man, what would you be now if you had been able to ?” 13. “I can’t tell you that,sir”, said Mr.Foreman, a little smile on his still aristocratic features . “I’d be verger of St.Peter’s NevilleSquare.”

13 Questions 1.How did Albert Edward perform his duty as verger of St’ Peter’s? 2. How did he react when the new vicar asked him to learn to read and write? 3. How did Albert decide to set up in business at tobacconist?

14 DISCUSSION 1.Suppose you were in the position of Albert Edward, would you follow the new vicar’s advice and learn to read and write? State your reasons. 2.Albert Edward said,“You had to move with the times” Do you believe in this philosophy?

15 DISCUSSION 3.There is a saying “ A loss may turn out to be a gain.” or “Misfortune may prove to be a blessing in disguise.” Do you think it appplicable to Albert Edward? Give examples to support your argument.

16 “祸兮福所倚, 福兮祸所伏。” —— 老子 “Luck and Misfortune comes in turn. ”
DISCUSSION “祸兮福所倚, 福兮祸所伏。” —— 老子 “Luck and Misfortune comes in turn. ”

17 Behind bad luck, comes good luck .
DISCUSSION 塞 焉 翁 知 失 非 马 福 Behind bad luck, comes good luck .

18 Thank you

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