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Dr Liam Herringshaw: York: A Rocky History.

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1 Dr Liam Herringshaw: York: A Rocky History

2 York: Rock of Ages

3 What Lies Beneath? The Remains of An Ice Age (Hall et al. 2010)

4 What Lies Beneath? The Moraines of An Ice Age

5 Immigrant Stones Glacial erratics Museum Gardens (image from Briggs 2009) Crossgates Stone, Seamer

6 The Superficial Vale Glacial 'drift' Image from Hall et al. (2010)

7 The Bedrock of the Vale 'Solid' Geology Image from Hall et al. (2010)

8 Robin's Desert Triassic: Sherwood Sandstone © Tim Heaton, Geograph

9 Salty Seas Permian: Magnesian Limestone © Oliver Dixon, Geograph

10 “[C]ompared with other Roman sites…it has one major disadvantage, [that] there is no suitable source of building stone for at least 15 km in every direction” Building York Gaunt & Buckland (2002)

11 Permian (Cadeby Formation) dolostones Building The City

12 Carboniferous: York Stone & Millstone Grit Wikimedia Commons © British Geological Survey © Matthew Hatton, Geograph

13 Building The City Jurassic: Hackness Stone

14 Building The City Exotics © Pablo York, Flickr

15 Science In The City Geologists in York

16 Rock Stars Dr Martin Lister (1639-1712) (York: 1670-1683) Fossil shells (1678) Geological mapping (1683)

17 Schools of Rock The York Courant, Dec. 1822 Leeds, Sheffield, Hull societies: “Do not these useful institutions…convey a severe reproof to the tardiness of our own city? Whilst York can boast her…Associations for Fashionable Amusements, she presents none of the characteristics of an enlightened and scientific people.”

18 Rock Stars 1821: Bones found in Kirkdale Cave 1822: Buckland enters a hyaena den William Buckland & the YPS

19 Built from bones: the YPS ‘to elucidate the Geology of Yorkshire’ William Vernon Harcourt (1789-1871) Cleric chemist 1 st YPS President (1822)

20 Rock Stars 1824: William Smith

21 Smith & Nephew 1825: Keeper of Geology; 1829: Geology of Yorkshire John Phillips (1800-1874) 1830: Yorkshire Museum opens

22 ‘The cultivators of science’ 1831: Inaugural meeting of the not-yet-BAAS

23 Fossil Time 1840-41: Phillips defines 3 eras

24 Yorkshire Time Wars 1844 BAAS: Sedgwick vs Cockburn

25 Anne Phillips (1803-1862) A Trowelblazer anne-phillips/ “Through many years your counsel has been my guide & Your gentle & true affection my reward” (Letter from John to Anne)

26 Death of a Time Lord ‘eminently judicious, ever courteous, genial, and conciliatory.’

27 The Volcano- chaser Tempest Anderson: 1846-1913

28 20 th / 21 st Century Rockers Stuart “The Oracle” Ogilvy Phil Manning

29 A Rocky Road Ahead?

30 New Adventures In Rock Geology of Yorkshire & Northern England Online PG Diploma, Univ. of York, Sept 2015-

31 Geological History of Britain Saturday March 14 th 2015, 9.30am – 4.30pm

32 @fossiliam's Shameless Plugs Professor Herring’s MOST INGENIOUS, GEOPHANTASMAGORICAL & NATURALLY HYSTERICAL GUIDE TO YORK York Festival of Ideas, Sunday June 14 th, 2pm & 3.30pm.

33 @fossiliam's Shameless Plugs Yorkshire Fossil Festival Sept. 18 th -20 th, Rotunda Museum, Scarborough

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