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CELEBRATING FORTY YEARS. Council on Aging’s 40 th Anniversary Serving Seniors of Clay County Since 1974 Designated Community Transportation Coordinator.

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2 Council on Aging’s 40 th Anniversary Serving Seniors of Clay County Since 1974 Designated Community Transportation Coordinator Since 1984

3 Clay County Demographics The population of individuals ages 60 and over has been increasing over the past 10 years. Since 2010 the senior population has increased 20% in Clay County, for an increase of over 4500 more Seniors in Clay County alone. That number is expected to grow as more northerners migrate to the Sunshine State and as Clay County’s own population continues to Gray

4 FUTURE TRENDS  Increases in population for Clay will continue.  The urbanization of the County will continue (only 16% of the county’s population lives outside of the FTA urbanized area).  Families will be more likely to be separated by geography.  Many “Boomers” will work through their 60s and 70s. They will be more active and healthier.  Often when “Boomers” do retire they do so because of job loss and/or health issues.  Many seniors will live into their 80’s and 90”s, but because of their age will be more frail for longer periods.  Because of longevity, many working class retires will run out of money before they run out of time.  Historically, 80% of care for Seniors has been given by family members or close friends. This is changing. Caregiver services have transitioned from the nuclear family to include caregiver support from agencies.

5 PRIMARY GOAL To provide a vast array of services that are designed to facilitate the senior citizen to live independently in their own home for as long as possible. We strive to assist them in having the highest quality of life that they can and ensure that they are not struggling with loneliness, helplessness or despair. MISSION To maximize opportunities for self-sufficiency and personal independence of Clay County elders; and to plan, advocate and administer programs and policies that assure accessible, responsive and comprehensive services and long term car.

6 Aging Funding Sources Federal Funding: Comes through the State of Florida, to Area Agencies on Aging, and contracted to various Councils on Aging and other representative agencies throughout the State. State Funding: Comes through the State of Florida, to Area Agencies on Aging, and contracted to various Councils on Aging and other representative agencies throughout the State. Local Funding: Comes from Clay County (Match) and private donations.

7 All services plans are determined through a client Centered Needs Assessment which is driven through an individualized Case Management System Service Determination

8 SERVICES TO SENIORS Senior Center Services The COA Operates Four Centers Senor Centers in Orange Park, Middleburg, Keystone Heights. Senior/Community Center in Green Cove Springs. Transportation is Provide to and From the Centers Nutritional Breakfast and Lunch for Seniors. Take Away Foods (bread, snacks, pet food). MB, GCS & OP Sites Host Weekend Soup Kitchens via a Partnership with Faith Based Church Groups. Socialization, Recreation and other activities for Seniors and the Public. After Hours and Special Programs for the public. Sites are Leased for Community Activities and Private Events.

9 Center Services

10 IN HOME SERVICES TO SENIORS 904-284-3134  CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES  HOME DELIVERED MEALS  Hot Meals and Frozen Meals  Pet Food  Well Checks/Friendly Visiting  PERSONAL CARE  Help With Dressing, Bathing, Teaching Family Members on How to Care for Seniors and the Disabled, Grooming and Hygiene and other Personal Services.  Homemaker Services  Cleaning (light and deep), Cooking, Washing Clothes, etc.  Companion Services  Respite Care  Relief for Families Caring for Elderly or Disabled  Emergency Alert Services


12 ADULT DAY HEALTH CARE  Adult Day Health Care (Green Cove Springs)  Only One in Clay County  Funding from Medicaid, VA, Older Americans Act, Private Pay  Flexible Scheduling for Families  Transportation and Meals  Lockdown Alzheimer's and Dementia Unit  Cognitive Enhancement and Memory Stimulation  Socialization Activities  Medication Administration  Respite Care for Family Care Takers  Assistance of Daily Living Bathing, etc.)  Care Giver Support Meetings  Planning a New Adult Day Health Care Facility in Orange Park via a Joint Venture with Moosehaven


14 OTHER SOCIAL SERVICES  Energy Assistance  Commodities Distribution – USDA and Nourishment Network  Services through Referrals to Other Agencies and Partnerships  Tax Preparation Through Partnership with AARP  Volunteer Opportunities

15 2014 SERVICE LEVELS In-Home ServicesServicesType of Units Home Delivered Meals38,586Meals Served Center Meals28,006Meals Served Commodities7,067Individuals Adult Day Health Care26,822Hours In-Home Services38,143Hours Transportation144,405Trips

16 CHANGES IN AGING SERVICES  Lost Medicaid Waiver Funding For Case Management, In-home and Day Care.  Entered into Contracts with Four Long Term Care Managed Care Companies (HMO’s) to provide Day Care and In-Home Services.  Expecting increases in Commodities from USDA for Higher Levels of Food Distribution.

17 COUNCIL ON AGING AS A COMMUNITY PARTNER Council on Aging strives to partner with like minded agencies with similar mission statements. We are part of the Mercy Network system, St. Johns Housing Partnership, Clay County Senior Adult Advocacy Council, and participate with Orange Park Medical Center’s Patient Care Advisory Council. We are also partnering with St. Vincent's Clay.

18 COUNCIL ON AGING AS A RESOURCE  The Council on Aging of Clay County is part of a statewide resource network through the department of Elder Affairs, and regionally through the Northwest Area Agency on Aging, ElderSource.  We network with other agencies in Clay County and the region that provide services for seniors. If Council on Aging cannot provide services, or assist with a loved one who needs advanced assistance in the realm of long term care, we have a comprehensive list of associates that may be able to assist you and your family.

19 TRANSPORTATION 904-284-5977

20  Created dba “Clay Transit” in 2000, Designated Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC) for Clay County in 1984.  Fleet consists of 38 buses, 2 minivans, 3 Station Wagons  42 Drivers and 7 office Staff  Provide 6 deviated fixed-routes (flex-routes) & one planned offer the general pubic access to all major commercial corridors, NAS Jax, with connections to the JTA, (Regional Park-N-Ride Hub at County Road 220 and the mall), RTS/Gainesville and the Ride Solution/Putman County.  Under contract for Paratransit to DOT, JTA, TD Commission, 4 Medicaid Brokers, Aging Programs, Developmental Disabilities, and other local social service agencies  Provide ambulatory and wheelchair services.

21 CLAY TRANSIT AWARDS  2014 – Statewide Driver of the Year  2007 – State Safe System of the Year  2004 – Statewide Driver of the Year  2004 – Recognized in the National METRO magazine as “10 Most Improved Transit Systems”  1998 – State of Florida Para Transit Roadeo Winner  1997 – Statewide Driver of the Year  1996 – Rural Community Transportation Coordinator of the Year  1993 – State Safety System of the Year



24 Year Total Trips By Year Total Miles By 2014144,405 1,128,480 2013 129,204 966,019 2012121,884 919,655 2011116,820 884,256 2010 106,407 952,748 2009 93,578 933,334

25  6 FLEX ROUTES FOR GENERAL PUBLIC  (Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Magenta Lines)  $1.00 Fare with Free Transfers.  Buses Deviate Up To 1/4 Mile Of The Route via Passenger Call.  Direct Services and Connections to Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Palatka.  Steady Growth in Flex Route Trips Since Their Development  New Teal Route Planned for 2015 will complete service to all transit main corridors.

26 Flex Route Ridership

27 Ridership on the Flex Routes

28 Green Line - 1,292 Blue Line - 1,093 Red Line - 1,089 Purple Line - 612 Orange Line - 415 Magenta Line- 167 In partnership with JTA providing connectivity to Clay and Duval County


30 TRIPS BY SERVICE TYPE ParatransitFlex Routes 200983%17% 201071%29% 201161%39% 201260%40% 201357%43%

31 PARATRANSIT SERVICES  Door to Door Service  48 hour advance Scheduling.  Ambulatory and Wheelchair Services.  Funded via Social Service Funding from County, Older Americans Act, Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Program, TD Commission, DOT, Managed Care/Brokerage Contracts, Developmental Disabilities, and others.  Successfully Transferring many Paratransit trips to Less Costly Flex Routes.  Provided 73,144 trips in 2013

32 PARATRANSIT SERVICES 73,144 trips in 2013

33 PARATRANSIT TRANSPORTATION CHANGES  Medicaid Managed Care Implemented for all Medicaid Recipients in Florida.  Uncertainty with Medicaid Transportation Program (NEMT) was significantly reduced.  Entered into Contracts with Three National Brokers Who Will be Managing Medicaid Transportation Services in the Region.  Grant Funding for Smaller Vehicles to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs of Medical and Other Random Trips.

34 FINANCIAL INTEGRITY Completed OAA, VA and DOT Compliance Reviews with No Findings Completed Audit With No Findings

35 FISCAL CONDITION Fiscal Year (Calendar Year) 2011 2012 2013 2014 Total Expenses $3,496,613 $3,777,743 $3,714,149 $4,030,909


37  Achieved Status as Urban County (only 16% of residents live in designated rural areas)  Urban Status Requires a Closer Relationship with Jacksonville Transit Authority as More Funding Will be Coming From JTA and Less From DOT  Implementing “Trans-Portal” a Web Based Regional Reservation and Scheduling System that can be Accessed by the General Public Online  Beginning the implementation of Onboard Vehicle Based Mobile Data System.  Entered into an agreement with Advertising firm for Bus Stop Benches and Installation of Signs Throughout the County.

38 UNMET NEEDS  Encore employment…..Almost Retired and After Retirement Pre-Retirement (Willing Employers) Post Retirement (Part-time jobs)  Affordable Housing Affordable Rentals Shared Housing Housing Repair Utility and Mortgage Assistance  Caregiver Support and Burn Out Support Groups Respite Care Family and Friends  In-home Services and Adult Day Health Care Alzheimer's and Dementia Discharged from hospital, rehab, etc. Sudden Illness (Stoke, Cancer, etc.) Streamline process. Transition Funding - $$ to cover the immediate need while provider applies for funding Major Gap in Funding For the “almost 60”

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