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Golf Etiquette By: Zack Miller.

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1 Golf Etiquette By: Zack Miller

2 Basic Golf Rules Do not stand near person swinging a club.
If the ball goes off course, and is headed for other golfers, yell “FORE!” If you swing and miss it does not count as a stroke. If you swing and it moves no matter if it is only an inch, it counts as a stoke.

3 Basic Golf Rules (cont.)
Always replace your divots Know where your club is at all times and others need to be aware of where your club is as well! First shot off a hole the ball is put on a tee between the tee off markers. Who ever has the lowest score, hits first.

4 Basic Golf Rules (cont.)
No matter if you are swinging or putting, don’t take all day to hit the ball! Make sure you know if there is a dress code required

5 Scoring = Integrity The person with the lowest score wins
STROKE = Every time you hit the ball. Count the number of strokes it takes to get the ball from the tee to the cup. PAR = Then number of stokes it should take the skilled golfer from the tee to the cup. BIRDIE = One stroke under Par EAGLE = Two Strokes under Par BOGGIE= One stroke over Par

6 And Remember….

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