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Yolanda Casanova EDTC 6329.01 Select Topics Instructor: Janice Butler, Ed. D. Fall 2014.

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2 Yolanda Casanova EDTC 6329.01 Select Topics Instructor: Janice Butler, Ed. D. Fall 2014



5 CONTENTS 1. Clients 2. Audience 3. Objectives 4. Timeline of Activities 5. Feedback and Contribution 6. Collaborative Involvement 7. Communication 8. Evaluation 9. Links to Projects 10. The Client 11. Growth

6 CLIENTS The robotic classes are divided into three groups; 1. Group 1 (3 rd Grade through 5 th Grade) 2. Group 2 (6 th Grade through 8 th Grade) 3. Group 3 (9 th Grade through 12 th Grade) Note: Reflective Brain Rules These groups are divided by these grade levels because a 3 rd Graders brain to a 12 th Graders brain are quite different based on learning experience. It is not based on multi-tasking but rather pictures versus text format lesson.

7 Audience Analysis Subject Area: Lego Robotics Basic Engineering Skills Training Topics: Teamwork- team environment, team mates responsibility Math- Basic Math, Algebra, Geometry Technology- Basic Programming, Functions of Programming Language

8 Audience Analysis Students 3 rd Grade through 12 th Grade will learn to build 4 robots 1. Pathfinder- is a robot for software Training Missions 2. Roverbot – is a sturdy robot for exploration 3. Acrobot- is a robot used for acrobatic stunts 4. Inventorbot- is a smart robot that throws objects and program to alert when intruders get near the robot Includes: Special Features, Tips and Tricks, Light Sensor with Test Pad, Parts ID, Programming

9 Objectives Aside from taking the course for credit, I have learnt that there is much more to learn in the technology field. I want to use my class experience so my clients can learn skills that relate to real life experience. Technology has open different engineering program's because these are the skills of the future. I want my clients to learn these skills, and love their job rather than hating it. Reflective: How using storytelling techniques could lead to more effective training, and presentations. I do not want my clients to give up but to find out if this is the right job they want to pursue in life.

10 Objectives My objectives for this class is to learn new skills and resources that will improve my projects in the near future. I want to add more to my portfolio like new resources for example a blog, projects outlines, and e-Learning software programs. Reflective Rapid E-Learning 101 It has showed me that I could have the greatest project or projects but what the use if nobody knows about it. It is very important to have social networks to expose the project or projects and in return clients can provide feedback.

11 TASK What does my client want out this project? Learn new higher level skills Program a robot Basic mathematical skills Have Fun How did I meet my client’s needs? Planning a lesson plan Have the right equipment for the project Do it in a limited time scheduled Integrate TAKS objectives within the project

12 Timeline of Activities Monthly Sessions- 12 days at 4 hour sessions Time- 48 hours per month 1 Robot per 3 days = 4 robots within 12 days

13 Timeline of Activities Class size- 72 clients Technology Equipment- 18 laptops or desktops

14 Timeline of Activities Future Timeline Project based on (clients not attending classes during summer time) June- Monday through Thursday 9am to 1pm 2 week sessions July- Monday through Thursday 9am to 1pm 2 week sessions

15 Timeline of Activities 1. Introduction of past and present future robots 2. Introduction to classroom rules and responsibilities plus divide into age groups 3. Introduction to Lego robot parts and manuals 4. Assignment duties 4(jobs) 5. First Robot Pathfinder (2 days) 6. Second Robot Roverbot (2 days) 7. Third Robot Acrobot (2 days) 8. Fourth Robot Inventor (2 days) Implement quizzes that are integrated with TAKS objectives in Mathematical Skills (Algebra, Geometry)

16 Timeline of Activities Reflective Building Scenarios for E-Learning The information I learn is to build scenarios with an E-Learning software that can be more time efficient for my projects. Reflective PowerPoint for E-Learning It mentions a quote “all they care about if it looks right and if it works”. I need to find a server and software that will not crash during my project presentation or have a backup plan.

17 Feedback and Contribution The training solutions are: Who, What, Where and When of the project. Who- Is the person qualified for the project. What- The purpose of the project to the clients. Where- Is it in a safe place environment. (Location) When- The time must be a safe time like during the day not late at night. Reflective Your E-Learning Success Depends on These 7 Questions There are different e-learning software that can be easy or difficult to access and especially downloading or uploading information so you have to research before using an e- learning software.

18 Feedback and Contribution I am able to use the internet to find resources of samples of mathematical problems. I can use YouTube videos related to the project. I can use different software and implement them together to create a great project. I hope that some of my clients love engineering and follow their dreams when they go to college. We had some students who attended Porter High School to pursue technology and engineering classes.

19 Feedback and Contribution Clients must demonstrate that their car is faster. The clients must weigh their car, length, width and use a formulas of how much power is needed to make the car run faster.

20 Feedback and Contribution Clients would have a real life insight on their project product and discuss the unique contributions on their project car. There is no right or wrong car but the purpose is to learn by trial and error.

21 Collaborative Involvement The entities I used to connect were advertisement in the Brownsville Herald. I had to promote the project in schools so students are aware of the summer school project program. I was able to use some specific grants to assist students who could not afford to pay for the program. A motivation presentation must be accurate to the right audience or it will defeat the purpose. Reflective Designing E-Learning for Maximum Motivation I must use applications tools within software's to create a motivation presentation. It would be a straight forward information motivation presentation.

22 Collaborative Involvement The challenges I face and clients face were teamwork. The separation by age groups then by technology skills.

23 Collaborative Involvement Addressed Collaborative Challenges 1. Having 4 jobs Supervisor Manager Builder Drafter 2. Overcome working together by identifying weakness and strengths between each other as they switch positions.

24 Collaborative Involvement The challenges I had was promoting within the Brownsville Independent School District. Now that I have my own business to teach Lego Robotics I have to follow their protocol. Before a business could attend a school and promote it but now they have meetings that are more intended to biding rather than explaining your project. Reflective Let Go and Replace Very Old LMSs that Do Not Support New Learners and Businesses Needs The school district is faced in a new era of technology where they have to develop an online classroom for all grades as a backup plan.

25 Collaborative Involvement Dear Dr. Carl A. Montoya (Superintendent) Subject: Online Classes I have worked with the school district. I have started my own business. I want to express an idea for your BISD. The school district has to progress to an online service for students. You have heard that schools have closed in Dallas and Wisconsin due to the virus but I have a solution. There are many blackboard software’s online but it's the way you organize them. Learning how these software's work and integrate with other software's is very important and you must have the experience.

26 Collaborative Involvement 1. Prepare a group of teachers as a backup plan to continue to service students when they close school downs but still get your state monies for attendance. 2. Prepare software that is compatible with any mobile devices phone, tablets, PC, etc. 3. Use recorded classes to teach students online but also get a revenue international or U.S. 4. I have worked with various principals that I learn from one of them that it is important to expose students to the next grade level of education.

27 Collaborative Involvement Student can learn their next grade level during the summer or during the school year. They are exposed to the next level of objectives. You have the tools and hardware but you must have the right organization an planning to make it successful. Reflective The Accidental Instructional Designer I do disagree that not everyone falls in the eLearning era. Diversity of Technology old and new technology Diversity of Disable Students Technology Instructional Design can be avoided for students learning, creativity, business and technology relationships to accomplish their projects.

28 Collaborative Involvement Proposal: 1. --Train 1000 teachers on using integrated software's to setting up online classes. Train teachers on how to use disable apps to help students with disabilities. 2. --Offer classes to all elementary, middle and high schools. 3. --Have a support online streaming system server's for each grade level and be able to connect to unlimited users. 4. --Promote classes locally and internationally to sell online for revenue. 5.-- Training will be conducted through the school year and 2 months in the summers within the two year contract. 6. --Teachers will be able to maintain their classes and update them after the two year training. 7. --You can use these classes for teacher in-service credits.

29 Collaborative Involvement Cost: $5000 per elementary $7500 per middle school $10000 per high school The first year I will use my servers and software's to support the training then the second year transfers all information of classes to BISD servers. It would be a 2 year contract. No additional Contracts after the two years. All equipment will be purchase by BISD. The severs will be located in the BISD computer information system. The company has submitted an application but waiting till February for the bids.

30 Collaborative Involvement I have change the world by expressing the need of online classes as a backup plan for the Brownsville Independent School District. If I do not get the contract as long as it is done. Reflective Rod Trevino 508 Compliance Reflection I hope that they do not forget the disability students in the online courses. I have been researching software that helps disability students to maneuver within new technology but some challenges are still there because most of the software's are not being update or maintain.

31 Collaborative Involvement Reflective Diane Sudman Collaborate Reflection A challenge would be to satisfy the client rather than the boss. I love the idea of teamwork because in a realistic life a student or client will end up working with other students or clients and have to learn to work together. A challenge is ideologies within the work environments based on religion ethics. I have to use this information to present some experiences working with co- workers. You want a dependable network system that supports you 95% rather being down 95% of the time.

32 Communication It is one of the most important ingredient to be successful in real life. Technology has advance so much that we get communication in real time. Emails Skype Blackboard Software's Phones Computers Tablets

33 Communication Communication has to have an ethic style because it will not be consider communication. Email ethics Using lower caps instead of upper caps means yelling Phone ethics You must wait an listen before speaking Skype ethics You are communicating in a quite place rather then connecting in a noisy place

34 Communication The most interesting video in my class was the Reflective Jill Bolte Taylor My Stroke of Insight because it hit home. My aunt got cancer and during her treatment she had a stoke. I remember going to see her at the hospital and the only thing she could do was mumble words. I saw in her eyes her desperation of not being able to communicate. The best way to communicate to her is telling her things that she has done or like so she can shake her head yes or no.

35 Communication Our brains are very interesting area of our body which is used to store past, present and future communication styles. The brain has an automatic communication style When we touch something hot it hurts The brain has a research communication style The brain relates to hot and it is stored in memory The brain can correct by using communication styles The brain can learn communication styles by learning new experience’s like before grabbing a hot object by using a mitten glove that protects from being hurt

36 Communication The main purpose of communication is to think of all your students or clients weaknesses and strengths. You have to keep in mind the students or clients who are disable and use effective communication programs. Students who can not see. You must find a program that reads to them and maneuver through the programs in their computers. Students who can not hear. You must find a program that helps them wright in their computer.

37 Evaluation Clients are able to answer a questionnaire on the class or project by using a computer.

38 Evaluation Clients are able to experiment with new ideas with their project. Clients must ask questions on what needs to be done to improve the car or what they did wrong.

39 Evaluation The evaluations done explain about improving the programming software and getting new robots. The next step is to get more advance robots and computers for the clients.

40 Links to Projects Flash Butterfly Cycle During its life cycle, an animal undergoes stages of growth and development. Many other animals, including mammals, fishes, birds, and reptiles have a life cycle similar to a human’s. Flash Plant Cycle The stages of development an organism goes through make up its life cycle. A seeding becomes a sapling, or young tree, when its stem thicken and grows a protective layer of bark develops around the tree.

41 Links to Projects Flash Rain Cycle Earth’s resources move through ecosystems in cycles. Some of the most important cycles involve water, carbon, and nitrogen. All living things depend on water, carbon, and nitrogen to carry out their life processes. Flash Science Presentation 3 Lessons Life Cycle of Plants Life Cycle of Animals Processes and Cycles in a Simple System

42 Links to Projects Master of Education in Educational Technology Portfolio E – Portfolio Profile EDTC 6320 – Cooperative Project EDTC 6321 – Instructional Unit (IU’S 1-5) EDTC 6323 – Interactive Multimedia Object EDTC 6325 – E-Learning Module EDTC 6332 – Practicum Project EDTC 6329 – Special Topic EDTC 6351 – Web-Based Media

43 Links to Projects Course sites by Blackboard User Name: gguest1846 Password: 1234 Description: The essential of this course program is for certified teachers to create an educational program leading to the achievement of a GED certificate or high school diploma. The teachers will use the E-Learning Sky-prep System and improve the adult GED program. The certified department staff will learn how to create lessons on reading, writing, social studies, science and math using the LMS Sky-prep System website.

44 Links to Projects Teachers will use the curriculum outline by the Texas State General Education Development. The Brownsville Independent School District currently does not have a practice General Education Development practice standardize testing on a web online system. The E-Learning training course is an essential way to certified teachers to develop online courses. This E-Learning course will provide better time access for students to practice their general educational development course 24/7 and using mobile devices. The Sky-prep E-Learning proposal will support the proper maintaining and updating of the courses as needed on the website platform.

45 Links to Projects Casmar Community Computer Service is committed to individuals, agencies, communities, and corporations, private and public organizations to improve their effectiveness, to predict, improve and develop strategies of different styles of approaches of new era technology with our online REGISTER FOR A CLASS TODAY! Lego Robotics Basic Math 3rd thru 6th Grades, Basic Algebra 7th Grade thru College Microsoft Basic Training: Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher

46 The Client The clients feedback consisted of: 1. Not making them feel uncomfortable learning technology 2. Having patience learning technology skills 3. Identify groups from beginners, medium, and advance technology skills 4. Give the client instructional materials step by step to use in their work or class. 5. Respect everyone individual skills and talents

47 The Client Dr. Carl Montoya Berta...FYI... -----Original Message----- From: Yolanda Casanova [] Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 11:38 AM To: Dr. Carl Montoya Subject: Online Classes Dear Dr. Carl A. M To me CC Berta Pena Oct 17 Berta...FYI... Berta...FYI... -----Original Message----- From: Yolanda Casanova [] Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 11:38 AM To: Dr. Carl Montoya Subject: Online

48 My Growth What did I learn from this project? I have learn that every class brings new ordinary ideas. I learned that creativity in the work place can be a benefit for everyone. I read the book “Who move my Cheese” because we must attempt to try change in the work place. It is very important because technology is becoming more advance every year.

49 My Growth Did I meet or exceed my expectations? A question that became very interesting in this project or class was “how we interpret data with our eyes and process it through our brains” its still a complex function. There are always barriers that I might meet expectations based on religion practices, formal practices and language practices. I learn that I might not have all the answers but I can research it to the best of my ability.

50 My Growth A skill I have learn from this class is that you always have to come to the level of the clients experience. I can not treat a client that is a beginner as an advance client. The way I would use this information is by having my audience respond to a stimulus and emotional environment then mix it with anxiety but end it in a pleasurable note.

51 My feedback The class was not stressful but became stressful when we did not have a structure of developing our presentation. We as students are used to finding out “how the teacher wants it” to get a good grade and not waste time. It still created an anxiety level but pleasurable when the teacher explain how the presentation can be presented as a free style. I have never been in a class like this one but it has given me ideas for future projects for my clients or students.

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