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iema The premier body for environmental professionals 1999-2009.

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2 iema The premier body for environmental professionals 1999-2009

3 Innovation Leadership Inspiration Change Environmental…


5 1999

6 2000

7 2001

8 2002

9 2003

10 2004

11 2005

12 2006

13 2007

14 2008

15 2009

16 Celebrating a decade of achievement

17 1999

18 September 1999 The Institute of Environmental Assessment (IEA), Institute of Environmental Management (IEM) and the Environmental Auditors Registration Association (EARA) merge…

19 …to form the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

20 September 1999 The new Institute is launched in London by the Minister of State for the Environment, the Right Honourable Michael Meacher.

21 Upon launch, the new Institute has approximately 4,000 members worldwide.

22 2000

23 Issue 1 of IEMA’s membership magazine, ‘the environmentalist’, is published. July 2000


25 October 2000 St Nicholas House, a Grade II Listed Georgian Rectory in Lincoln, becomes the new home and HQ of IEMA.

26 St Nicholas House, the home of IEMA

27 2001

28 June 2001 Volume 1 of The Practitioner Series, Managing Climate Change Emissions, is published. This and all subsequent volumes are sent to all members as best-practice guides.


30 2002

31 IEMA’s first Annual Conference is held at the Earth Centre in Doncaster. April 2002

32 2003

33 June 2003 The recipient of the first IEMA Student Essay Award is announced at the 2003 IEMA Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham.

34 The first EMS National Forum is held in Runcorn, Cheshire. December 2003

35 2004

36 The IEMA Annual Conference and Exhibition is held at Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham. May 2004

37 Stoke Rochford Hall

38 September 2004 The Society for the Environment (SocEnv) licence IEMA to award Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) Status.

39 September 2004 At 5 years old, IEMA has approximately 8,400 members …

40 More than double what it was upon the Institute’s formation back in 1999.

41 2005

42 2005 - the year of Acorn IEMA begins running the Acorn scheme, a phased approach to implementing an EMS towards ISO 14001 and EMAS.


44 IEMA Annual Conference and Exhibition is held at the Chateau Impney Hotel at Droitwich Spa. June 2005

45 Chateau Impney Hotel

46 October 2005 The first edition of IEMA Downloaded, IEMA’s membership newsletter, is published, providing monthly news and membership updates.


48 2006

49 The IEMA Annual Conference and Exhibition is held at the Chateau Impney Hotel at Droitwich Spa for the second year running. June 2006

50 Delegates at the IEMA Conference 2006

51 2007

52 The IEMA Annual Conference and Exhibition is held at the Manchester Palace Hotel. June 2007

53 Manchester Palace Hotel

54 September 2007 The 50 th issue of ‘the environmentalist’ is published. The magazine has now established itself as a leading environmental journal and news source.


56 October 2007 The result of IEMA’s in-depth Environmental Practitioner’s Survey are released, revealing the link between membership and earnings around the UK.

57 November 2007 The Practitioner series publishes its 10 th Volume. This edition is entitled The Business of Biodiversity.


59 2008

60 April 2008 ‘the environmentalist’ doubles its annual publication to 20 issues per year just as membership reaches…

61 12,000 members WORLDWIDE

62 Membership has now trebled since 1999

63 June 2008 IEMA Graduate Awards are introduced and the inaugural award is presented at the IEMA Conference & Exhibition 2008 at the Bournemouth International Centre in Dorset.

64 Bournemouth International Centre

65 2009

66 March 2009 Russell Foster, Founding CEO of IEMA, retires from his position after 9 years.

67 Martin Baxter takes the role of Acting Chief Executive to continue IEMA’s drive as the leading environmental Institute. March 2009

68 May 2009 IEMA’s Vision and Strategy for the next 5 years is launched, marking out the desired and necessary goals taking the Institute through until 2014.


70 IEMA’s three-fold strategic objective for 2009-2014 is to: 1. set standards for, facilitate or otherwise provide, the best training and development relevant to the environmental profession, and produce the most competent environmental professionals available.

71 2. improve the profession’s profile and influence by promoting the role and views of the environmental profession to policy makers, business and NGOs, starting in the UK and with EU institutions.

72 3. be the membership body of choice for the environmental profession, acting inclusively in its governance and across the profession as a whole, doubling the Institute’s membership by 2014 compared to 2008, including through global growth.

73 September 2009 IEMA’s key event for 2009, Lean and Green: How environmental professionals can help business survive and thrive, is held in London to over 300 environmental practitioners and business leaders.


75 Today…

76 Tuesday 22 nd September 2009 Celebrates 10 Years of IEMA, the premier body for environmental professionals.

77 As of today, IEMA has 14,691 Members

78 …making our Institute the largest membership body for environmental practitioners WORLDWIDE

79 …the Institute’s publications are at Issue 84 of ‘the environmentalist’, Volume 11 of The Practitioner, and Issue 47 of IEMA Downloaded…

80 …Our 13 Steering Groups continue to forge links with stakeholders, create dynamic and forward-thinking events and are instrumental in our work with Devolved Administrations…

81 …Our members, staff and other representatives are influencing government agendas and defining international standards.

82 …Our Institute has contributed to many high profile and influential projects including …

83 Heathrow Terminal 5 Channel Tunnel Rail Link Swiss Ré Building (The Gherkin)

84 Evidence submitted to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee inquiry into green jobs and skills Pan-European REMAS project UK national expert to the European Commission on EMAS

85 IEMA is the premier body for environmental professionals and the choice of practitioners all over the globe.

86 IEMA’s members are leading environmental change, influencing individuals and groups worldwide and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

87 IEMA benefits from over 320 volunteers who are dedicated environmental practitioners and decision-makers, on panels, committees and Steering Groups

88 Finally, our dedicated team at St Nicholas House is now 35- strong, enabling us to effectively deliver all membership services to every single one of our 14,691 members

89 The IEMA team at St Nicholas House

90 Thank you to everyone who has contributed to IEMA’s success since 1999. We could not have achieved all of what we have without you.

91 And thank you to everyone here for attending Lean and Green and for your support over the past 10 years.

92 Here’s to the next 10 years of IEMA leading the profession. Enjoy your drinks!

93 iema The premier body for environmental professionals

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