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1 Jointly offered by Departments of Mathematics and Economics.

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1 1 Jointly offered by Departments of Mathematics and Economics

2 2 Academic Aspirations Provides students with solid training in fundamental theories in both mathematics and economics. Equips students with quantitative reasoning skills, conceptual understanding and the ability to effectively communicate in mathematics and in the language of economics and social science.

3 3 Provides a program of study for students who seek the option of taking a quantitatively oriented job in financial industry or intend to pursue postgraduate study in applied mathematics, economics, or in a related area, like quantitative finance or management science.

4 4 Why choose this degree program? The program is advantageous to students who otherwise would take a single major in mathematics or economics. Sequences of mathematics and economics courses are provided to equip students with a strong quantitative background in economics and related areas in management and finance.

5 5 Career Prospects Ample career opportunities in the financial sector for university graduates that fully understand the use of mathematical and economic tools and those who are able to use the knowledge and language of both disciplines. Equipped with the necessary background for entry into postgraduate degree programs in applied mathematics and economics.

6 6 Key components in the curriculum Subject area No. of courses Mathematics 8 Economics8 Humanities and Social Science4 Business1 Computer Science1 Language2 Free electives3

7 7 Major Program Requirements Core Courses MATH 101Multivariate Calculus[3-1-0:4] MATH 111Linear Algebra [3-1-0:4] MATH 201Introduction to Analysis[3-1-0:4] ECON 198Microeconomic theory I[3-1-0:4] ECON 199Macroeconomic theory I[3-1-0:4]

8 8 Required Courses MATH 241Probability[3-1-0:4] MATH 301Real Analysis[3-1-0:4] ECON 200Microeconomic theory II[3-1-0:4] ECON 201Macroeconomic theory II[3-1-0:4] ECON 233Introduction to Econometrics[3-1-0:4]

9 9 Elective Courses Three Mathematics electives are chosen at the 300-level or above. Some recommended Mathematics electives are MATH310Game Theory [3-1-0:4] MATH341Stochastic Modeling[3-1-0:4] MATH362Fundamentals of Mathematical Finance[3-1-0:4] Three Economics electives are chosen at the 300-level or above [1].

10 10 General Education Requirements Electives must be selected from among those general education courses that are listed under the section “Designated General Education Courses”.Minimum Elective TypesNumber of Course Credits ________________________________________________________________ GEE (B&M)Business and Management13 General Education Elective GEE (ENGG)Engineering General Education Elective13 GEE (H&SS)Humanities and Social Science 4 12 General Education Elective

11 11 MATH 102 Multivariable and Vector Calculus [2-1-0:4] _____________________________________________ This is a one-year course with focus on limits, one variable calculus, sequences, series, gradients, chain rule, extrema, Lagrange multipliers, line integrals, multiple integrals, Jacobians, Implicit function theorem, Green's theorem, Stoke's theorem, divergence theorem. Prerequisite: AL Pure Mathematics/AL Applied Mathematics; or MATH 021; or MATH 022; or MATH 024

12 12 MATH 111 Linear Algebra [3-1-0:4] ______________________________________________ Vector space, matrices and system of linear equations, linear mappings and matrix forms, inner product, orthogonality, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, symmetric matrix. Prerequisite: AL Pure Mathematics/AL Applied Mathematics; or MATH 021; or MATH 022; or MATH 024

13 13 MATH 202 Introduction to Real Analysis [2-1-0:4] ______________________________________________________________ This is a one-year course with focus on sets and functions, real numbers, open and closed sets, limits of sequences and series, limits and continuity of functions, Taylor's series, differentiations, Riemann integrations, uniform convergence. Prerequisite: AL Pure Mathematics/AL Applied Mathematics; or MATH 021; or MATH 022; or MATH 024

14 14 MATH 161 Mathematics in Civilization[3-0-0:3] _____________________________________________________________ The purpose of this course is to expose students to the role of mathematics in the development and maintenance of civilization. This course examines how mathematics shaped and was shaped by the course of human events. The course will cover the growth, development and far-reaching applications of trigonometry, navigation, cartography, logarithms, algebra, and calculus through ancient, medieval, post-Renaissance and modern times. Topics include: Number systems and the invention of positional notation, Egyptian arithmetic, Babylonian algebra, Greek trigonometry, the contribution of Chinese mathematics etc.

15 15 ECON 150 [3-0-0:4] Big Problems in Economics: Issues, Ideas, and Principles _____________________________________________________________ Non-SB&M students are preferred. The course introduces students to some of the economic principles that never have proven to be powerful tools for analyzing real-world problems. A wide range of the most pressing issues of our times will be identified and discussed. The necessary framework for analyzing them ill be developed. The course is especially for the concerned non-business citizen-student who wants to fulfill general education requirements, No prior background in economics is required. ECON 191 Honors Microeconomics[3-1-0:4] _____________________________________________________________ Application of economic theory to important real-world problems; reading of selected excerpts from important books and articles; discussions of methodology and current controversies. Exclusions: ECON 110, ECON 111, ECON 113, SOSC 144, AL Business and Economics Prerequisite: B or above in AL Economics

16 16 COURSE IN LANGUAGE FOR BUSINESS LABU 101Business Case Analyses[0-3-0:4] ______________________________________________________________ A one-year course for Business students and students in Technology and Management. This course develops students' critical thinking and communication skills as well as interdisciplinary awareness through a process of comprehending, analyzing and presenting business cases in various disciplines. Exclusion: LANG 107 LANG 201Business Communication[0-3-0:3] ______________________________________________________________ Restricted to students in the School of Business and Management. Focuses on the processes and skills of effective oral presentation, report and letter writing in business situations where English is the medium of communication. Prerequisite: LABU 101/LANG 107

17 17 Admissionchannels and requirements Interested applicants, under normal circumstances, may apply via the JUPAS or Early Admission Scheme. In addition to the general University entrance requirements, applicants must obtain: 1. grade D or above in AS use of English in HKALE 2.pass in AL Pure Mathematics plus 1 AL / 2 AS subjects 2007 intake : average JUPAS score = 20.6

18 18 For more details, please visit the program web page at

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