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Vaga Associates The value of leisure and culture to Enfield 9 th March 2004 Nikki Enoch, Mike Collins & Simon Parkinson Crime and Disorder Partnership.

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1 Vaga Associates The value of leisure and culture to Enfield 9 th March 2004 Nikki Enoch, Mike Collins & Simon Parkinson Crime and Disorder Partnership

2 Vaga Associates Value of Leisure and Cultural Services Project Brief Commissioned October 2003 to  Summarise available national research  Apply research locally  Identify priorities and partnerships with the ESP thematic groups Funded by Neighbourhood Renewal

3 Vaga Associates Introduction to the Team Mike Collins  Internationally recognised researcher on leisure and social exclusion Simon Parkinson  Chair of the Leisure and Cultural Services Group with local knowledge and contacts Me  Director of Vaga Associates with 15 years experience of sport & leisure at local, regional and national levels

4 Vaga Associates Presentation  Value of leisure and culture  Priorities of the Leisure and Cultural Services Group  Focus on youth crime  Information sources  Your views

5 Vaga Associates The Value of Leisure & Culture Crime diversion Health & well being Leisure & Culture Educational attainment & employment Personal development & community building Putting Enfield First

6 Vaga Associates Physical Activity Health Benefits Require: 5 x 30 minutes every week Home, work & hobbies Sport & exercise Government Target (DCMS 2002) 70% population ‘active’ by 2020 Current level: 32% and static!

7 Vaga Associates Increasing Prevalence of Obesity N.A.O. 2001

8 Vaga Associates Prevalence of CHD Risk factors Source: Joint Healthy Survey Study 1999 Economic Cost of CHD £7.06b annually Source: Liu, Maniadakis, Gray & Raynor 2002

9 Vaga Associates Enfield Residents Estimates extrapolated from national government studies Applied to Enfield on a pro rota basis Enfield residents:  37% are sedentary = 101,200  22.5% are obese = 61,500 Savings from 10% increase in activity:  10% = 17,200 residents  311 lives  £10.5m £1.9m NHS £4.3m loss of earnings £4.3m premature mortality Source: DCMS: 2002 Game Plan Implementing the Government’s Strategy for Sport

10 Vaga Associates Best Start in Life Young Person Centred Learning and Attainment “Drama, dance, movement, words,images and music – all stimulate the brain to learn” University of the First Age Physical e.g. Heart capacity set when 8-12 years old Social / Emotional Experiencing winning & losing Working as part of a team Discipline and self control Putting Enfield First

11 Vaga Associates Enfield Young People Attitudes to Sport Source: Enfield Year 6 & 9 Sports Survey 2003 Putting Enfield First

12 Vaga Associates Enfield Young People Participation Levels Source: Enfield Year 6 & 9 Sports Survey 2003 Putting Enfield First

13 Vaga Associates Enfield Citizens Views Most important reasons for play Major concerns about Unsupervised play Most urgent priorities from community safety audit 56% Physical health & development 54%Development of social skills 54%Safer environment for children 40%Reduction in youth crime 80% Meeting strangers 52%Victim of crime 63% Reducing violent crime 51%Dealing with antisocial behaviour 48%Reducing town centre/street crime 46%Encouraging young people from crime Source: Citizens Panel Surveys 2001 & 2003

14 Vaga Associates Value of Leisure and Cultural Services CONCLUSIONS  Health benefits proven and known  Young people need it and enjoy it  Some young people don’t get it  Drop out in teenage years  Citizens recognise its value for reducing youth crime

15 Vaga Associates Leisure & Culture Partnership Emerging Priorities Overall Lead “Increase the provision of accessible and affordable youth activities, including new and better ways to divert young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour, and involve young people in the design and delivery of activities” Priority Actions for Commissioning Plan  Health improvement  Crime diversionary activities for young people  Raise educational attainment  Build capacity and organisational development

16 Vaga Associates Youth Crime

17 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime High Costs Facts  70% of youth crime committed by 7- 8% youths  Huge cost of incarceration  76% re-offend within two years  £2,300 savings from preventing a single youth crime (Cooper & Lybrand 1994)  46% affected in C2DE groups by kids ‘hanging about’ (res2003)  £1.5m annually to deal with crime related damage in one street in Braunstone, Leics.

18 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Enfield Crime & Disorder Strategy Street crime  42% victims are males under 17 years  54% suspects are males under 20 years Approach for safer children and young people  Youth diversion – provision of activities  Restorative justice – encourage offenders to consider the consequences Actions (six in total)  Increase the number of projects for vulnerable young people to divert them from entering criminal justice

19 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Reaching those most at Risk  Research carried between1995 and 2000 revealed that ‘Young people at risk of offending lacked variety in their leisure experiences...They represent a minority group with extremely ‘impoverished leisure’ (McCormack 2000)  Examples: Scott and Jason life histories Six changes in care situation 10 -16 years Four geographic moves No contact with father Sports activities stopped when entering care Good at sports, enjoyed activity

20 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Reaching those most at Risk Lessons Life history showed need to support leisure in childhood Leisure patterns of young offenders demonstrated very low levels of sports participation Financial accessibility was a key constraint Low self confidence & peer pressure contributed to low participation Lack adult encouragement for constructive leisure activity and sport Knowledge of leisure opportunity was very low

21 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Levels of Intervention Source: McCormack 20002

22 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Street Sport – Stoke on Trent USING RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES WITH YOUNG PEOPLE AS AN APPROACH TO PROMOTING HARMONY IN COMMUNITIES Features High unemployment Low prosperity Areas of poor housing Lone parent families Lack of leisure facilities for young people Raised level of concern about crime Concern about young people hanging about on streets Approach Reconnaissance process Outreach provision Regular sessions Community events Sports courts

23 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Street Sport – Stoke on Trent “The Street Sport team helped us to form a football team, we have now played for two seasons and are a strong team on and off the field,….we needed their help to get motivated” (Stanfields, interview 1999). Impact Meeting the needs of young people Supporting young people through sport Reducing friction between young people and older residents Demonstrates the potential for sport to be an effective primary level intervention as both a diversion and education for young people

24 Vaga Associates A national sports based social inclusion programme First annual report  67 projects – 35,000 young people 72% male – 28% female 20% non white  85% - meaningfully engaged  14,000 – signs of progress Educational improvement Training Joining a club Social relationships Personal development  36%-57% increased confidence by partners Reducing Youth Crime Positive Futures “Its been fantastic, my first proper chance to do sport although I’ve always been interested” Krisham Singh Started by playing football Leaders award FA level one award First aid training Runs sessions

25 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Emerging Practice in Enfield  ‘Magnet’ projects  Homework Centres  Black History Month  Partnership working  Young people: Involvement Mentors & role models Raynham Park Community engagement Young people involved in design & development Genuine partnership Promising results

26 Vaga Associates Enfield Sport and Crime Reduction Group Membership  EBC Sports Development  Police – youth and community  ‘Active communities’  Youth Service  Connexions  Youth Offending Team  Others Making connexions  Summer splash all year round  Reaching those most at need  Mapping what exists  Inter-agency referral system Priorities  After school activities  Inter estate football  Craig Park  Young persons gym, Edmonton Leisure Centre support and formal recognition

27 Vaga Associates Leisure and Cultural Partnership Group Proposals 1.Craig park – joint priority with Better Enfield Group 2.United Estates – add sports and physical activity dimension 3.Evaluation & sustainability – improve understanding of local impact of diversionary schemes 4.Black History Month – a magnet with year round activities and themes

28 Vaga Associates Reducing Youth Crime Research Themes Diversion alone – more harm than good?  Very short term and unconnected  Raise expectations and result in higher frustrations  Unproven (what happens between times) Diversion plus – ‘hooking in’ & building relationships  Appeal factor  Joined up  Extended ‘reach’  Broader range of activities  Confidence and aspirations  Connected to other services Individual Support – structural change  Personal mentors and programmes

29 Vaga Associates The value of leisure & culture for health Conclusions Overall  Proven benefits  Proven need  Proven support Leisure & Culture Part of the cause and part of the solution! Those Most at Risk  Leisure deprivation  Multiple issues  Multiple approaches  Long term & costly  Cheaper than crime!

30 Vaga Associates The value of leisure & culture to Enfield References (1) Armstrong, J., Reilly, J.J. & Child Health Information Team – Information Statistics Division, Edinburgh. (2001). Assessment of the National Child Health Surveillance System as a tool for obesity surveillance at national and health board level. Arts Council for England (2002) Arts in health London:ACE Britton, A. and McPherson, K. (In Press). Monitoring the progress of the 2010 target for coronary heart disease mortality London: National Heart Forum BMA (2002) Priorities for Health Background Briefing Paper, Scottish Parliament Central Council of Physical Recreation (2002A) Saving lives, saving money: physical activity - the best buy in public health London: The CCPR Chinn, S. & Rona, R.J. (2001). Prevalence and trends in overweight and obesity in three cross sectional studies of British Children, 1974-1994. British Medical Journal. 322: 24-26. Coalter, F. (2001a) Realising the potential of cultural services: the case for sport; (2001b) the case for the arts; ( 2001c) The case for libraries; (2001d); The case for museums; (2001e) The case for tourism; (2001f); The case for urban parks, spaces,and the countryside; (2001g) The case for children’s play London: Local Government Association Coalter, F. (2002) Sport and Community Development a manual Research Report 86 Edinburgh: sportscotland Coalter, F. (2003) Measuring the impact of sport (unpublished lecture) University of Stirling Coalter, F., Allison, M.. and Taylor, J. (2000) The role of sport in regenerating deprived urban areas Edinburgh: Scottish Executive Central Research Unit Collins, M. F. (2003) Sport and social capital London: Routledge Collins, M.F. et al (1999) Sport and the arts paper for Policy Action Team 10 London: DCMS Countryside Agency (2001a) Walking for Health –the first randomised trial CR Note 18 Cheltenham: CA Countryside Agency et al (2003) The use of public parks in England Cheltenham: CA

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33 Vaga Associates The value of leisure & culture for health Your views

34 Vaga Associates Leisure and Cultural Partnership Group Any further thoughts, evidence or contributions please contact us: Tel: 07989 351047 Thank you

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