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449-1066 A.D..  Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and other Germanic tribes  Seafaring warriors.

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1 449-1066 A.D.


3  Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and other Germanic tribes  Seafaring warriors


5 Anglo-Saxon Settlement of Britian

6 A reconstructed Anglo-Saxon home located in West Stow in Sussex, England Mead Hall center of life sleeping quarters dining area meeting place

7 Located in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England Discovered in 1939 Burial ship of an Anglo-Saxon king Burial site contained 41 items of solid gold and 37 gold coins Sutton Hoo

8  7 th century helmet  Reconstructed from hundreds of corroded iron fragments

9  Anglo-Saxon pendant probably made in the 7th century AD  found in garden soil at Sacriston, County Durham.  made of solid gold with a goldwire or filigree decoration. Anglo-Saxon Brooch


11  approximately 170 miles long running north and south continuous wall except for river crossings built in the late 8 th century

12  Earth Embankment  No fancy stonework  No garrisoned posts  12 foot wide ditch on Welsh side  Height ranges from 10 to 60 feet

13  Perhaps this dyke was a defense against raiders from Wales.  Perhaps it served as a permanent boundary between Mercia and Wales.  Perhaps it was a boundary monument to remind the Welsh of King Offa’s power and control.

14  Location: St. Peter Advincula Church, Glebe Street, Stoke  Re-erected on its modern base in 1935, the fragment of 10th Century Anglo-Saxon stone cross shaft had been used as a door lintel in the church until its discovery by a gravedigger in 1876.  The square sectioned top of the cylindrical shaft has a different decorative motif on each face. However part of the side key pattern has been cut away, probably to allow its use as the church's door lintel.S

15  Anglo-Saxon England. 27 June 2004.  Regia-Angloplum. “Arms and Armour-Part 8-Shields.” 27 June 2004  Map of Gradual Takeover of England by Anglo-Saxons. 27 June 2004  Durnham County Council. 27 June 2004. +archaeology+Time+Line+Mediaeval+Period. +archaeology+Time+Line+Mediaeval+Period  The British Museum: Education Department. 27 June 2004.  King Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars. 27 June 2004.  The Arador Library. 28 June 2004.  The Potteries Museum: Art Gallery. 27 June 2004 /pages/st_peters.htm. /pages/st_peters.htm  Pfordresher, John, Gladys V. Veidemanis, and Helen McDonnell, eds. England in Literature. Glenview: Scott, Foresman, 1989.

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