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Westwood Community Road Safety Campaign Presentation of Results to Westwood Parish Council Monday, 1 st February, 2010 Chris Humphries & Ian Richardson.

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1 Westwood Community Road Safety Campaign Presentation of Results to Westwood Parish Council Monday, 1 st February, 2010 Chris Humphries & Ian Richardson Slide 1 of 12

2 Background Road Safety issues were raised at WPC meeting on 5 th October, 2009, in a long line of attempts by villagers to get more effective measures installed. Response by WPC : – Evidence suggests speeding is not a problem. – Survey carried out by Neighbourhood Policing Team suggested little support from villagers for action. – Sufficient and regular attention is already being paid by WPC to Road Safety issues, and improvements continue to be implemented. Slide 2 of 12

3 Westwood wants : 1.A safe environment for all users of the roads in our village [children, elderly, disabled, employees, pedestrians, walkers, cyclists, horse-riders, dog- walkers and drivers]. 2.Safer and quieter road conditions, encouraging people to walk or cycle. 3.To protect our rural character from increased through traffic. 4.To make our village a more attractive and desirable place to live in. 5.To create an improved sense of community. Community Goals Slide 3 of 12

4 Campaign goals : 1.To understand the actual concerns and issues about Road Safety in open consultation with the Westwood Community. 2.To obtain a mandate from the community to present to WPC for action. Campaign Goals Slide 4 of 12

5 Campaign Slide 5 of 12 Plan of action : – Nov 09 – the Westwood Community Road Safety Campaign [WCRSC] team formed and plan of action agreed. – Nov 09 – Log set up to monitor and record road traffic incidents in Westwood. – Dec 09 - early communication flier, followed by petitions for 20 mph and speed cushions were distributed. – Dec 09 - sought and gained support from Westwood-with-Iford school, Westwood Nursery, Costcutter Local and The New Inn. The support of the Westwood WI was obtained in January. – Dec 09 | Jan 10 - achieved results, without doorstep canvassing, and despite busy time of year and bad weather. – Jan 10 - submitted report to WPC and distributed WCRSC Communication Update throughout village [barred by WPC from using Westwood Update]. – Feb 10 - present to WPC. Campaigners : – Team leaders - Chris Humphries and Ian Richardson. – Helpers include staff at Westwood-with-Iford school and Westwood Nursery, owners of Costcutter Local, and many residents, families and friends.

6 Massive support for a 20 mph speed limit, speed cushions, and other complementary and effective traffic calming measures at appropriate places, throughout upper and lower parts of Westwood. * 287 adults, and 3 aged 15 to 17. Total population believed to be 1,100, including children. † achieved without doorstep canvassing Petition 1Petition 2 ForAgainstForAgainst Residents *† 290 (291) 2 (1) 245 (246) 6 (5) Non residents570440 School children470570 Totals394 (395) 2 (1) 346 (347) 6 (5) Results Slide 6 of 12

7 Westwood Parish Council therefore have a clear mandate from the Westwood Community to take the action requested immediately Slide 7 of 12

8 Other Road Safety Suggestions LocationSuggestion Pinch-point on Lower Westwood Road (at the turning to Orchard Close). 1.Single lane traffic and priority signage. 2.Solutions to protect pedestrians and prevent drivers from mounting pavement to pass oncoming vehicles at narrow point. Upper Westwood Road and Jones Hill.Restrict vehicle access according to weight, width and type. Stretch of Lower Westwood Road from junction to Upper Westwood and Avoncliff to The New Inn and turning to Farleigh Lane. To encourage safe use, either : 1.Paint pedestrian markings and line on one side of the road to create “pavement”; or, 2.Install raised kerb to mark out pavement area. Blind bends at both entrances to village on Lower Westwood Road. Measures to ensure traffic slows to safe speed at these hazardous locations. Farleigh Lane.Extend 20 mph limit to cover entire residential area. A combination of the 20mph speed limit, speed cushions and other solutions would limit the use of our roads as dangerous rat-runs | short-cuts between towns. Slide 8 of 12

9 Other Environmental Suggestions Other important issues and concerns have been raised by the Westwood Community : 1.General poor condition and maintenance of our roads and pavements. 2.Blocked drains and bad drainage, especially along Lower Westwood Road. 3.Problems caused by long-term garaging along Upper Westwood Road. 4.Need to maintain unobstructed and reasonable access to and from properties in Upper Westwood. Slide 9 of 12

10 Actions 1.Immediate introduction of 20 mph speed limit throughout village. (supported by Government studies) 2.Immediate installation of speed cushions near the children’s nursery school and at key points on Lower Westwood Road. 3.Urgent assessment by Wiltshire Council to evaluate further measures to determine additional traffic calming solutions. 4.Obtain committed target date from Wiltshire Council for completion and receipt of full response and action plan. 5.WPC to publish comprehensive progress updates : ₋Minuted at every WPC meeting. ₋In bi-monthly Westwood Update. ₋On WPC website. 6.One of the campaign team will attend these meetings to monitor progress. Slide 10 of 12

11 Other Actions Sarah O’Donnell, Headteacher, Westwood-with- Iford school : (sends her apologies) – Submitting School Travel Plan to Local Education Authority in March. – Seeking support from WCRSC [offered and accepted]. District Councillor. (Linda Conley now supports Limpley Stoke) Wiltshire Council meetings. MP [current and candidates]. Local newspapers. (Wiltshire Times article on Limpley Stoke) Slide 11 of 12

12 Residents of Westwood (without doorstep canvassing) Westwood-with-Iford School (to support School Travel Plan) Westwood Nursery School Westwood Women’s Institute Costcutter Local The New Inn Non-residents who are parents or carers of children at school in Westwood Children at Westwood-with-Iford School Supporters & Acknowledgements Slide 12 of 12

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