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Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD Anywhere Jo Doughty © SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY 2007.

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1 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD Anywhere Jo Doughty © SHEFFIELD HALLAM UNIVERSITY 2007

2 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD Anywhere CPD Anywhere has been developed to support the CPD wishes, needs and requirements of therapy radiographers and other HCP’s working in radiotherapy & oncology. How do we know this? It was developed in response to wishes expressed at a Consultation Workshop with Radiotherapy Managers and CPD Facilitators from departments all over the UK, held at SHU in November 2005.

3 Radiotherapy & Oncology In an ideal world…………… If there were no constraints or restrictions – what would be your education and/or training/CPD requirements? What, why, where and when? What would be on your CPD Christmas List for Santa?

4 Radiotherapy & Oncology Consultation Workshop Outcomes Flexibility Control over time/place/mode and pace of delivery More emphasis on e learning Local and regional delivery Credit rated and non-credit rated courses Explicit CPD guidance and support MISSION IMPOSSIBLE?

5 Radiotherapy & Oncology ‘ There are no problems..only solutions!!’

6 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD Anywhere CPD Anywhere is a flexible education and professional development support framework, developed specifically for therapy radiographers. CPD Anywhere facilitates access to CPD provision 'anytime, any place,anywhere!'

7 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD Anywhere CPD Anywhere has 3 dimensions: CPD VLE* CPD Doorstep Delivery CPD SHU

8 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD VLE This represents the electronic/online dimension of CPD Anywhere. It comprises a Blackboard site which forms part of SHU's virtual learning environment (VLE). CPD VLE provides an interactive, CPD related, information, resource and support centre. Not just a vehicle to facilitate and record CPD activity, but a massive resource for professional updating.

9 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD VLE There are 3 levels of access which can be subscribed to on CPD VLE. Level 1 – provides access to the entire range of CPD VLE resources. This allows registrants to:  view, download and utilise materials and resources on the site 24/7, 365 days a year;  share practice and exchange ideas and information with colleagues from your own and other departments via Discussion Boards.

10 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD VLE Level 2 – includes all level 1 features, but in addition this entitles registrants to:  access and utilise an e portfolio system (PebblePAD);  Within pebblePAD, access sample CPD portfolio frameworks and view an example e portfolio of a practising therapy radiographer; A key consideration here is that you have total control over who you allow to access, view, comment upon, copy or collaborate on (and for how long) your CPD webfolio.

11 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD VLE Level 3 – the ‘Full Monty.' In addition to all the features of levels 1 & 2, this entitles registrants to:  dedicated tutor support on and off line, from the Radiotherapy & Oncology Course Team at SHU (16 FT members of staff – all therapy radiographers);  guidance, support and feedback on potential portfolio (webfolio) inclusions or CPD related work.

12 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD VLE Level 3 cont. All requests for feedback and support to be directed to David Eddy (CPD Co-ordinator) initially. Requests are then referred, if this requires specialist consideration, to an appropriate member of the course team. In this way, the response will be co-ordinated, efficient and coherent. Departments currently registered on CPD VLE are Leeds, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Hull. Approx 225 staff in total, all with level 3 access.

13 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD 'Doorstep Delivery' This is the 2nd dimension of CPD Anywhere. 'Doorstep Delivery' is a flexible approach to education and training, bringing 'taught' CPD to you; This allows radiotherapy managers and departments to request 'bespoke' education and training tailored specifically to match local service needs, and delivered locally (fees negotiated on an individual basis); If there are a number of departments regionally, with the same or similar requirements, this can be delivered on a regional basis at an agreed venue.

14 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD 'Doorstep Delivery' The Radiotherapy & Oncology course team at SHU have previously responded to such requests on an ad hoc basis; This has included delivery of workshops, seminars and study days on for e.g. Portal Imaging, Reflective Practice, CPD Portfolio Development and Portfolio Development for Advanced Practice. Upcoming ‘Doorstep Delivery’ February 2007 includes – a weekday workshop at Preston on ‘Portfolio Development’ and a weekend study day at Stoke on ‘CPD and portfolio development.’ The scope and possibilities for 'Doorstep Delivery' clearly extend much wider than this.

15 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD 'Doorstep Delivery' If you would be interested in an informal discussion about your needs and requirements, please contact: David Eddy – CPD Co-ordinator Tel: 0114 2252379 E mail:

16 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD SHU This third dimension of CPD Anywhere focuses upon CPD provision which is delivered primarily at SHU and can take a variety of forms: Study Days Short Courses – non credit bearing Short Courses – credit bearing Independent Study and Work Based Learning Modules Conferences

17 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD SHU Study Days which currently include: 3D Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis Anatomy; Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care and from September 2007 will include a Head and Neck 3D Anatomy study day. CPD study days integrated with delivery of MSc modules are also routinely available. Short Courses – non credit bearing: Any of the modules offered through the MSc Radiotherapy & Oncology can be studied without submitting an assessment. Thus there would be no credit attached, but a Certificate of CPD Completion would be provided.

18 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD SHU Short Courses – credit bearing: Any of the modules offered through the MSc Radiotherapy & Oncology can be studied in taught or DL mode, as 'stand alone' modules. Independent Study or Work Based Learning modules: If you have a particular area of interest which is not catered for in our MSc, it is possible to negotiate an ISM or WBL module. ISM's tend to focus upon more theoretical explorations of the evidence base/literature. WBL modules focus on learning gained from the workplace and has both a practical and theoretical dimension.

19 Radiotherapy & Oncology CPD SHU Conferences The Radiotherapy in Practice conference provides an invaluable opportunity to interact with colleagues from across the UK and overseas. Uniquely, it is also possible to gain academic credit for conference attendance by studying the Radiotherapy in Practice module. Now a biannual event, Radiotherapy in Practice 4 is being hosted at SHU on 13th/14th September 2008.

20 Radiotherapy & Oncology Conferences – new for 2007  The first International conference on ‘Advanced Practice in Radiotherapy & Oncology’ to be hosted at SHU on 15 th and16 th September 2007.  For further information on conference themes, proffering a paper or attending the conference please visit the website: and follow the conference  For an informal discussion about presenting a paper or participating in a workshop, contact Angie Eddy. Advanced Practice Co-ordinator on Tel: 0114 2255768 or e mail:

21 Radiotherapy & Oncology And finally……. Similar to your CPD Portfolio's, the CPD VLE site will always be 'works in progress' as it should be. Like your CPD portfolio's, CPD VLE continues to evolve, be updated and develop over time. Current work in progress: - mapping CPD VLE to the KSF (Xmas 2006); - sample HPC profiles (January 2007); - guidance and support for Accreditation of Practice Educators (March 2007).

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