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1 Sodexo UK and Ireland Sharon Kyle: Head of Employee Engagement and Diversity 30 September 2010

2 On-site Service Solutionspage 2 About us  Sodexo is the world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions operating in 80 countries around the world with 380,000 employees  Our job is to improve daily life for private and public businesses to help them improve their performances  Our services range from consultancy to delivery of services within organisation and also include solutions for motivating employees such as childcare vouchers and loyalty programmes

3 About Sodexo

4 Diversity & Inclusion Why Does it Matter?

5 On-site Service Solutionspage 5 Most basic business case…. The most successful companies have a workforce which reflects the diversity of the clients, customers and communities they serve globally, locally and at all levels of the organisation. In challenging times, the retention, engagement and motivation of a diverse workforce become even more critical to help weather the storm and come out of the other end ahead of the competition

6 On-site Service Solutionspage 6 Focusing on diversity and inclusion… … helps us bring to life our values “[Diversity is] wholly in keeping with the values of our Group - service spirit, team spirit and spirit of progress. I am fully convinced that the diversity of our staffs’ ideas, origins, cultures and know-how is a source of innovation and progress, as well as a spur to growth for our Group.” Michel Landel – group CEO Sodexo

7 Putting the emphasis on our people

8 On-site Service Solutionspage 8 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Map Foster Diversity & Inclusion Attract, develop, engage and retain the best talents we need Demonstrate visible, tangible and accountable senior management commitment Understand and meet the needs of our employees and clients Communicate and celebrate our diversity internally and externally Equip our managers with the confidence to lead a diverse team Continually measure and share progress against our Diversity Action plans CREATE A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THROUGH OUR PEOPLE AND THEIR DIVERSITY

9 On-site Service Solutionspage 9 Senior management commitment D&I Council  Made up of 4 executive directors, 8 directors and 9 senior managers from around the business, our D&I Council is: ● A group committed to championing the integration of diversity into Sodexo’s everyday business activities and empowered to recommend changes ● In touch with diversity inclusion issues and successes across the organisation ● A reference group for the development of a diversity strategy and action plan ● Able to recommend actions to progress the plan ● Committed to furthering its own continuing education on new developments in diversity and what diversity best practice

10 On-site Service Solutionspage 10 “Equip our managers to lead a diverse team” Spirit of Inclusion Team – July 2009

11 On-site Service Solutionspage 11 “Communicate and celebrate our diversity”

12 On-site Service Solutionspage 12 “Communicate and celebrate our diversity”

13 So What?

14 On-site Service Solutionspage 14 It DOES make a difference…… …… to the confidence of our managers “It is an excellent programme and one which I am sure will drive out huge benefits for the business and also personally for the many people who will attend” “The course was very good, informative and it gets the mind thinking. On my next managers meeting I will have this subject as an agenda point.” "One of the best courses I have been on for getting the mix of information and participation right" "I thought it was going to be all fluffy and a bit of a box ticking exercise but actually it was really useful and thought provoking"

15 On-site Service Solutionspage 15 It DOES make a difference….. …….to the employees who serve our clients and customers ● More innovation in our products and services – eg patient meal options ● Happier, more motivated and engaged staff providing a better service ● Avoiding potential and unnecessary conflicts

16 On-site Service Solutionspage 16 Meet the Hillingdon team "I was concerned about what would happen to my bracelet when I heard about the bare below the elbows policy being introduced. I raised my concern and was very pleased that my worries were taken seriously by the team. We agreed a solution that we all found acceptable and I am delighted that after following the policy I can continue to wear my bracelet on the wards. Both Sodexo and the Trust really treated me well and respected my beliefs.“ Baljit Sadhara, Domestic Supervisor

17 On-site Service Solutionspage 17 It DOES make a difference…….. ….. by providing opportunities to exchange best practices with our clients - enriching both organisations ● To date through our diversity council we have joined forces with many clients across both the private and public service. In the NHS alone we are working with or have had requests from; -Hillingdon and Mount Vernon trust -Stoke Mandeville trust -Epsom -North Staffordshire trust

18 On-site Service Solutionspage 18 “Our clients have seen a noticeable difference in the way Sodexo managers are dealing with situations and are actively discussing the programme with them. In turn, our clients are now starting to approach us to work with them on enhancing their own diversity and inclusion programmes.” Simon Scrivens Managing Director – Sodexo Healthcare

19 On-site Service Solutionspage 19 “Diversity is a fact but inclusion often takes conscious effort” In other words – we need to choose to be inclusive as it does not always come naturally

20 On-site Service Solutionspage 20 5 reasons why this is relevant to Sodexo and you 1. It makes business sense to understand the diversity of our staff and clients/customers 2. By working in partnership with our clients we can share and gain new ideas and best practice 3. Raising awareness and providing information and tools on diversity for managers can help you to get the best out of your teams. 4. A happy and motivated team drives better retention, lower absence and less time resolving conflicts and grievance and disciplinary issues. 5. It give us improved ability to tap into the talent of our already diverse unit level workforce and increase diversity at more senior levels of the company.

21 Spirit of Inclusion film

22 Thankyou

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