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What connects all of these images? 1 32 4 56 7 89.

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1 What connects all of these images? 1 32 4 56 7 89

2 1

3 2

4 3

5 4

6 5

7 6

8 7

9 8

10 9

11 This is a ‘tor’ on Dartmoor Dartmoor is a National Park in Devon The underlying rock is granite Tors are found on hilltops and are the result of weathering of the granite

12 This cup is made of porcelain Fine porcelain is known as bone china It was made in Stoke on Trent Bone china is made from bone ash, china stone and china clay

13 This harbour is Fowey (pronounced ‘Foy’) It is in the south of Cornwall It used to export china clay Much of Cornwall’s china clay went by sea to Liverpool

14 This is a close up of a piece of granite Granite comprises three types of minerals: quartz is clear and greyish like glass mica is black and shiny feldspar is white (sometimes pink) The feldspar can be weathered by a process called ‘kaolinisation’ Many of the upland areas in Cornwall are underlain by granite

15 This cone is in Cornwall It is not a volcano! It is made of quarry waste

16 This is a pottery factory in Stoke on Trent It has been preserved as a museum The ‘chimneys’ are bottle ovens where porcelain was fired Stoke on Trent was linked by canal and railway to the port of Liverpool

17 This is a disused china clay pit in Cornwall China clay was quarried using powerful jets of water to break up weathered (kaolinised) granite The china clay (kaolin) then dried out as a powder

18 This is the Eden Project near St Austell in Cornwall It is located in a former china clay pit Inside one of the ‘biomes’ there is a real living, growing rainforest

19 These are granules of china clay or kaolin When granite is weathered, the feldspar crystals within it break down into china clay or kaolin China clay is an important ingredient for porcelain manufacture

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