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Tudor Wars By Oskar, Joseph, Joey, Stanley and Devonne. Hello I am your guide today!

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1 Tudor Wars By Oskar, Joseph, Joey, Stanley and Devonne. Hello I am your guide today!

2 Contents P1. Battle of Bosworth P2. Battle of Stoke P3. Weapons P4. Weapons 2 P5.Mary Rose P6.Mary Rose Facts P7.The Armada P8.The Guns of the Armada P9.Victory!!! P10.BYE BYE!!!

3 The Battle of Bosworth 1455-1485 The Battle of Bosworth ended a long, long war called the War Of The Roses, on the 22 nd of August. The War Of The Roses started in 1455 and ended in 1485. The sides were called Lancaster and York. King Richard III lead the house of York and Henry Tudor lead the house of Lancaster. P1

4 The Battle of Stoke The Battle of Stoke took place on 16 th June 1487. King Henry VII won the battle, partly because the house of York had no leadership and also because Henry VII had so many more men. York had precisely 9000 men. P2

5 Weapons The Mary Rose carried 207 guns and was Henry VIII’s favourite ship. If the crew did not obey orders they were whipped on the back. Gunpowder is very dangerous. If the ship is on fire and it reaches the gunpowder it explodes. One of the cabin boy’s jobs was to carry gunpowder to the cannon. Swords were used by foot soldiers, archers were at the back, horsemen at the front, and foot soldiers behind horsemen. P3

6 Weapons 2 The use of cannon and shots fired by gunpowder transformed war. Gunpowder was a mixture of sulphur, saltpeter and crushed charcoal. P4

7 The Mary Rose The Mary Rose was built for Henry VIII in 1509 and was finished in 1511. On board they ate: fish, pork, beef, cheese, butter and much more. The Mary Rose had 207 cannons with 91 guns. People kept a chest, there were 32 chests on board. The Mary Rose was named after king Henry VIII’s sister Mary Rose Tudor who died in 1533. The famous ship Mary Rose was sent to fight the French so they didn’t take over England but she sank while leading the English side of the war because too much was on it. Wow! The Mary Rose P5

8 The Mary Rose Facts What was left on the Mary Rose when it sank: Medical equipment Guns 91 cannons 138 long bows with 3,500 arrows P6

9 The Spanish Armada The cause of the Armada was Henry the VIII’s break with the Catholic church. The Armada was made of approximately 130 ships that king Philip II of Spain used in a battle against his sister in law Elizabeth I. Ships were called galleons in Tudor times p5

10 The Gun Advantages The Spanish guns were powerful but had a very short range however the British guns shot further but they weren't very accurate at aiming

11 The end of the Armada THE ENGLISH HAD WON!!!!!!!! YAY!!! After a long struggle the English had won the war.

12 BYE BYE !!! Thank you for watching our brilliant PowerPoint. P10 We hope you liked it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S IF YOU DIDN’T YOU WILL BE THROWN OVER BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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