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The Titanic To find out more click Titanic Passenger and Crew Biography and Titanic History | Encyclopae-dia Titanica The slides you will see will make.

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1 The Titanic To find out more click Titanic Passenger and Crew Biography and Titanic History | Encyclopae-dia Titanica The slides you will see will make you step into the past and will tell you much more about the titanic and how it sank.

2 Contents Page The Credits 12th page To Blame Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
Here are some pictures Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 THE ROOMS Page 8 White Star Line Page 9 Thomas Andrews Page 10 The End page is the 11th page The Credits 12th page Titanic’s Main Facts Captain Smith FAMOUS! To Blame

3 Here are some pictures Titanic under the sea now.
This is also a picture from the titanic now. This is a painting of Titanic sinking.

4 Titanic’s Main Facts Titanic RMS was built by the company White Star Line. The project was started in 1910 and was finished in 1912. The architect was Thomas Andrews. Titanic was on her first voyage when she hit the ice burg and sank (you will hear more about that throughout the slides) Bruce Ismay was the manager of white Star Line. The Captain of the Titanic was called Captain Edward John Smith, he was on his retirement trip. Unfortunately he died during the sinking of the Titanic. Titanic sank on April 15th 1912.

5 Captain Smith Captain Smith was born on the 27th January 1850 and died on the night Titanic sank he was 62 years old. He grew up in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, he attended a school called Etruria British School until he was 13 and made his way to Liverpool and started his own seafaring career. He finally became a White Star Line Captain in 1880 and his first command was gained in 1887 he commanded the following ships; THE REPUBLIC, THE COPTIC, MAJESTIC, BALTIC, ADRIATIC and THE OLYMPIC. Captain Smith always took his boats on their maiden voyage so he would have definitely (no surprise) taken Titanic on her first voyage. £1, 250 was rewarded in salary.

6 FAMOUS! Many people are interested in the titanic these are some of the things that have been done on The Titanic; there has been a song called ‘ My Heart Will Go on’ by Celine Dion. Also there are two films ‘A Night To Remember’ and the romantic film ‘The Titanic’.

7 The First Class Rooms There were 214 rooms for the rich First Class people. These rooms included a 1st class dining room where they ate and met with friends, a smoking room where gentlemen smoked, a 1st class lounge where music was played and they relaxed and a library where they read. There was also a gymnasium where they kept fit, a hairdresser where the staff styled passengers hair, for people who were ill there was a hospital. There were a couple of cafés to buy a snack: the veranda café and the café parisen, there was a promenade for people to stroll up and down on, the reception area, the state rooms the suite rooms which included the cabins, private promenade and many couches for people to relax on and finally there was a swimming pool to play and keep fit in. The Second Class Rooms In this Second Class there were 207 rooms. There was a quiet place for the people in 2nd class to send letters to there loved ones and in this room also was a place for them to read. There were dining rooms to eat and socialise, this room was very noisy. For when the 2nd class people were tired and needed some sleep there was many cabins. There was a lounge for people who wanted a rest, there was a smoking room for smokers, a promenade for people to walk around on and enjoy the views. For other rooms for the 2nd class people could have used were the 1st class swimming pool, their library and their gymnasium. The Third Class Rooms The 3rd class people didn’t have as much as the other classes did but they did enjoy the 3rd class dining room where they could meet with others they had the general rooms where they had the chance to do all the things they wanted to do! They had some deck space which was called a ‘Poop Deck’. They also had birth rooms.

8 White Star Line Bruce Ismay
This is the company that made The Titanic and employed Cp. Smith. The manager of this company is Bruce Ismay. He actually was on the Titanic. There are rumours (they may not be true) that he dressed up as a woman to get into a lifeboat. But Ismay protested there were no women left on the decks. The White Star Line originally were an Australian company unfortunately they went bankrupt and in 1887 Thomas Henry Ismay Brought the company for £1000. Harland and Wolff Harland and Wolff were the shipbuilder company. They were told what to build and they built it. Henry Ismay

9 Thomas Andrews Thomas Andrews was born on the 7th February 1873 in a village called Comber, County Down, Ireland. His courier was being a shipbuilder but for The Titanic he was the architect. He was known (very well) because of that. When he was 16 he stopped attending The Royal Belfast Academical Institution and then began a premium apprenticeship for Harland and Wolff. He died when he was 39 on the 15th April He died during the sinking of The Titanic

10 To Blame There have been two inquiries, one in Britain and one in America. For the crash, Murdock was to blame as he went around the ice burg which created a scrape on the side. Huge amounts of water then poured in. For the loss of lives Captain Lord was blamed, he didn’t come to the rescue. He ignored the flares (fireworks) and turned his radio off.

11 The End I hope you enjoyed this presentation on THE TITANIC. I hope you learned something and you understand more about the titanic

12 The Credits Made Martha Joy Felton Director Effects Produced

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