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Creative Bucks Driving Inspiration A Creative Bucks project.

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1 Creative Bucks Driving Inspiration A Creative Bucks project

2 Creative Bucks Find out more about the Paralympic Games How and why did they start? Ever wondered what the life of a Paralympic athlete is like…? What does it feel like to take part in the Games…? Photo: Wheelpower

3 Creative Bucks Driving Inspiration - an exciting arts project that could give you the answers… Art by Beaconsfield School

4 Creative Bucks Here’s the history… In 1943, during World War II, Dr Ludwig Guttmann set up a place in Stoke Mandeville where people with spine injuries could be treated. Dr Guttmann realised that playing sports and games could help people to recover. Photo: NSIC Photo: Wheelpower

5 Creative Bucks The very first Games In 1948, Dr Guttmann organised an archery demonstration to coincide with the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games. The event was a success and more and more events were added to the Stoke Mandeville Games. Photo: Wheelpower

6 Creative Bucks International competition By 1956, there were teams from 18 different nations taking part. Photo:NSIC

7 Creative Bucks The first Paralympic Games In 1960, the International Games were held in Rome immediately after the Olympic Games. These were the first games to be held somewhere other than Stoke Mandeville. They are now seen as the first “Paralympic Games”. Photo: Margaret Maughan

8 Creative Bucks 1988 From 1988, it was agreed that the host city awarded the Olympic Games should also host the Paralympic Games afterwards. Photo: John Harris

9 Creative Bucks London 2012 Paralympic Games The Paralympic Games are going to be a great occasion. games/about-the-olympic-and-paralympic- games/about-the-paralympic- games/paralympic-games-video games/about-the-olympic-and-paralympic- games/about-the-paralympic- games/paralympic-games-video

10 Creative Bucks Meet some of our Paralympians Naomi Riches - Rowing Claire Harvey – Sitting Volleyball Sophie Christiansen - Equestrian Clare Strange – Wheelchair Basketball

11 Creative Bucks The 2012 Paralympic mascot The mascot’s name Mandeville is inspired by the ‘home of the Paralympics’, Stoke Mandeville.

12 Creative Bucks Driving Inspiration and the 2012 Paralympic Games Find out what it’s like to be a Paralympian and show this through artwork… drawing, painting, photography, dance, sculpture…

13 Creative Bucks Drama Buckingham Primary School performing 'Icarus‘.

14 Creative Bucks Film-making Children filming with Gary Thomas for their mini documentary.

15 Creative Bucks Music Making a music score about the emotions behind competing and achieving, and then going on to make the music!

16 Creative Bucks Driving Inspiration is …an inspiration! “We really enjoyed their inspirations and it gave us more ideas on how we can be inspired by music.” (Pupils Oak Green Primary School) “We think the art was amazing. The work was so beautiful.” (Pupil Cressex Community School) ‘I now know that despite my difference, I can succeed‘. (Pupil Rye College)

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