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Workshop Presented by Pakistan Scrabble Association.

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1 Workshop Presented by Pakistan Scrabble Association

2 To gain knowledge about the game of Scrabble To learn how to play competitively To encourage our children to participate in a healthy family activity To promote the game throughout Pakistan But mainly…… To have fun and enjoy ourselves Objectives

3 History of Scrabble Scrabble was invented in USA in 1948 by Alfred Butts, an out of work architect. Initially rejected by all game manufacturers, Butts and a friend started manufacturing and selling up to 2,400 sets a year. The game really gained popularity when the owner of Macy’s discovered the game while on holiday and ordered some Scrabble sets for his store. Today the game is played all over the world in over 50 languages. Over 3 million (original) sets are sold worldwide every year.

4 World Scrabble Scrabble is popular around the world – many countries (including Pakistan) hold annual championships. It is the # 1 educational game in the world. The World Scrabble Championship (WSC) is held every two years in various countries around the world. New format is being applied from December 2013 and WSC will be an annual event onwards. Over 40 countries take part in the World Championships. The last WSC was held in Warsaw, Poland and was won by Nigel Richards of New Zealand.

5 Pakistan Scrabble Association has over 600 registered members and is growing every day. The association has progressed steadily under the able leadership and guidance of our President Mrs. Goshpi Avari. Goshpi Avari is a well known sporting personality of Pakistan and has won a gold medal in the Asian Games in New Delhi. The Pakistan Scrabble Association is headquartered at the Beach Luxury Hotel. Scrabble in Pakistan The Pakistan Scrabble Association (PSA) is a non- profit organization formed in 1989 with the agenda of promoting the game of Scrabble in Pakistan.

6 Scrabble in Pakistan PSA holds regular tournaments for all levels of players, from beginners to intermediate to expert levels. PAKISTAN NATIONAL SCRABBLE CHAMPIONSHIP This is PSA’s flagship tournament and has been held every year for the last 20 years. This year it will be held in 3 rd Quarter 2013. INTER-SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIP This is the most popular of all PSA tournaments. 400-600 students from all major schools participate each year.

7 Scrabble in Pakistan CHAMPIONS TROPHY Top ranked local players participate in this prestigious event annually. MONTHLY RANKING TOURNAMENTS This is a monthly tournament which is held for members of all skill levels. WEEKLY SCRABBLE GAMES Weekly games are held at Beach Luxury Hotel for all members.

8 Scrabble in Pakistan Players having the most consistent winning record during the year are chosen to represent Pakistan at the World Championships. Top ranked players Waseem Khatri and Wajid Iqbal were selected to represent Pakistan at the 2011 World Scrabble Championships in Warsaw - Poland Waseem KhatriWajid Iqbal

9 World Youth Scrabble Championship (WYSC) Pakistan is Participating in WYSC since last 3 years –2010 in Philippines –2011 in Malaysia –2012 in England Our team has shown significant improvement after every tournament 2013 WYSC is scheduled in UAE and we will finalize the team in last quarter


11 Scrabble Benefits Increases vocabulary – players learn new words without even realizing it. Helps improve memory Enhances language skills

12 Scrabble Benefits Builds logic & thinking skills Strengthens math skills Sharpens analytical and strategic planning skills

13 Scrabble Benefits Builds teamwork Demands good spelling Facilitates self learning Encourages use of a dictionary

14 Proof that the pictures are not fake

15 Scrabble at home and in School A great family game Gaining popularity in schools all over the world A healthy and constructive activity An inexpensive pastime Portable – can be played anywhere.

16 So, do you want to learn how to play?


18 Equipment Required 1.Scrabble Set 2.Pen / Paper for scoring 3.Dictionary or Word List (Collins Word List is the official tournament reference). 4. Chess clock (optional) Scrabble can be played by two, three or four players.

19 The Scrabble Board: Premium squares are color coded and have specific values. Red - Triple Word Score. Multiply the score of the whole word by 3 Pink - Double Word Score Multiply the score of the whole word by 2 Light Blue - Double Letter Score. Multiply the letter on this square by 2 Dark Blue-Triple Letter Score. Multiply the letter on this square by 3

20 Scrabble Tiles Scrabble is played with exactly 100 tiles. 98 of these tiles contain letters on them, while there are 2 blank tiles. Each tile has a point value printed on it. Blank tiles are wildcards i.e. they can be substituted for any letter in the alphabet. The blank has no point value but is regarded as the most powerful of all tiles.

21 = 9 = 2 = 4 = 12 = 2 = 3 = 2 = 9 = 1 = 4 = 2 = 6 = 8 = 2 = 1 = 6 = 4 = 6 = 4 = 2 = 1 = 2 = 1 = 2 Tile Distribution Alfred Butts spent a lot of time each day counting the frequency of letters appearing on the front page of the New York Times. This helped him decide on the letter frequency for the game.

22 Scrabble Basics Two to four players may play in a game of Scrabble. The object of Scrabble is to score more points than your opponent. A player collects points by placing words on the game board. Each letter has a different point value, so the strategy is to play words with high scoring letter combinations. Standard game time is 50 minutes with each player getting 25 minutes each. There is no time limit per move. If a player uses more than 25 minutes, he/she is fined up to 10 points per additional minute used.

23 Starting the Game Without looking into the tile bag, each player takes one tile out of the bag. The player closest to “A” starts first. Each player begins their turn by drawing seven tiles apiece from the bag. The player can do one of three things on a turn: 1.The player may combine two or more letters to form a word and place it on the board 2.Exchange any number of tiles on the rack (by forfeiting a turn) 3.Pass A word can be played horizontally or vertically (diagonal moves are not acceptable). The first word played MUST touch the center star. The star acts as a Double Word Score for the first turn.

24 A turn is complete when the player places the tiles on the board, announces and records the score on the score-sheet. Once the turn is complete – the player draws new tiles from the tile bag, adding until the number of tiles on the rack equals seven.

25 The next player adds another word by joining or interlocking with the word already on the board in the following manner: Playing a word by adding / extending the word already on the board. By bridging tiles already on the board Playing a word using a tile already on the board. Playing parallel to a word already played.

26 This is called a BINGO!! The Fifty Point Bonus A player is able to use all seven tiles to form a word on the board earns a 50 point bonus in addition to the actual score.

27 Bingo Example: All seven letters are used to create the word MATCHES. In this case, the blank is used as an “M”. Quiz: Calculate the total score for this Bingo. Ans: 73 points

28 Scoring Players are required to announce the score after completing their move. Each player keeps score. It is the responsibility for each player to check their opponent’s plays and scores. Both players should tally scores periodically during the game and also at the end of the game. The winner is the player with the highest score.

29 Exchanging Tiles / Missing a turn A player may change any number of tiles on the rack, however to do so, the player must miss a turn. Players are allowed to miss a turn. However, three consecutive misses by both players results in ending of the game.

30 Ending the game The game ends in one of the following manners: 1.One player goes out by playing all the tiles on the rack with no tiles remaining in the bag. In this case, the player who has used all his tiles adds to his score the total value of the opponent’s leftover tiles (MULTIPLIED BY TWO). 2. There have been 6 successive scoreless turns – i.e. each player misses 3 consecutive turns resulting from inability to play. In this case, both players minus the total value of their own tiles from their own score.

31 Scrabble Tips Winning ways – how to become a super Scrabble Player

32 Know your Two Letter Words: Two letter words are the most critical components in increasing your score. There are slightly over 100 two letter words – the importance of learning these cannot be emphasized enough. Some of the words such as ZO, OS, TI and OM may sound odd at, but all have proper meanings and are valid words in the dictionary. They are useful to create parallel plays or for squeezing in a good play on a blocked board. Good Scrabble players know most of these two letter words and a significant number of three letter words.

33 Know the Premium Tiles Tiles such as J, Z, Q & X are the power tiles in the bag owing to their high point value. Try to use these early in the game. S is a premium tile - it is helpful in making Bonuses. The two blanks are able to substitute for any letter and are the most valuable tiles in Scrabble. A good player Scrabble will most times use a blank to play a Bingo.

34 Rack Control Aim for a good score while trying to maintain a balanced rack with a reasonable selection of letters. Shuffle your tiles….. Change the order and you may find some high scoring words you didn’t notice earlier. Sometimes it is better to sacrifice a few points in order to maintain a balanced rack. Quiz: In a rack containing the letters I I I O T J D what would be a better play – IDIOT or JOT?

35 Board Control Avoid opening up high-scoring opportunities for your opponent- e.g. Triple Word Scores. If you are well ahead, keep the board tight – if you are way behind, keep the board open. Look for multiple scoring opportunities on the board. If your opponent uses one opening, you may be able to counter by using another. Look for the hot spots, better known as the bonus squares on the. One triple word score can make or break a game.

36 Know When to Challenge If your opponent plays an unfamiliar word, CHALLENGE it! Always challenge the last turn if you are not absolutely sure of the word — you have nothing to lose. A challenge does not incur a penalty.

37 Know when to change An occasional player normally does not change letters – thinking it is a waste of a turn. Following are times when it is advisable to change: When your rack is not balanced – e.g. if you have too many vowels or too many consonants and cannot play them. When you have multiple letters e.g. 4 Ns and 3 Ts.

38 Hooks Hooks are the one letter that will spell a new word when added either before or after a word already on the board. For example: LASH becomes FLASH, HOST becomes GHOST, COME becomes COMET Quiz: Which letters will hook onto the word RAIN?

39 Time Strategy You have 25 minutes to play the game. Use it wisely. As a rule, try not to take more than 2 minutes for each move. Leave enough time for the ENDGAME. This is when there are only a few tiles left and you need time to strategize the best moves.

40 Be Positive If you think you have a proper word, try it. Sometimes the words just flow, sometimes not – but remember that everyone has good and bad spells of luck. Accept your losses…………..AND your wins graciously. Do your best, respect your opponent. Above all – ENJOY THE GAME.

41 PSA Online: Visit us at


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