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Serena Release Control for Z Series Donal Falvey – Regional Services Manager.

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1 Serena Release Control for Z Series Donal Falvey – Regional Services Manager

2 What Drives Change In Your Application Environment ? New Business Application Modernization Mergers & Acquisitions Regulation Compliance Defects Issues Emergencies 2

3 Causes Of Unplanned Outage Source - Gartner Technology 20% Operations Error 40% Application Failure 40% Source: Gartner Group 40% Outages Related To Poor SCM Processes

4 Introducing ChangeMan ZMF Comprehensive SCM for the mainframe End-to-end software configuration management for the mainframe Process and workflow Release management Enterprise Release Option Serena Release Manager Protects software assets, controlling all change across the enterprise Automated reports showing what changed Easy to create test levels by application with dynamic approval lists Ensures system integrity through staged deployments

5 Multiple User Interfaces Ease of use and administration Choice of user interface, depending on role ISPF for traditional mainframe development Windows Explorer plug-in IDE integration Eclipse Websphere Web browser visibility Simple implementation and use Concurrent/Parallel Development Modern extensibility Webservices, XML

6 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Lifecycle Automation Package Oriented Maintains All Components Of A Change Flexible & Adaptable Development Life-Cycle Implicit Support For Parallel & Concurrent Development Fast To Implement & Easy To Use Full Audit Trail

7 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Locates Copybook to Source, Subroutine to Load Member PROC to JCL, Source to Load Member, Source scanning

8 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Create Package Package Contains all components to be changed Source, Executable, DB Components, Doc, Etc Planned/Emergency, Permanent/Temporary

9 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Checkout Staging Libraries Created Using Application, Package Number and Library Type Promotion Libraries Created Single or Mutliple Checkouts

10 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Stage Load Members Create Edit Files in Staging Libraries Compile/Link into Promotion Libraries

11 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Audit Checks package complete and logically correct MUST RUN Prior to Freeze Customisable Severities

12 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Promote Members Automatically Copied between Libraries Unit Testing, Acceptance Testing, etc

13 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Freeze No Further Package Changes Allowed Install Jobs Created Approvers Informed Audit Checked Any changes between Audit and Freeze highlighted

14 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Approve Dynamic Approvals Multiple Access ISPF, Windows, Web Browser Full Access to Package Contents

15 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Install Install Jobs Executed Final Approvals Internal ChangeMan Scheduler or External Scheduler Copies to Production Baseline Ripple

16 Create Checkout Stage Freeze Test Approve Install Backout Audit Impact Analysis Backout Complete Package Backout Load, source, doc, etc Package in BAK status Need to Re-audit, re-freeze, re-approve, Install

17 Serena Release Manager Beyond the Mainframe 17

18 ChangeMan ZMF Path to Production With Release Planning and Control 18

19 ChangeMan ZMF Integration With Release Planning and Control 19

20 Why ChangeMan ZMF? Reduces cost Enhanced visibility optimizes resources Enhances quality Enhanced control, while improving collaboration across the enterprise Mitigates risk Full traceability from project inception to deployment Streamlined regulatory compliance Team support Configuration management Change management Build and release support Process management Project support Usability Administration 12345678910 Ranked #1 by Ovum Research

21 What Drives Change In Your System Environment ? System Upgrades Software Patches Software Rationalization Migration Consolidation Disaster Recovery Application Retirement 21

22 How can you tell … What is changing? What is not? Why is it changing? By whom and when? Was this the only change? How you can recover? Were you notified? Can you replicate it? 22

23 ChangeMan® SSM Introducing ChangMan SSM 23

24 ChangeMan SSM SSM Components/Facilities Implementation Change Tracking Reference Tracking PDS Member Level Protection Detection and Synchronization Redundancy Detection (by content) Distribution of maintenance and newly installed software SNAPSHOT Facility SSM Product Panel Views (Main Functions) 24

25 ChangeMan SSM Overview A Member of the ChangeMan family Manages access and change to infrastructure software datasets Verifies synchrony Packages changes for distribution and apply processing System software Local customizations Third party Software Virtually any group of data sets InfrastructureInfrastructure ApplicationsApplications

26 Change Tracking Provides Traceability – Data set and member level changes Assists with Change Identification and Recovery Audit Compliance – Improved accountability and change history Member Reference Tracking (MRT) – Tracks activity / inactivity Member Level Security (MLS) – Protects access to specific PDS members by unauthorized users

27 Fingerprint Datasets to Speed Change Detection Fingerprinting Detection & Synchronization Fingerprint data set t t t = t C AB Composite Data Set TOKEN (8 bytes) PDS Member Tokens (8 bytes each) IPLAA1 SYS1.PARMLIB (LNKLST00) … (LNKLST09) Change Tracking SSM Databases (stored tokens)

28 Change Tracking Design Group Admin (Systems) User1 User2 (Alt) User3 Group Admin (Products) User1 User2 User3 Group Admin (Chg Control) User1 User2 SYS 1 DSN1 DSN2 DSN3 DSN4 PRD 1 DSN5 DSN7 DSN9 CHG 1 DSN1 DSN2 DSN6 DSN8 PRD 2 DSNA DSNB DSN1 SSM Change Tracking Databases Contains Information about: Group Administrators Group Names Users defined to each Group Tracked data sets in Groups

29 Content Based Change Detection Fast hashing process provides absolute detection of change An 8 byte token represents the contents of a member/data set Data sets do not have to be local to identify if they are in/out of synchrony, or exist in one environment, and not the other The contents of an entire DASD volume can be represented by a 1-3 cylinder fingerprint data set A0DC0C2A - 00051AC2 A0DC0C2A - 00051AC2 IPLAA1 SYS1.PARMLIB (LNKLST00) … (LNKLST09) IPLAA2 SYS1.PARMLIB (LNKLST00) … (LNKLST09) = =

30 Tunable Change Tracking Each work group can Track data sets of their responsibility/interest Critical data sets can be designated for “Delta Tracking” (backup members stored in GDG format) Backup members stored in compressed format Granularity – track data sets as a logical group Volume Level Data Set Group Application Software Product Concatenated Libraries Shared/Personal Libraries New Installation Projects Single Data Set

31 SSM databases enable on-line and batch reporting ChangeMan SSM Tracking System ChangeChangeManSSM HPSISTOW HPSICLOS CSA Update Queries Notifications File Updates SSM Front-ends Stow Close

32 Events Statistics for Group: SSM823 Command ====> Enter S to select Type(s) and/or Category from one column at a time. Object: STRSUP.SSM823.INSTALL catlg Events: 169 ( _ ) 11 Added ( _ ) 0 Uncat ( _ ) 0 VS-upd ( _ ) 0 Delete ( _ ) 0 DS-upd ( _ ) 0 VS-reo ( _ ) 23 Update ( _ ) 1 Reloc ( _ ) 0 VS-def ( _ ) 0 Status ( _ ) 0 Comprs ( _ ) 0 VS-del ( _ ) 0 Linked ( _ ) 0 Scrtch ( _ ) 0 VSAM ( _ ) 0 Zapped ( _ ) 0 Migrat ( _ ) 1 Rename ( _ ) 0 NameTo ( _ ) 0 SMF ( _ ) 109 Backup ( _ ) 0 NameFr ( _ ) 24 Restore ( _ ) 1 DATASET ( _ ) 0 MEMsmf ( _ ) 35 MEMBER (Selects all events except Backup and Restore) Optional: Member Selection: ==> * * Pattern Period: - Last n Hours ==> 1 thru 99 or Yesterday ==> Y or blank or Last n Days ==> 1 thru 99 or Date Range ==> 2006/01/01 To ==> 2006/03/12 yyyy/mm/dd

33 Improved Audit Compliance Identify changes, and access to tracked data sets Change history is maintained in a database Automated backup of critical PDS members (Delta Tracking) Data set/Member recovery to any previous date/time Change notification ChangeMan SSM RTCT Member Event Notification HOST: S001.SERENA.COM Type of event: UPDATE - This member has been updated Member name: IMPORT Data Set name: STRSUP.SSM823.INSTALL Volume: SRSMAA Date: 2006/03/14 Time: 11:02:27 Update by User: BSCHEED Program: IKJEFT01 Job: BSCHEED LPAR: S001

34 Problem Determination & Recovery Problem Determination Query the on-line database (Track Group/data set level) Identify the latest change(s) incurred Answers the questions who, when, what... What were the actual changes Recovery Restore backup member(s) on-line. Eliminate/reduce backup tape recalls. Recover an entire PDS as it existed at a previous date/time Assists with re-runs and testing

35 Reference Tracking Member Level Reference Tracking (MRT) Allows sites to identify references to data sets and PDS members Provides reporting of un-referenced data sets and members, (unused software)

36 Member Level Protection Member Level Security (MLS) Allows SSM administrator(s) to designate who has access to specified data set/members, by TSO UserID or RACF Group/Entity

37 Redundancy Detection Facility Redundancy Detection (by content) Identifies duplicate data sets or members Groups redundant groups in two ways: Highest recoverable space Highest number of redundancies Scalable, from a single data set to the entire DASD pool Helps to reduce storage charge-back expenses Elimination of duplicate data assists in reducing resources required for backups, offsite storage, and the potential errors

38 Change Detection and Synchronization SSM Process and Automation Comparison Facilities Change Identification Change Baskets for Change Distribution New Product Installation Distribution Data Center Relocations and Migrations Enhancing the Business Resumption Process Maintain Synchrony between Production and Business Resumption Sites

39 Detection (Comparison Facilities) Assists with combining libraries by comparing and identifying duplicate content members. Fast/Scalable Comparisons: DSN to DSN DSN Group to DSN Group Volume to Volume Data Set MODELing and MASKing facilities are available for SSM comparisons. Comparison of remote environments utilizing a Fingerprint data set. Fingerprint Data Set Remote Environment Representation

40 Packaging / Applying Changes User Before Change FGP After Change FGP Change Basket APPLY EXPORT

41 Maintaining a Standby Site Fingerprint The Environment Incur change over time Re-fingerprint The Environment & Generate Change Basket Transfer Change Basket Data Set Apply or Accumulate Basket(s) Synchronization Verification Production Site Recovery Site (Start Here)

42 ChangeMan SSM Package Distribution ChangeMan SSM Approach: Only packages changes for efficiency A single sequential data set is transmitted containing all the changes Change baskets can be cumulative, where they are shipped daily, and applied weekly, or as necessary Initial Synchrony Apply Full Backup Initial Synchrony Apply Full Backup Change Basket Time Source Site Target Site

43 Tunable Change Propagation System datasets Every 24 hours Production Application A Every 12 hours Production Application B Once a week Change Basket Source Site Recovery / Target Site

44 Protection From Human Error Remember eBay? According to a survey by The Disaster Recovery Journal, only 3% of data loss was attributed to disasters. Human error is responsible for 32% of all data loss.

45 Faster Disaster Recovery Provides for the recovery systems environment to be in sync with production. Greatly reducing recovery time for critical operations.  ChangeMan SSM assists with fast, reliable recovery Transmitted Change Baskets Vs.

46 Large Bank – A Recovery Time Saving Example Before SSM – 2 weeks Versus 2 days with ChangeMan SSM 6 Hour Environment recovery 18 Hour Application recovery 48 Hour Data Center recovery capabilities Resource savings CPU I/O Network

47 Customer Examples Large Bank B - uses ChangeMan SSM to track changes to system datasets, and to see who are accessing members of certain critical system libraries Large Bank C - found that they can identify maintenance impacts on a volume in 15 minutes vs. 24 hours using IBM SuperC, with minimal setup.

48 Reducing Planned Downtime (maintenance) Maintenance windows reduced from 8 to 1 hour per system System Programmer builds and tests SMPE target volume on a primary build site ChangeMan SSM replicates tested SMPE target volumes Tested maintenance can be replicated to several systems with a single change basket SMPE Build Site Production System Image

49 Example: System Relocation Virginia development systems moved to Missouri data center. Application libraries and ChangeMan ZMF system copied and shipped. Over 33,000 libraries synchronized for 30 days using ChangeMan SSM Change Baskets, between the two data centers. On final move date, saving 23 hours wall clock time, many man- hours, and one corporate jet flight, by not having to backup, transport, restore these libraries.

50 Snapshot Facility Site differences can be verified/audited at any time Verification that all data sets are in-place prior to recovery or recovery testing Identifies attribute/allocation differences, and missing data sets Reduces x37 type abends Verifies all data sets are present, prior to starting DR testing, or application testing at an alternate site = ? ?

51 SNAPSHOT Compare / Verification SNAPSHOT Local Volumes SNAPSHOT Remote Volumes COMPARE SNAPSHOT Data Sets Reports on: DCB, Space, Attribute, Directory Exceptions Missing Data Sets

52 Optimizing Data Center Change Lower Planned/Unplanned Downtime Improve Traceability of Changes Automate site synchronization Provides enhanced problem determination and recovery processes Manage Datasets to… Identify/eliminate unused software licenses (MRT) Identify and remove redundant and duplicated data to recover space, and eliminate potential issues they could cause.

53 Thank You 53

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