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North American Ambulance Alliance Webinar/Teleconference Sharing.

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1 North American Ambulance Alliance Webinar/Teleconference Sharing

2 N3A Webinars Infrastructure offering: – Unlimited, scheduled webinar access with – 100 participant capacity 100 at one meeting or, 4 meetings with 25 participants, or Any combination

3 Webinar Definitions Teleconference – A voice meeting conducted via telephone Participants call a designated phone number and enter a specific meeting access code Webinar – Combined teleconference and online collaboration between participants Participants call a designated phone number/enter a specific access code AND log into a website which allows the presenter to show ANY application on the presenter’s computer desktop screen, typically a Power Point Presentation

4 N3A Offering Our system allows webinars or teleconference calls to be conducted every hour of every day More and more organizations are conducting cost effective, scheduled and impromptu, meetings reducing travel & travel related expenses Each affiliate organization can schedule as many meetings as they require

5 Scheduling a Webinar Step 1: To schedule a meeting click “Host” Step 2: Enter your meeting details

6 Webinar Scheduling Step 3: Create meeting name. Step 4: Create meeting time and date Step 5: IF YOU WANT to password protect your meeting, enter the password here

7 Webinar Scheduling Step 6: Click Manage Contacts

8 Step 7: Click Manage Contacts Webinar Scheduling Step 8A: Click new Folder 8B: Click new contact Step 7: Highlight Private contacts

9 Webinar Scheduling Step 9: Have application send out e- mail invitations for you

10 Webinar Scheduling Step 10: Click “Add Recipients to add e-mail addresses Step 11: Or add e-mail address for one time message

11 Webinar Scheduling Step 12: Choose this option of you want to use the telephone for voice. Not checking this will use your computer’s microphone and speakers Step 13: If you wish to automatically permit people to join without you

12 Webinar Scheduling Step 14: Choose this option if you allow people to view text typed before they joined. Step 15: Choose this option if you want to show people you are online

13 E-mail invitations Our system is set up to automatically invite anyone for whom you wish to invite. – There is a registration site where guests can register for a scheduled event Via Guest Survey prior to entering webinar – There is an impromptu site where last minute meetings can send out invitations

14 Registration Pages Guests enter fields that you wish to collect. – This is done by creating a survey that is required of guests to answer prior to participating to the webinar – Typical fields could be Name Organization Telephone number Current member and so on…

15 Webinar Registered Guests We’ll show you guests that have registered for your event

16 During the Webinar Presenters have the ability to: – Mute all guests – Open mic for continuous conversations – Remove guest/guests from the conference – Broadcast video from their webcam See video from other in meeting who have webcams – Send out Polls to ask people to answer questions – Highlight and bring attention to presentations – Broadcast any and all medias, including interactive excel documents Including power point, word, excel, pdf, and others – AND MORE!

17 Cost Each affiliate to the N3A will receive unlimited scheduled webinars/teleconference – 100 seat capacity Statistics on usage E-mail invitation access $1,000/year with no additional charges – Additional charges maybe incurred by affiliate for extensive additional online customization services

18 N3A Affiliate Benefits As an N3A Affiliate, your membership will provide you: – Access to N3A Membership for a twice a year e-mail blitz N3A will send out your e-mail More than the allotted e-mails may incur additional fees – Recognition on and other affiliated Discounted banners/ad space Solicitation of registered e-mails – Two e-mails per year

19 N3A Affiliate Benefits Unlimited access to present your product(s) in the “Market Place” segment of our Educational Series* Market Place is an all day event each Friday – *Requires advance scheduling Earn revenue from the N3A by creating a referral network with your existing clientele

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