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Tennessee State University New Employee Benefits Orientation.

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1 Tennessee State University New Employee Benefits Orientation

2 Instructions You may use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate the presentation Go through the entire presentation. Most of your questions will be answered Complete all of the forms prior to your benefits meeting. This will expedite the process. Premiums begin on page 12 If you complete the forms online, you must print them out so they may be signed Tennessee State University

3 Materials The Eligibility & Enrollment Guide is to be used in conjunction with this presentation.Eligibility & Enrollment Guide Tennessee State University

4 Materials Cont. The Enrollment Guide gives you information on the available coverage as well as premium costs. You should have received this booklet in your Welcome package.Enrollment Guide The Enrollment Form is what you will complete to enroll yourself & any eligible dependents into health coverageEnrollment Form If you choose not to enroll, this form still must be completed—select REFUSE, sign & date form Tennessee State University

5 What’s Available To You Medical – Blue Cross Blue Shield or CignaBlue Cross Blue Shield Cigna Dental – Delta or AssurantDelta Assurant Vision – EyeMed or VSPEyeMed VSP Basic Term Life Insurance – Minnesota LifeMinnesota Life Optional Term Life Insurance - Minnesota LifeMinnesota Life Long Term Disability – Prudential Tennessee State University

6 What’s Available To You Cont. Long Term Care – MedAmericaMedAmerica Aflac Products Aflac TNStars 529 Plan Retirement – Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) or the Optional Retirement Plans (ORP) TIAA-CREF, Valic, or VoyaTCRSTIAA-CREFValicVoya Empower Retirement – 401k, 401k ROTH, 403b Empower Retirement Tennessee State University

7 When To Enroll You have 31 days (including weekends & holidays) from your date of hire (which may be different from the date you signed your contract) to enroll If you are NOT enrolling in coverage, you still need to submit paper work waiving coverage Tennessee State University

8 When Does Coverage Begin? Health, dental, vision & life insurance begin on the first day of the month following your hire date. For example, if you are hired on September 15 th, your coverage would begin on October 1 st. Premiums are deducted 1 month in advance. Please note that any paperwork received after the 15 th of the month may cause you to incur a double premium deduction the following month Tennessee State University

9 Insurance Cards If you enroll in medical, dental & vision, you will receive 4 cards. The 4 th card you will receive is the CVS/Caremark prescription card. This card must be presented to your pharmacist if you are purchasing a prescription. You may use any pharmacy. You should receive cards about 2-3 weeks after you submit your paperwork. Tennessee State University

10 Who is Eligible for Coverage? Full time employees as well as some temporary & part time employees who work 30 hours per week* Eligible employees may enroll dependents: – Spouse (must be legally married) – Children up to age 26 including natural, adopted or step-children & children for whom the employee is the legal guardian Tennessee State University

11 Notice to TennCare Enrollees You must contact your caseworker at the Department of Human Services (DHS) within 10 days of your date of employment Report to DHS your new job, salary & that you have access to medical insurance with your new employer Tennessee State University

12 Adding or Changing Coverage There are only 3 times you may add health coverage: 1.As a new employee 2.During the fall Annual Enrollment Transfer Period (AETP) Tennessee State University

13 Adding or Changing Coverage Cont. 3. If you experience a Special Qualifying Event – A specific life change, such as marriage, birth of a baby or something that results in loss of other coverage – You must submit paperwork within 60 days of the event or loss of other coverage Tennessee State University

14 Canceling Coverage You may only cancel health, dental or vision coverage for yourself or your dependents: 1.During AETP (open enrollment) in the fall 2.If you become ineligible to continue coverage 3.If your experience a Special Qualifying Event Tennessee State University

15 Definitions Premiums – the amount you pay each month for coverage Co-pay – flat dollar amount you pay for services & products such as doctor visits & prescriptions Deductible – set dollar amount that you pay out-of- pocket each year for services that require co- insurance (i.e. surgery) Co-insurance – form of payment where you pay a percentage of the cost for a service after meeting your deductible Tennessee State University

16 Definitions Cont. Out-of-Pocket Maximum – the limit on the amount of money you will have to pay each year in deductibles & co-insurance. It limits how much you pay for certain in-network services that require co- pays. Network – a group of doctors, hospital & other health care providers who have contracted with a health insurance plan to provide services to members at pre-negotiated (& usually) discounted fees. Tennessee State University

17 Health Care Plans The Partnership PPO & the Standard PPO both cover the EXACT same services (Blue Cross Blue Shield & Cigna) See page 11 of the Enrollment Guide for Partnership Promise requirements.Enrollment Guide See page 12 of the Enrollment Guide for comparison costs of the Partnership Plans & the Standard PlansEnrollment Guide Tennessee State University

18 Available Options There are 4 premium levels to choose from in health, dental & vision: Employee Only Employee + Child(ren) Employee + Spouse Employee + Spouse + Child(ren) Tennessee State University

19 Health Care Options There are 2 health insurance options: – Partnership PPO – Standard PPO – PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organizations – You may visit any doctor you want, but visiting doctors IN-NETWORK will save you money Tennessee State University

20 Heath Care Options Cont. Cigna Local Plus is available only in Middle Tennessee If you select this plan, you must visit a certain network of Cigna doctors You still have the opportunity to select from Partnership PPO or Standard PPO In-network Cigna Local Plus doctors will save you money Tennessee State University

21 Partnership Promise New hires & their covered spouses must: Complete the online Well-Being Assessment Get a bio-metric screening Complete both requirements within 120 of your coverage start date. You must complete these requirements every year in which you are in the Partnership Plan Children do not complete the Partnership Promise Visit Partners for Health for more info or see page 11 of the Enrollment GuidePartners for Health Enrollment Guide Tennessee State University

22 Choosing an Insurance Carrier You may contact the insurance vendors directly to see if your doctor participates in a particular plan All phone numbers & websites are on the inside cover of the Enrollment GuideEnrollment Guide The websites will have the most up-to-date information Tennessee State University

23 Premiums Medical premiums for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna & Cigna Local Plus can be found on page 12 of the Enrollment GuideEnrollment Guide Dental premiums for Delta Dental of Tennessee & Assurant can be found on page 15 of the Enrollment GuideEnrollment Guide Vision premiums can be found on page 17 of the Enrollment GuideEnrollment Guide Tennessee State University

24 Premiums Cont. If you live in East or West Tennessee, please note Cigna Local Plus is not available in that area Please visit VSP & Aflac for the TBR plansVSP Aflac Tennessee State University

25 Pharmacy Benefits If you choose medical coverage, you will receive a CVS Caremark card. Please submit this card to your pharmacist, as there are no pharmacy benefits associated with the Blue Cross Blue Shield or Cigna plans with the State of Tennessee. Visit the CVS Caremark website for details on pharmacy benefitsCVS Caremark Tennessee State University

26 Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Employees & dependents who are enrolled in health coverage are also eligible for mental health & substance abuse services – Individual & group treatment – Hospitalization – Aftercare Visit Magellan for more detailsMagellan Tennessee State University

27 Assurant Pre-Paid Dental Assurant Pre-Paid Dental – You must go to participating network dentists only; There are fixed co-pays for services provided; you must contact a dentist within 30 days of eligibility to avoid delay of treatment. For details, please see page 16 of the Enrollment Guide, the Assurant website or call 800-443-2995Assurant website Tennessee State University

28 Dental – Delta Dental of TN Delta PDO (Preferred Dental Organization) you may use any dentist who accepts Delta Referrals are not necessary One year waiting period on some services, such as orthodontia Calendar year maximum of $1,500 per person Lifetime orthodontics maximum of $1,250 per person Visit Delta’s website, page 16 of the Enrollment Guide or call 800-223-3104Delta’s Enrollment Guide Tennessee State University

29 Vision Visit EyeMed’s website, page 17 of the Enrollment Guide or call 855-779-5046EyeMed Enrollment Guide Visit VSP’s website for details. If you are interested in VSP, you must enroll on the VSP website NOT on this enrollment formVSP’s Tennessee State University

30 Basic Term Life Insurance & Accidental Death & Dismemberment The State provides, at no cost to the employee who does NOT enroll in health coverage, $20,000 in basic term life insurance & $40,000 of basic accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) insurance If you are enrolled in health insurance, there is up to $50,000 in basic term life insurance & up to $100,000 in AD&D insurance. Tennessee State University

31 Basic Term Life Insurance & Accidental Death & Dismemberment Cont. Please see the premium sheet that is attached to the basic term life insurance beneficiary form in your Welcome package. Find your salary range on the left side & the subsequent premium on the right-hand side If you enroll in health insurance, your eligible dependents are also covered for $3,000 of basic dependent term life insurance Tennessee State University

32 Optional Term Life Insurance/AD&D You may enroll yourself & your spouse & dependents in additional term life insurance as well as Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage Visit Minnesota Life’s website for details. You enroll online. For assistance call 866-881-0631Minnesota Life’s If you are interested in the Optional AD&D, complete the Optional Accidental & Dismemberment Enrollment Form & bring it with you to your benefits meetingOptional Accidental & Dismemberment Enrollment Form Tennessee State University

33 Retirement Plans for Employees Hired After July 1, 2014 Please note that any State of Tennessee employee hired after July 1, 2014 will be enrolled in the Hybrid retirement plans for the Optional Retirement Plans (ORP) & the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) This means 5% of your salary will be deducted & invested toward your retirement for you. An additional 2% (defined contribution) will also be deducted & invested toward your retirement, but you will have the opportunity to opt out of this contribution. Tennessee State University

34 Retirement Plans for Employees Hired After July 1, 2014 Cont. Non-Exempt employees (paid semi-monthly) may only enroll in TCRS Exempt employees (paid monthly) may elect TCRS or one of the ORP’s You will receive a package from Empower Retirement (formerly Great-West) which will further explain the plans & the instructions for opting out of the 2% Tennessee State University

35 Retirement Plans - Legacy Employees who have worked for the State of Tennessee or who have participated in TCRS will be enrolled in the Legacy plan Under the Legacy plans, there are no employee contributions toward retirement If you are interested in enrolling in the 401k plans, you must do this separately Tennessee State University

36 Almost Done! Click NEXT PAGE after you close this presentation. At the end of the New Hire Orientation website there is a form that you must complete It is a checklist to ensure that you completed the orientation & that you are bringing all necessary forms with you Thank you for viewing this presentation! Tennessee State University

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