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V2.1 Product Overview.  Introduction  Purpose  The Problems  The Solution  Getting Around  Main Modules  Content Management System  Room and Equipment.

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1 v2.1 Product Overview

2  Introduction  Purpose  The Problems  The Solution  Getting Around  Main Modules  Content Management System  Room and Equipment Booking  IT and Premises HelpDesk’s  IT Inventory  Internal Messaging  Other features  Technical Specifications

3  Originally designed by a school for schools  In development since 1999  Commercialised in 2005  Designed to be modular  Customisable  Numerous modules created over the years to address specific problems  Use provided API to create additional modules  Used by primary and secondary schools who love the system, as well as businesses too!

4  Replace paper based tasks with more efficient and more reliable methods  Improve management of the tasks  Make these tasks more accessible to users  Reduce wasted paper  Store homework, lesson objectives, and lesson material or company procedures and forms  Inform users easily and quickly about events and news  Delegate responsibilities for certain areas  Customise look to fit organisation image and colours

5 The purpose of introupe, as already described, is to bring together all the paper based administration tasks of an organisation and improve the management and efficiency of those tasks, as well as provide other useful services This system can also be used as an Extranet at no extra cost, thereby allowing users to access vital resources when at home

6 Some of the paper based tasks which may incur problems and inefficiency within organisations may include:  School/Company News  Announcements  Room and equipment booking  Reporting IT problems  Reporting premises/buildings/H&S problems  IT Inventory  Internal messaging  Photocopying lesson materials, procedures, etc

7 introupe provides the solution to all of these problems as well as providing potential solutions for other problems you may have. introupe is modularised to address each problem individually. Therefore you only need to purchase the module to resolve the problem you would like resolving. Thereby keeping the cost down.

8  Available Modules  Personalised logo  “Today’s” Calendar  Viewable articles  News Items  Search Online Homepage

9  CMS (Content Management System)  Room and Equipment Booking  IT HelpDesk  System/Server Status Notification  Premises HelpDesk  IT Inventory  Internal Messaging

10  Create unlimited articles  Nest articles within other articles for easy navigation  Attach unlimited files to articles for users to download  Set read/write permissions for each article so only certain users can view or edit it  WYSIWYG online editor  Upload pictures to articles too!

11  Specify which rooms and equipment are bookable  Specify periods / time slots  Specify advance booking limit by user groups  Support for ‘full day’  View by room/equipment/day  Simply book/unbook by clicking ‘BOOK’ or ‘UNBOOK’ icons  Booked/available rooms and equipment are clearly visible

12  Report each problem directly and quickly to relevant department  View updates of problem  Prioritise reported problem  View list of outstanding reported problems  View/update system/server status’ to inform users the current status of services and servers (IT HelpDesk)  View system/service status on homepage  View reports of reported problems, efficiency of resolving problems, etc (Premises HelpDesk)  Reported problems are also emailed to the relevant department members and the originator (optional)

13  Record all IT (and non-IT) equipment  Record all specifications of equipment  Record history of equipment  Manage consumables  View list of consumables  Assign consumables to printers  “Install” consumables in printers  View installation history report

14  Similar to email  Send and receive internally only  Show ‘new messages’ in every page header  View inbox, deleted, and sent items  See when recipients have read the message  Mark messages as urgent

15  Create news items and announcements viewable on the homepage  Create ‘quick links’ to a web address (internally or externally)  Add important events to the calendar for all users to see. Also view “today’s” events on homepage  Create unlimited users and groups  Assign groups to modules and articles to read/write to them

16  Authenticate to Active Directory  Version control for files added to articles (CMS)  New Modules:  School Planner  TeamLeader – departmental task management  IAM (Internet Access Manager) – allow staff to request websites to be banned/allowed  Forum  Work Experience Management

17  Windows Operating System (any server or workstation)  Prerequisites:  Apache v2  PHP v5  PostgreSQL v8.3  <5MB Installation (not including prerequisites)  Prerequisites Installed by introupe Installer (Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL)

18  Detailed product description:  Download full unrestricted system:  Request 30-day trial product key:  Support:  Homepage:

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