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غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوْبِ عَلَيْهِمْ Not (the way) of those who earned your anger.

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2 غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوْبِ عَلَيْهِمْ Not (the way) of those who earned your anger

3 اَلْمَغْضُوْبِ

4 They know the Truth yet deviate from it

5 They Create confusions for themselves & others

6 They deliberately change the sign-boards leading to Jannah jannah

7 Well I think….


9 They give preference to their own opinion over Allah’s (swt) commands

10 Such People Incur Allah’s (swt) wrath


12 Please clean up your room !

13 One hour studying & no TV !

14 You study for an hour with a 45 mins snack break

15 Mom said not to watch TV

16 You deliberately didn’t follow my instructions & also ill advised your sister.

17 Evil genius !

18 Allah is forgiving !

19 “Just do the basic things.”

20 Religion made easy

21 They pick the things they like

22 Not willing to sacrifice their life style for Islam

23 One should seek protection of Allah (swt) from acting on one’s own desire or will Our desires

24 For not becoming amongst the Maghdoob المغضوب Must understand the Qur-an as Allah (swt) wants us to Must apply it to our lives as the Prophet (pbuh) taught us to Not change the meaning just to make our lives easy

25 Allah (swt) gives guidance to the one who wants it !

26 And misguides the ones who opt for it

27 وَ لاَ الضَّآ لِّیۡنَ

28 Characteristics of (Dawlleen) الضَّآلِیۡنَ Lost true knowledge about religion

29 Wandering

30 Blindly Follow

31 They find new ways to please Allah (swt)

32 An Analogy

33 References to Use



36 Changed your Sources


38 If we delay obeying a commandment ….. If we find excuses ……. If we get busy doing something else ……… …We are similar to ‘Ad-Dawlleen’

39 Difference between the two Maghdoob Know the Truth Intentions are bad Full of themselves Misguide self & others Ad-Dawlleen Don’t have true knowledge Intentions can be good Blindly follow others Misguided by others

40 Maghdoob and Ad-Dawlleen are the two extremes !

41 How to avoid being Maghdoob andAd-Dawlleen

42 “And hold fast all together by the rope of Allah and be not divided among your selves.” [Aal e ‘Imraan 3:103] The middle path

43 The Prophet (pbuh) stated, “ I am leaving two things amongst you which if you act upon, you will never go astray- The book of Allah and my sunnah.” [Al-Hakim] Interpretation of hadith

44 The guiding light of your life







51 Allah (swt) places The Qur-an before us in answer to our du’a

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