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Information Literacy ESS Marja Duizendstraal Hans Fransen Bart Kruijt 25 – 28 March 2008.

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1 Information Literacy ESS Marja Duizendstraal Hans Fransen Bart Kruijt 25 – 28 March 2008

2 Programme Days 1 and 2: Focus on literature Day 3:Focus on data(sets) Day 4:Integration, writing review

3 Tuesday March 25th 13.30 - 14.00 h Introduction 14.00 - 16.00 hBlackboard modules 16.00 – 17.15 h Search example, Assignment

4 Information (over)load Some figures: Electronic journals WUR circa 10.000 Articles on climate change in 2007 circa 1000 Google scholar hits on climate change circa 750.000

5 Which skills do you need to manage? Skills: Define your need Search effectively Evaluate/ Select

6 Information Literacy Definition: Information Literacy is defined as the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.

7 Blackboard Modules Modules 1, 2, 3.1, 3.2, 4a3, 4a4

8 Climate change Global warming Greenhouse effect Climatic change Kyoto Research: Publication of results Greenhouse gases

9 Climate change Global warming Climatic change Kyoto Greenhouse effect Articles in Journals: Global Change Biology Journal of Climate Environ. Management Other publications ? Greenhouse gases

10 The optimal database: contains all relevant publications gives access to the full text is updated frequently has good search facilities can be searched from anywhere ………………………………

11 Google Scholar Scopus WoS Bibliographic databases Is there an optimal database?

12 Climate change in TI and 2008 Google Scholar3.440 Scopus235 Web of Science178 Google Scholar: often not in title or year, mix of materials March 22nd, 2008

13 GS, WoS,Scopus-1 GS WoS Scopus disciplines all type of work “all” articles+ ft if availablewithin WUR yes* updated + + + search facil. - + + access + +* * Via My Library

14 GS, WoS,Scopus-2 Use Google Scholar for: -looking up known references within WUR -quick searches Use WoS/ Scopus for: -detailed searches -citation information -finding recent articles But there are more databases…….

15 WoS Scopus CAB BA ASFA LSW SocIndex PsycInfo Google Scholar Portals MetaSearch Which databases?

16 Bibliographic databases All disciplines Scopus Web of Science Google Scholar Specific topics CAB-Abstracts Biological Abstracts FSTA Medline/ PubMed …………….. Overlap Additional Different search platforms Use several databases

17 How to search Search tools i.e. truncation, field/ phrase searching different per database Search strategy the logic of the search standard

18 Search strategy Finding the focus Limitation: period, language, region Identifying key concepts Finding search terms (keywords)

19 Search example Uncertainties in measuring soil respiration Concept 1soil respiration Concept 2 measurement Concept 3 uncertainty

20 Search Words Soil respirationSoil Respiration, Rs MeasurementMeasur*, monitor*, determin*, observ* UncertaintyUncertain*, certain*, inaccur*, accur* unreliabl*, reliabl* Imprecis*, precis*, error?

21 Search profile Within concept: OR Between concepts: AND Make sets per concept, or use parentheses Adjust during search

22 Search CAB 1.Soil respiration 2.(measur* or observ* or monitor* or determin*) in ti,ab,su 3.(uncertain* or certain* or precis* or imprecis* or error? or accur* or inaccur* or reliabl* or unreliab*) in ti,ab,su 1 NEAR 2 NEAR 3

23 Search Scopus (TITLE-ABS-KEY(uncertain* OR precis* OR certain* OR imprecis* OR accur* OR reliab* OR unreliab* OR error)) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY("soil respiration" W/5 measur*))

24 Books Journals Maps Reports, theses, etc. WoS Scopus CAB BA ASFA LSW SocIndex PsycInfo Google Scholar Get the documents

25 What and Where in the Digital Library: Examples Type of information Articles Books Research projects Encyclopedias Wageningen pubs. Course material Where to search Bibliographies Catalogues Research databases Catalogue/ VRD WaY Textbooks and lect.notes

26 The Physical Library

27 Assignment Topic: exercise 1 Mail to Bart and Marja: approval Part 1: focus on literature Part 2: focus on datasets Part 3: integration into review Upload to EduWeb: March 31st the latest

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