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The World is turning increasingly to preventative health and wellness solutions, embracing nutritional, therapeutic and alternative methods for maintaining.

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2 The World is turning increasingly to preventative health and wellness solutions, embracing nutritional, therapeutic and alternative methods for maintaining optimum good health. The escalating costs of treating the symptoms of disease are bringing a new awareness of the need for an holistic approach to lifelong fitness and well-being. New complementary therapies are being used to counter the effects of stress, disease, and other health-related problems. MNP – MAKE NET PROFITS

3 MNP HEALTHMATE JEWELLERY BRACELET HEALTHMATE is proud to introduce Non-invasive Wellness products that will provide consumers life- enhancing health benefits to counter the stress of everyday modern living.

4 An innovation first using advanced technology Featuring unique combinations of: Far Infra-red Technology (FIR) Negative Ion Technology Magnetic Technology Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE

5 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Using a combination of three innovative technologies, this unique range of bracelets for men and women is designed to help with the challenges of modern living such as stress, discomfort and low energy levels. HEALTHMATE could assist with: Pain management. Helping to support blood circulation. Supporting the cardiovascular system. Joint stiffness. Relaxing muscles and increasing flexibility. Removing toxins and other wastes. Managing Stress and fatigue. Health benefits

6 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Far infra-red is the invisible band of energy that is part of the sun's spectrum. Far infra-red is the segment that provides the greatest output from the sun and is split into three different wavelengths. Of these wavelengths, in the region of four to fourteen microns are the safest and most beneficial to life.

7 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE FIR Ceramic inserts have been designed so that they produce this same frequency, identical to the greatest output from the sun. When Far Infra-red Rays (FIR) penetrate the skin, they come into contact with proteins, collagen, fats and water molecules. By stimulating micro-vibrations FIR cause a thermal reaction which elevates tissue temperatures. The human body then reacts by dilating all the blood vessels regardless of size.

8 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Tissues are revitalised because of the improved (micro & macro) circulation. This dilates the capillaries, supports blood flow and helps to improve oxygen levels. Stored toxins can then be easily flushed out. And a higher level of health in the cells is gained.

9 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Negative Ions are created naturally in nature by the energy associated with waterfalls, rolling surf and lightning. Negative ions are negatively charged particles form, when an enough energy acts on a molecule to eject an electron. This displaced electron then attaches itself to a nearby molecule, which then becomes a Negative Ion.

10 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Ceramic inserts emit negatively charged oxygen ions in the region of 1000 ions per cubic cm. By comparison the levels of negative ions present in different environments are: Base of waterfall - 3000; Mountain air - 2000; Countryside - 1500; Office - 150; Home - 100; car - 50.

11 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Benefits of Negative Ions:- Negative Ions can have a refreshing and invigorating effect on the body; similar to the experience you would have if, you were standing next to a waterfall. Negative Ions will produce a calming effect on the mind and support immune function.

12 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Magnetic Therapy has been used throughout Asia for centuries and is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. It is believed that many of today’s modern ills are a direct result of reduction of Earth’s Magnetic power.

13 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE All physical and mental functions are controlled by electromagnetic fields produced by the movement of electro-chemicals (ions) within the body. When an injury occurs and tissue is damaged, positively charged ions move to the affected area, causing pain and swelling. In order for healing to take place, the injured site must be restored to its natural negative electromagnetic charge.

14 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Arthritis Research Campaign:- UK Researchers says that magnetic bracelets, worn by many for their supposed health benefits, do reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. The study focused on 194 patients, aged 45 to 80, who had osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. BBC reported that: "Results appear to show that wearing a magnetic bracelet does reduce pain in people with hip and knee osteoarthritis” Wearing a magnetic bracelet can ease pain caused by arthritis of the hips and knees, UK researchers have proved it.

15 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE Pain and inflammatory related electro- chemicals must be removed and oxygen and nutrients is transferred to that area. The application of a magnetic field to an injured area helps restore the normal electromagnetic balance. The magnetic field relaxes capillary walls, as well as surrounding muscle and connective tissues, allowing for increased blood flow. More oxygen and nutrients are transferred to the injury site, while pain and inflammatory related electro- chemicals are more efficiently removed.

16 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE When wearing HEALTHMATE bracelet, with the 3 beneficial energies line up over the main arteries at the wrist, beneficial effects can be experienced in our body.

17 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE The application of a magnet is claimed to help dilate the blood vessels, supporting circulation and blood flow. It can also help speed the healing process and improve quality of sleep without any adverse side effects.

18 Jewellery Bracelets HEALTHMATE TESTIMONAL:- "Since wearing HEALTHMATE bracelet, I have more energy and a greater sense of well- being. I have also noticed an improvement in my physical health; any previous aches & pains have seemed to disappear. I would recommend the jewellery to anyone looking to improve their general well- being." Dr.Chella, Chennai.

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