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The Blueberry Bombers Final tech project By Sam Gilman.

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1 The Blueberry Bombers Final tech project By Sam Gilman

2 Path 1Path 1 if you want the Blueberry bombers to be shot down. Path 2Path 2 if you want the bombers to fly on. The Blueberry bombers. The bravest Blueberries in this side of the sausage fields. One day they received an urgent message from general candy corn. “Blueberry bombers, the most important man in our society has been kidnapped by the rough riding rollie-pollies. Little Bobby disappeared at ten o’ waffle this morning. Your job is to track him down. They were last seen heading to the cave of despair.” “Roger that chief” said Phil, the head Blueberry bomber “Everybody to your airplanes!” All the blueberries rolled to their airplanes and strapped in. “Contact” yelled Pam blueberry. And they were off! 5 Blueberry bombers in a v-shaped formation.

3 Path 1 Path 1 If you want the bombers to live and open a hotel made out of their crashed planes Path 2Path 2 If you want the bombers to die “Oh no! We’re under attack!” screamed Blueberry Phil. Flaming unicorns started coming out of no where taking the Blueberry bombers down one by one. “Look out, here comes another”…………………

4 Path 3 Path 3 if you want the bombers to find Bobby. Path 4Path 4if you want the bombers to be ambushed. “I can see the caves on the horizon, everybody eject in 5,4,3,2,1, now!” All the glass domes encircling the Blueberries popped off and the seats in the jets shot out. “WEEEEEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!” screamed Ted, the newest Blueberry Bomber. “Everybody down ok?” asked Phil “Yep” “Uh Huh” “Si!” “Alright, now I want everybody on there guard, we don’t know what these rollie-pollies got.” Nodding, all the blueberries pulled their Ak-40 apricots. Everybody except Ted. Ted pulled out a package of printing paper. “What’s that for?” Asked Pam. “Paper cuts, the cuts that sting the most.” Replied Ted with an evil grin.

5 Final Credits After the worst of the unicorns were over, the Blueberries climbed out of their wrecked planes. “What are we going to do?” Asked Jeremone. “I don’t know, but isn’t it ironic how all our planes landed in a perfect cube with a hole in the middle” “Wait, are you cadets all thinking what I’m thinking?” “Yeah, we build a bed and breakfast” chimed all the Blueberries. “We build a giant Panda Bear!” screamed Ted. “What? No, now get to work squeezing the juice out of those cacti and weaving blankets out of our parachutes!” barked Phil “We want to be known for our extremely comfortable canvas sheets!” 4 months later…………………………………. “Ah, this is the life.” Said Pam walking over to Carry Canary. “What will you be having to drink Carry” “Oh, I don’t know” said Carry. “How m’ bout’ some cactus juice?” said Ted, who now for some reason had a weird accent. “Ok” said Carry.

6 Final Credits “Uh…what happened?” mumbled Garry, a senior Blueberry bomber. “It was those rollie-pollies, with their new fangled gadgets.” groaned Phil. “Well, what do… we…. do……now………..” “Dang it! We’ve los…..” “No, come on guys! We can’t give up, we, we…” “Its ok Phil, we lost and that’s all there is to it, so just need to accept it. We should probably not move, it might hurt us more.” “Ok. I guess now we just have to wait.” said Phil

7 Final Credits “All right guys, we’re movin’ out.” Yelled Phil. The Blueberry bombers were sprinting madly from rock to rock, coming ever closer to their target. “Here we go…” screamed Phil. As the bombers reached the caves, the rollie-pollies attacked in what seemed like endless numbers. “Blueberries, hold a defensive position!” screamed Garry. As rollie-pollies hurled themselves at the Blueberries, Ted was whisking paper out of the package. “I can’t hold on much longer, this package is almost empty!” screamed Ted over the roar of flying apricots. Soon the pollies stopped coming, and coming out of the enormous dust cloud was an ominous figure. It was Little Bobby. He was a little bruised, but over all ok. As the Blueberry bombers flew home (to the tune of Ted's rock music), they had a satisfied grin on there faces, knowing they had done a job well done. Click

8 Final Credits “Alright, now everybody be careful.” whispered Phil. “We are deep in enemy territory so…” “Shush. Did anybody else just hear a horse whinny?” Questioned Pam. ‘Yeah, I heard it to.” whispered Ted. At that moment, the rough-riding rollie-pollies came bursting out from behind rocks, their numbers overwhelming. The Blueberries fought valiantly, but it was to much. The Berries were captured and interrogated. Nobody has heard from them since.

9 Credits Sam Gilman I did it solo! zombie-baby-191178545 Power Point Clip Art

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